How to Remove Dead Skin from Feet: 7 Easy Ways You Must Try

how to remove dead skin from feet

While we may take great care of our facial skin, our feet tend to be the most ignored. Whether it’s because of exposure to harsh elements, the weather, or just lack of care, our feet tend to bear the brunt of it all. But getting soft, moisturized feet is not so difficult. Give your feet some TLC and say goodbye to dead skin as we show you how to remove dead skin from feet.

Causes of Dead Skin on Your Feet

Dead Skin

Various factors play a role in the accumulation of dead skin on your feet. Here are some of the most common causes.

#1. Humidity

Humidity will not directly cause dry feet, but it will create conditions that will worsen the condition of the skin on your feet. Wearing socks and shoes for long hours, for example, creates a humid and hot environment. This can cause dehydration and irritation, not to mention unpleasant smells.

Excessive humidity also creates the perfect nesting place for bacteria growth that can lead to infections and worsen the dead skin on the soles of your feet.

#2. Health Conditions

Existing health conditions such as diabetes can put you at higher risk of developing skin infections and can cause skin peeling. Hypothyroidism is another health problem that can make your skin dry since it impacts your sweat glands.

Moreover, medications used to treat health issues like diuretic drugs can also cause your skin to turn dry, including the skin on your feet.

#3. Age

The older your skin becomes, the less it is able to retain water and moisture. This impacts your body’s overall hydration level and becomes most evident in your skin’s health. Dry, flaky skin on your feet is a natural occurrence with old age.

#4. Dehydration

Compared to the other parts of your body, there are very few oil glands on your feet. These oil glands produce sebum and help maintain the moisture level in your skin. Because of having fewer oil glands, your feet are more prone to dehydration and dryness that can result in cracked, peeling, flaky, and dead skin on your feet.

How to Remove Dead Skin from Feet: 7 Ways


Going to the foot spa is always a great way to be pampered while having the dead skin from your feet removed, but there are cheaper and more time-saving techniques you can use to get the same results.

#1. Pumice Stone

This natural lava stone helps get rid of the calluses and dead skin on your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes. It’ll help soften the skin and you can then rub the pumice stone gently on your feet to remove the dead skin.

Don’t scrub your feet roughly; instead, focus on lightly scraping off the dead skin to encourage healthy cell turnover. Once done, rinse your feet with warm water and then apply a nourishing lotion or a thick cream to keep your feet moisturized.

#2. Paraffin Wax

Most nail salons include paraffin wax as part of their pedicure treatment to help and get rid of dead skin.

Paraffin wax is a soft wax that is melted at medium temperature. It should not be so hot that it irritates and burns your skin. In this treatment, you dip your feet in the melted wax and then wrap them in plastic to allow the wax’s natural emollient properties to work their magic. Once the wax fully hardens, you can peel it off, removing all the dead skin with the resin.

You can get a paraffin wax kit online or from your local cosmetic store.

#3. Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs are one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to slough off all the dry, dead skin from your feet. You can choose from a wide variety of scents and ingredients, or you can even DIY a foot scrub by mixing two tablespoons of sea salt with lemon juice and your choice of essential oils.

#4. Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet in warm water softens the skin and loosens the dead skin cells, making it easier to scrub them off. You can even add vinegar to the water and soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, use a pumice stone or a scrub to remove the dead skin.

#5. Foot File

An effective way to remove dead skin from your feet is using a foot file. Use this tool after soaking your feet in warm water to gently scrub off the dry skin. It is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis and very effective in keeping your feet clean and soft.

#6. Epsom Salt

An Epsom salt scrub is a proven method for removing dead skin from your feet. Just mix a handful of Epsom salt with hot water to form a thick paste and gently massage your feet with it. Your feet will not only be softer but also well-moisturized.

#7. Loofah

A versatile bath accessory, a loofah can be used to exfoliate your whole body, including your feet. And you can use it anytime you take a shower.

How to Prevent Dead Skin on The Feet

Having dead skin on your feet is normal. But there are also effective ways to prevent dead skin buildup. Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent dead skin on your feet:

#1. Moisturize your feet regularly and follow it up with a layer of baby oil or petroleum jelly to keep the moisture in. You can also wear socks after moisturizing.
#2. Soak your feet in warm water at least once a week and exfoliate using a foot file or pumice stone.
#3. Use warm or room-temperature water when taking a shower and avoid hot baths to keep your skin from drying.
#4. If your feet are severely cracked and have calluses, talk to a podiatrist about creams and ointments specifically meant for dry feet.

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