How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant? 10 Interesting Ways

how do i tell him i'm pregnant

Pregnancy can trigger a lot of emotions. Plenty will consider it an answered prayer, others will momentarily be in shock, and some will receive it as unwelcome and frightening news.

Especially if the pregnancy is unexpected, it can be an overwhelming discovery. Unexpected or not, if you’ve recently found out that you’re pregnant and are confused wondering, how do I tell him I’m pregnant, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Should I Tell Him That I Might Be Pregnant?

Should I

Ideally, yes. Being pregnant is not something you should hide from your partner, especially if they are the father.

Although it is wise to confirm your pregnancy 100% before sharing the news with the father-to-be. At-home pregnancy tests are not always completely reliable, and you don’t want to get him excited only to be proven wrong later.

Get in touch with your doctor and confirm your pregnancy first. It will give you some necessary assurance, and once you have that first picture of ultrasound with dates, you can then start planning on how to break the news to your unsuspecting (or not) partner.

How Do I Tell Him I Am Pregnant?

If you are at a loss at how to tell your partner that you’ll soon be welcoming a tiny human into this world, here are some ways to get you started:

Fun Ways to Share Your Pregnancy


#1. Unboxing a Package!

If your partner loves presents, he will adore receiving and opening a nondescript box full of baby things.

Just to make extra sure that they get it, because some partners can’t read between the lines, you can include a little note saying “To be delivered in 9 months” and watch their face light up!

#2. Serve the News with His Caffeine

This idea works best if your partner loves coffee and is known to down a few cups of jo throughout the day.

Buy one of those pregnancy reveal mugs and use it to serve his usual coffee. See how wide awake he will be when he finishes his coffee and reads the news at the bottom.

#3. Getting the Bun from the Oven

Ask your partner to get the bun — could be anything from a cake to cupcakes — strategically placed inside the oven.

You can have your message frosted on the cake, on a topper, or have a batch of cupcakes that spell “Daddy.” You decide what “bun” you want inside the oven, just make sure your partner gets it himself.

Creative Ways to Share your Pregnancy


#4. A Scavenger Hunt

Send your husband on a scavenger hunt around the house, maybe even outside. Leave him clues that will lead him to get the answer or treasure — and that could either be your positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound photo, or a white baby onesie.

#5. Photoshoot Surprise

Plan and schedule a photoshoot and make sure that your photographer knows your plan.

Write your baby news on a letter board or even hand-write it on a cardboard. Ask the photographer to capture the reaction of your partner once he turns around and reads the news!

#6. Surprise Push Notifications

Having access to your partner’s phone is vital to making this work.

You need to download a baby tracking app and set it according to your current dates.

Your partner will be 100% surprised to receive a notification about how far along he is, how big the baby is, and other pregnancy tips proactively provided by the app.

#7. Involve the Kids (or pets)

This idea works if you have kids or pets together. It is a highly versatile idea, too, because you can either have the kids wear number shirts according to their order of birth or have a personalized outfit saying “Soon to be a big brother or sister!”

Or you can enlist your pet and have them wear a pacifier around its collar or have it sit next to a sign that says, “Getting a human in x months!”

Cute Ways to Share your Pregnancy


#8. Up In the Air!

Take inspiration from the movie Up and tie a few helium balloons together. Attach a note announcing your news and make sure that it is eye-level.

Use a pair of baby toys or baby shoes to anchor the balloons and set up your surprise so it will be the first thing your partner sees when he walks in the door.

#9. Daddy-Baby Match

Gift your partner a personalized shirt and a matching onesie.

And to make it more special, place a note indicating the tentative due date so your partner won’t have a hard time figuring out what’s happening.

#10. Diaper Delivery

This will only work for first babies or if all your children are already potty trained.

Have a couple of boxes of diapers delivered to your home and addressed specifically to your partner. Make sure you’re around for the delivery since he’ll be clueless about what’s going on and might even decline the delivery.

This is the time to break the news that someone will be needing those diapers in a few months!

5 Tips for Telling Him You’re Pregnant


Being pregnant is a life-changing event for you as well as your partner. And unless you were planning for it, your partner’s reaction and behavior after you share the news will probably be quite overwhelming.

There is no rulebook when it comes to how you tell your partner, but here are some tips you can follow to break the news gently:

#1. Tell him in person. This is not a conversation to have over text.

#2. Be honest about your feelings. You’re bound to feel scared, nervous, and unsure, after all, you’re bringing a tiny human into this world. Share your feelings with your partner and let him know you’re in this together.

#3. Focus on the pregnancy alone. If it’s a surprise pregnancy, don’t play the blame game of who bought the brand of condoms or whether you were on the pill. Now is not the time for this.

#4. Give each other time. This news is overwhelming, so allow some breathing space for each other. Don’t demand immediate answers or start discussing future plans immediately. Give it some time; you’ll both get there.

#5. Celebrate! If this pregnancy is something you both want, celebrate the news with your partner and involve him in all your baby-related plans!

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