How to Bet on NBA Player Props

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If you’re looking for something more exciting than moneyline bets and spreads, nothing will get you on the edge of your seat like NBA player props. Here, you can bet on pretty much everything from points scored, assists, rebounds, turnovers, blocks, and even the NBA finals MVP.

But to win regularly, you need to know how to pick the right player and benchmark. In this guide, we’ll look at the type of NBA prop bets and provide you with the best tips for winning.

What Are NBA Player Prop Bets?

Prop bets, or proposition bets as they are also known, are wagers made on individual player performances or specific occurrences during a game. For instance, you can wager on Stephen Curry scoring over 30.5 points or Tyrese Haliburton to provide over 10.5 assists.

The good thing about prop bets is that you can win regardless of the game outcome. It’s also a great way to make money when the more common sports bets don’t offer good value. On top of that, proposition bets allow you to invest in your favorite team without betting against the odds.

Types of NBA Player Prop Bets

You can find all manner of player props on most sportsbooks, ranging from straightforward points bets to who receives the first technical foul. The various props bets can be broadly categorized into the following groups.

Game-Related Props

These are bets you can wager on player stats during a game. Some popular player prop bets include points, rebounds, assists, steals, and 3 PM (3-pointers made). Bookmakers set the lines, and you can wager on a player surpassing or falling short of the benchmark.

NBA Futures Player Prop Betting

Thinking of betting on Oklahoma’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to beat Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets to the league MVP? NBA futures player prop bets like this take into account a player’s performance throughout the season.

Besides the MVP, you can bet on the top scorer, assist leader, or the player with the most double-doubles at the end of the season.

Special Props

Special props are usually unrelated to game or season performances and can involve predicting draft picks and other player movements.

NBA Player Prop Betting Tips

Now that you know what NBA player prop bets are all about, how do you make money out of it?How to Bet on NBA Player Props

Know the Players

Odds do not tell the whole story. If you want to improve your chance of winning, you have to research your players. Look at their recent form – how many points, rebounds, or assists are they averaging per game? Ensure you do this for the specific stat you want to bet on.

Just like regular bets, you should also consider the matchups. What’s the strength of the opposition? Some players excel against certain teams while performing poorly against others. Look at the player your man will be going against and their performance in back-to-back games or on the road.

Keep Tab on Injuries and Rest

When wagering on prop overs, the last thing you want is for your player to be injured or only fit enough to play a small part. A player nursing an injury or returning from one may not perform at their peak. In addition, you should stay updated on the players likely to be rested during a blowout.

Analyze Team Dynamics

Different NBA teams have different playing styles. Often, this can affect a player’s stats, either positively or negatively. For instance, a team that plays faster will likely result in your player having more points and rebounds. On the other hand, a defensive strategy can result in few attacking stats.

Shop for Lines

Sportsbooks offer varying odds for player props, and shopping around can help you significantly increase the value of your bet. Compare the odds and go with the bookie offering the most favorable odds.

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