How to Get Fluffy Hair for Guys: 7 Simple Tips

how to get fluffy hair for guys

As a guy, your hairstyle defines your persona. You may wear the most expensive clothes and shoes, but if you choose the wrong hairstyle, no one will notice you. Fortunately, different hairstyles match different fashion trends and styles, including fluffy hair. In this article, you’ll learn simple tips on how to get fluffy hair for guys.

What Does Hair Fluffy Mean?


Fluffy hair refers to the type of hair with significant volume and a fuzzy appearance. This hairstyle is considered the happy medium between a cluttered texture and a blowout. Although your fluffy hair strands appear smooth, glossy, and bouncy, they’re a bit textured to give your hair a balanced appearance.

Although fluffy hair is often confused with poofy hair, the two hairstyles have some glaring differences. For instance, poofy hair occurs naturally, depending on the type of hair and its texture, while fluffy hair is normally styled by hairstylists. Your hair will naturally become kinky and voluminous if it lacks proper maintenance and enough moisture. If you want to experiment with a fresh look, these stylish and modern fluffy hairstyle ideas can be the perfect way to add volume and flow.

Excess humidity also opens the outer layers of your hair, causing it to become stiff. If you don’t straighten it immediately, it will develop tangles and become poofy. The light, soft, and feathery appearance of fluffy hair will give you a unique and complete appearance.

This hairstyle became popular at the beginning of the 19th century when men and women kept long fluffy hair with curls and a wavy touch. Over the years, this hairstyle has evolved, adopting different styles and inspiring numerous fashion trends. If you want to make your hair fluffy, here are some useful tips to get you started.

How to Get Fluffy Hair for Guys: 7 Tips


The best way to make your hair fluffy is to seek the services of a professional hairstylist. However, sometimes you may not have enough time or money to go to your local salon for a hairdo. In that case, you should learn a few DIY tricks to help you make your fluffy on your own. Here are the 7 easiest ways to get fluffy hair.

1. Upside Down Blow Dry

Since fluffy hair is very voluminous, you can easily give it a fluffy look by blow-drying it upside down. This will help to lift your hair roots from the scalp, arming up the volume. You just need to flip your hair upside down and dry it with a boar bristle brush to give it the desired fluffy look.

2. Use Hot Rollers

Heat rollers have proved to be an effective way of fluffing up your strands. So, if you are looking for a simple way to get some heatless curls, this trick is a guaranteed choice. Apart from curling your strands, hot rollers also increase volume without the need to buy expensive heat styling apparatus. Furthermore, heat rollers are very effective at holding off the frizz.

3. Hair Care Systems for More Volume

Understand that the journey to have the most stylish fluffy locks begins in the shower. Therefore, to get more volume, you should consider substituting your ordinary hair shampoos and conditioners with a volume-boosting hair care system. Since most hair care systems are free of sulfate, they’ll revive your hair and leave it looking shiny and with lasting volume.

4. Use Dry Shampoo

It’s very risky to have your fluffy hair weighed down. Therefore, you have to ensure that your fluffy locks maintain their volume all the time by treating them regularly with dry shampoo. So, you should always have a bottle of dry shampoo handy to help your hair to absorb oils and keep it relaxed. This type of shampoo also helps to increase the volume of your hair, giving it a lived-in appearance.

5. Teasing Your Hair

It may sound retrogressive but teasing your hair regularly helps to make it appear fluffy. The teasing technique helps you to comb your hair backward, building volume to give your hair a thicker appearance. This trick is particularly suitable for short fluffy hair because your hair doesn’t have to be too long to allow teasing.

6. Using a Hair Diffuser

A hair diffuser is considered one of the easiest and quickest ways to fluff your hair, especially curly hair because it dries the hair gently, fluffing out your strands for a lively and healthy set of locks. It’ll also help your hair to dry faster, reducing your heat usage.

7. Using Hair Styling Products

Choose the right hair styling products if you want to have lasting fluffy strands. With so many hair products and brands on the market today, it’s very easy to get the wrong products for your hair. A little research goes a long way to help you pick hair styling products that will give you the desired fluffy strands. Also, remember that the type of hair styling products you choose depends on the texture of your hair.

Can You Get Fluffy Hair After Shower?


As noted above, the process of getting a fluffy hairstyle starts in the shower. Therefore, you need to choose your hair shampoo wisely to avoid unnecessary problems with your hair, such as frizzing and excess dryness. You also need to understand that too much hair shampoo can easily strip your hair of the essential oils produced by the scalp.

Consider styling your hair with a hair-thickening conditioner that contains biotin because it adds volume. After washing your hair, dry it naturally with a cotton cloth rather than a towel because towels have grainy, rough designs that can easily cause the hair to twist. When drying your hair, avoid curved strokes to prevent your hair from twisting.

Use hair conditioners when taking a shower because they’ll keep your hair healthy. Also, apply serums and hair nourishing oils after taking a shower to keep your hair nourished. However, use these oils and serums in moderation and don’t apply them to the scalp. Just apply a few drops of serum and essential oils gently on your strands after drying.

Part your hair in sections and blow dry it upside down. It’s important to spray your hair with a heat-resistant spray or serum to protect it from damages caused by thermal heat. Blow drying your hair against its normal direction encourages the roots to stand up, instantly giving it extra volume.

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