How to Get Bigger Lips Permanently Without Surgery

how to get bigger lips permanently without surgery

Having full, plump lips is a trend that’s been dominating the scene for over a decade now. So, celebrities and commoners alike turned to plastic surgery to give them a desirable lip look. At one point, teenagers all over the globe even came up with the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” as a way to make their lips look plumper.

But is there a way to get lasting results without injections? In fact, there is! Here are seven tips on how to get bigger lips permanently without surgery. Let’s check them out!

How to Get Bigger Lips Permanently Without Surgery: 7 Tried Tips


Before we get into the best ways you can plump your lips at home, first, it’s good to remember that you are perfect just the way you are. To feel confident and beautiful, you don’t need to change anything about yourself — only to accept and love every part of your body.

That being said, it’s also normal to crave a change from time to time. But that doesn’t mean you should immediately go to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. There are a few ways you can make your lips look thicker naturally. Take a look at some of them.

1. Purchase a Lip Plumper

Today, we have various kinds of lip plumpers available online and in makeup stores. You might have heard that some people are worried about the safety of such products. But lip plumpers are non-invasive, affordable, and completely safe to use. However, you need to make sure they come from a reliable company.

There are two kinds of lip plumpers: topical lip plumpers and lip plumper tools. Topical lip plumpers look like your ordinary lip glosses. So, you simply put them on and wait for the results. They work by retaining the moisture in the skin surface to get a localized swelling effect.

On the other hand, lip plumper devices use suction to gently increase the blood flow to the capillaries in your lips. The effects usually last 30-40 hours.

In general, lip plumpers work fast. You can usually see the results in about ten minutes. Also, the effect can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. It all depends on the type of plumper you choose.

Still, you should apply them on clean lips, and you need to reapply regularly for a lasting effect.

2. Apply a Mixture of Coconut Oil and Cinnamon Oil

If you were wondering about how to get bigger lips permanently without surgery, you could apply a mixture of cinnamon and coconut oil. Cinnamon is known for its ability to make your pout fuller because it contains cassia oil. Cassia oil irritates the mucus membrane when you apply it to your lips, thus boosting blood circulation. As a result, you get those bee-stung full lips appearance.

To make this mixture, you’ll need seven teaspoons of cinnamon oil and three teaspoons of coconut oil. You can also add a few drops of your favorite vitamin oil. Next, use a smooth brush to apply this mixture to the lips — but make sure to apply two or three layers for the best results. Let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes.

In the end, you can wipe off the remaining oil or just apply your lipstick over it. You should be able to notice the results right away. Furthermore, you can put the mixture in a container and store it in the fridge.

However, some find that this mixture makes their lips itchy. If that happens to you, you should wash it off as soon as possible. Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you should skip this method and try something else from this list. But if the cinnamon doesn’t bother you, you can try other lip plumper recipes.

3. Do a Lip Workout Regularly

Just as with any other body part, a regular workout can make your lips bigger, firmer, and smoother. However, you need to do lip exercises at least two times a day. Moreover, each session should last about two to three minutes. Of course, it’ll take some time before you’ll see the results, usually three to four weeks.

There are two ways to go about lip exercising. First, you can purchase a Lip Exercising Device. This tool works by adding muscle mass to your lips through repetition. That way, it increases volume and contour.

However, a Lip Exercising Device has more effect on the upper lip. Still, it can help you get a more defined jawline and firmer facial skin.

But if you are wondering about how to get bigger lips permanently without surgery and without spending a dime, you can also do some exercises at home. There are many tutorials you can find online that can help you learn the right exercises. Still, one of the most famous is kissing.

And before you get any ideas, no, not kissing someone. You don’t need anyone else for this exercise — just your own arm. It goes like this: make a pout, press your lips against your arm, and stay like that for a couple of minutes. Release and repeat several times.

You can also try tightening your lips as if you want to whistle. Then you should hold that position for ten to fifteen seconds. Release and repeat.

4. Exfoliate Your Lips

Perhaps you’ve heard that many doctors advise not to exfoliate your lips. That is because many people do it with harsh tools and damage the sensitive skin on the lips. However, you can exfoliate your lips to make them fuller if you know the right way to do it.

The general rule for exfoliation is to choose an exfoliating ingredient (like cinnamon, sugar, etc.) and an emollient (shea butter, oil, honey, etc.). Then, you can mix the two to create a paste that you can apply to your lips in small circles. After you are done, simply wipe or wash it off and apply some lip balm.

Still, make sure not to do that more than two times a week. Also, do not use a toothbrush or harsh ingredients. Otherwise, you will irritate the skin and create wounds.

Here’s one recipe for lip exfoliation paste. You’ll need two teaspoons of sugar, two teaspoons of honey, and a few drops of coconut oil. Apply the mixture to your lips and rub for a minute or two. That way, you will increase the blood circulation to your lips.

White sugar gives the best results. However, if you have sensitive lips, it would be best to stick to brown sugar.

If making an exfoliating paste isn’t your thing, there are also some ready-made lip polishes. Since there are various kinds, maybe try a couple to find which one suits you best. In any case, you should get visible results right away.

5. Cayenne Pepper For Great Results

For the braver ones who are thinking about how to get bigger lips permanently without surgery, there’s always cayenne pepper. Cayenne is rich in vitamin E and stimulates blood flow, which will do wonders for your pout.

To make this powerful spice work for you, you need to create a paste using a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of olive oil. Next, gently place the mix on the lips and leave it on for five minutes. In the end, wipe it off and apply a lip balm. You will notice a great plumpness as well as a nice color.

However, be ready to feel a burning sensation while you have the paste on. That is completely normal, but if you can’t stand it, it’s better to wipe it off immediately so as not to cause irritation.

6. Instagram’s Favorite: Kylie Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner once said for Forbes that she always felt self-conscious about her lips and tried to make them look fuller with makeup. That’s how she got the idea for her Lip Kits. Kyle’s Lip Kits consist of lipstick and a liner in the same shade. So, you can purchase one and get an instant plump look.

First, take the lip liner and make a line right outside the natural lip shape. Then, fill in the entire surface of the lips. In the end, spread the matte liquid lipstick on top of the liner. Complete the look with a touch of a clear gloss in the middle of the bottom lip.

While you can choose a Lip Kit in any color you like, you will get the best effect with the one that is the closest to your natural shade.

7. Drink Plenty of Water and Take Vitamin Pills

There’s also one simple answer to the question, “How to get bigger lips permanently without surgery?” — drink enough water. The skin on your lips is very sensitive. However, it is also constantly exposed. That’s why the lips are prone to dehydration, especially during cold and windy weather.

So, it is important to keep them hydrated by drinking enough water every day. When there’s enough water in your body, your lips will absorb the moisture and plump up.

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