How Long Should You Wait to Shower After a Spray Tan?

how long should you wait to shower after a spray tan

If your pale winter skin is giving you problems, you should go for a spray tanning session. A spray tan has proved to be a healthy and safe way to give your skin a great tan. But how long should you wait to shower after a spray tan? This article will answer this and other related questions.

What to Do Before Spraying a Tan


If you’ve ever suffered a tangerine adjacent incident, then you understand the importance of doing your spray tan properly and taking good care of it for a natural look. The success of your spray tan largely depends on how well you prepare for it. What you do before the spray tan determines how natural-looking your skin looks.

For instance, professional spray tan experts advise people to schedule their other spa treatments like facials, waxing, pedicure and manicure, and massages before their spray tan. If you want to shave, do it before the spray tan, but not immediately before the spray. You should shave earlier in the day and rinse your skin with ice-cold water to close your skin pores and prevent the tan from getting trapped in there.

If tan gets trapped in your skin pores, it creates little brown dots. You should also use a new razor blade to shave to allow the tan to fade evenly. Experts also advise you to exfoliate before your tan because it helps your spray tan to last longer and look natural. Exfoliate your whole body the night before your spray tan or the first thing in the morning if you intend to spray your tan in the evening.

Some experts argue that you can spray your tan immediately after exfoliation, as long as you use the right oil-free exfoliation products. When the time for your tan spray comes, remember not to wear any perfume, lotion, deodorant, make-up, or cream on your skin. Just maintain a clean canvas.

At the spa, you will be required to strip down, especially if you don’t want any tan lines. But if you want your skin to have some chic tan lines, you’ll be allowed to keep some of your tiny garments on. Either way, don’t wear wonky underwear.

Also, remember that tan can easily stain your silk and some dry garments. So, if you want tan lines, wear fabrics that are resistant to stain. In most cases, your tan spray artists will give you disposable garments.

How Long Should You Wait to Shower After a Spray Tan?

Spray Tan

Most spray tans are advertised to stay up to 10 days, but how long your tan stays on really depends on the degree of darkness you desire. For example, a lighter shade can last up to five days, while a medium shade can last for a maximum of eight days. Dark shades can last for more than 10 days, depending on how well they are maintained.

This variability in how long the tan lasts also depends on the tanning solution’s active ingredients, such as dihydroxyacentone (DHA). Darker tan solutions have more DHA. It’s important to mention that the more DHA a tan solution has, the longer it lasts. But the question that most people ask is: When can I shower after my spray tan?

Most spray tan experts recommend you to wait at least 4-8 hours before showering for the first time after the spray. However, you shouldn’t wait for more than 24 hours before taking a shower. When you are showering for the first time after a spray tan, you are likely to notice a golden glow go down the drain.

The golden glow washing down the drain is the extra tan solution coming out of your skin. So, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. When you come out of the shower, you’ll still look bronzed. As you wait for the 4-8 hours after the spray tan, make sure you also stay away from any other kind of moisture.

Avoiding moisture means that you shouldn’t engage in activities that will cause sweating, moisturize your skin, put on liquid foundation, walk in the rain, or do anything that will get your spray tan wet. This waiting period is very important because it allows your tan to develop. So, any amount of moisture might wash the tan away, preventing it from developing evenly and sticking to your skin.

How to Shower After a Spray Tan


When you are taking a shower for the first time after a spray tan, avoid taking a long, hot shower because it might wash away the tan. So, only use lukewarm water and don’t add any oil-based body wash. Make the shower quick and avoid scrubbing your skin too harshly. Also, this is not the time for exfoliating your skin.

Instead of scrubbing your skin, use the back of your hand and an oil-free body wash to wash the excess tan solution off. Don’t use soaps with harsh chemicals that are likely to strip your skin. After the shower, gently pat your skin with a soft piece of cloth, instead of rubbing your skin with a dry towel.

Once your skin is clean and dry, you can apply a moisturizer to lock in the tan. You should moisturize your skin twice a day to give your skin a bronzed glow. Here are several other important tips to help you take care of your skin after a spray tan.

• Avoid swimming: After getting a spray tan, you should avoid swimming, long showers, steaming rooms, and saunas because they can easily wash the tan away. Keep your showers and baths short to preserve your tan.
• Top off your tan: After a few days, top off your spray tan with a tinted moisturizer to preserve your bronzed glow. Just ensure that the color of your moisturizer is the same as that of your tan solution. You can also use a highlighter or bronzer to preserve your glow for longer.
• Avoid oil-based products: Stay away from oil-based products and deodorants until your tan fades and you are ready to remove it. The oil prevents your skin from absorbing and retaining the tan.

Finally, choose your spray tan carefully to make sure you get the amount of darkness you desire. Your spray tan artist should advise you on the type of tan that’s suitable for your skin.

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