How Did Online Roulette Become So Popular


The Factors That Made Roulette a Very Loved Game

To many gamblers playing roulette is the no.1 preference from all the casino games and this includes all the versions of gambling, the online one and the real venues. Roulette is very appreciated for having uncomplicated rules, easy to learn vocabulary and generates great interest and fun. The game is one that is very appealing for the beginner players as well, because they can enjoy the excitement and the good chances to win.

Roulette has a very long history and is one of the firsts casino games. Up to present days, online roulette is still considered to be the most elegant gambling title. It was a strong element to use in many artistic creations, among which classic movies, commercials, videoclips.

The online gamblers don’t enjoy just having access to casino games, they also love the list of benefits of online casinos. Many of them are convinced to subscribe to a gambling platform for receiving great rewards. The bonuses can really increase the chances to win real money.

Online casinos managed to bring the opportunity of gambling even to the players that can’t or won’t travel for gambling. Having the option to play roulette online has increased the number of enthusiasts and active online gamblers.


Details About the Bets

As already mentioned, the game has simple rules and is enjoyed by all the categories of gamblers. Experienced gamblers, beginners, players that have only placed a bet online and never visited a land-based casino, players that love high risk and large bets or players that just want to unwind by having a fun gambling time.

For all these categories of players, roulette has been developed into many versions. One of the most accessed versions of roulette is the European one. It holds the highest position in best RTP’s and it presents 50% chances to win for bets placed on colors or even/odds no. European roulette has a total of 37 sockets to bet on, no. from 1-36, each one differentiated by colors red or black. And a special socket for 0, which is also colored green.

The players can choose from a large variety of bets, the simplest bets are placed on just one number on the board, or just one color. But the options are plenty.

The outside bets are placed on groups of nos. / colors, this includes categories like high or low nos., columns or dozens, etc.  The inside bets are referring to every possible option that is placed inside the rectangle of numbers. For example, a bet placed on just a number, a bet placed on the line that separates two numbers and it means you can win with any of these two. A bet placed on a row of three consecutive nos., like 1/2/3. Another very interesting betting option is to place a bet on a final digit. This means a bet on any number that ends in 1, as in 1, 11, 21, 31.

The players get to choose out of more than 20 versions of roulette bets, depending on the style of the game.

The Many Styles of Roulette

The majority of roulette players will go for the European style, but the other versions of the game are very much loved as well.

Another very famous style is the American Roulette, the game is different because it has a total of 38 sockets, the numbers on the wheel are still 1-36, but the extra socket is for a double 0. So, the American roulette has the wheel containing the nos. 1-36, that are divided into red and black, displayed alternatively, one socket for 0 – green, and one socket for 00 – also green.

French roulette has the same number of sockets as European roulette does. A rule that is available only for the French style roulette, is that if the ball lands on 0, the players are returned half of their bets.

The online casinos have developed many versions for roulette, the gamblers can enjoy exclusive games, special features and bonuses, as well as all the classic versions.

Some very impressive online roulette styles are the 3D Roulette, the Multi-Wheel Roulette, the Pinball Roulette, special themes versions and many other spectacular elements included.


House Edge in Online Roulette Games

Roulette is a very loved casino game because it brings excellent chances for winnings. The gamblers have fun experiencing such a thrilling game, whilst also having high chances to actually cash-in important prizes.

Roulette is usually a game that is appreciated by the players that love a faster tempo, a game that is described as stirring and wondrous. Online roulette is also available on live dealer mode, this means that an experienced croupier will be handling the course of the game, in a traditional casino pace of the game, while being broadcasted from a professional gambling studio or even a land-based operative casino.

Roulette offers wonderful house edge percentages, this being one of the most important reasons for remaining highly appreciated.

The best house edge is noted for European roulette, for the online casinos this value is somewhere around 2.75%. And for American roulette is recorded as 5.25%, the difference is created just by the extra double 0 socket on the wheel.

The French roulette has the same value for the house edge as the European roulette does, 2.75%. And the special rule of the French roulette, half-back rule, is lowering the house edge for this type of bet to 1.4%.

Whilst it is a common strategy for most of the players to keep gambling on your favorite number, set of numbers or range, one of the most favored bets in roulette remains: 17 and 7. And the least picked number is 13.

If you have not yet tried online roulette, give it a chance. Unlock a useful bonus and enjoy the experience of playing a very enchanting and interesting game.



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