A Step Wise Guide On How To Use Tide PODS® With Ease

how to use tide pods

Doing the laundry is not something many people look forward to, but it is a necessary and unavoidable task that you, unfortunately, just can’t put off. Thankfully, with the range of innovative products available today, this boring chore becoming so much easier!

Tide PODS®, launched by Tide, are single-use laundry pods that are incredibly easy to use. Curious to learn more about how to use Tide PODS®? Keep reading!

How Do Tide PODS® Work?


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Tide PODS® is a 3-in-1 laundry solution that enables you to go through your laundry efficiently and conveniently.

Each of these packs is multi-chambered and has three compartments — one containing your conventional detergent, one a stain remover, and one a brightening agent. All of these are extremely concentrated solutions that are individually packed in a film that dissolves in water completely.

This is one of Tide’s most significant improvements on its products. These pods can easily take care of large as well as small laundry loads. You no longer need to spend time measuring out the detergent; just drop a pod in the machine, add your clothes, and run a wash cycle. Easy!

It cleans your laundry thoroughly and ensures that no stains set in while also retaining the brightness of clothes’ colors and imparting a refreshing scent to all clothes.

Where Do You Put The Pods In The Washing Machine?

One of the advantages of Tide PODS® is its compatibility with standard top load washers and even high-efficiency or HE washing machines with front and top-loading features.

If your washing machine is designed with an automatic detergent and fabric softener compartment or dispenser, with Tide PODS®, you won’t be needing these compartments anymore.

The Tide PODS® can be directly placed in the drum of your washing machine and not on the automatic dispensers.

How Do I Use Tide PODS®?


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Designed to make your life easy, Tide PODS® are very quick and easy to use.

If you are a Tide PODS® newbie, here are the steps on how to use this convenient laundry solution:

#1. Know the size of your load.
#2. Get a pack of these pods out of the box.
#3. Depending on the size of your laundry load, place a suitable number of these pack(s) in your machine drum. Make sure that you place the packs in the water before adding your clothes.
#4. Put your clothes in the washer.
#5. Choose the appropriate wash cycle for your wash load.

The Benefits Of Using Laundry Pods


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Doing your laundry often entails preparing your detergent, pre-treatment of stained clothes, and then adding a different solution to help brighten your clothes. Sometimes you even need additional fabric softeners.

Laundry pods, however, have entirely changed how you can do your laundry. If you haven’t tried incorporating laundry pods in your system yet, it is high time that you do.
Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the best perks of using laundry pods:

#1. They are lightweight and space-savers, requiring minimal storage space. You can also purchase laundry pods in bulk.
#2. Laundry pods are convenient because the detergent, stain remover, and brightener are all pre-measured. All you need to do is place one in your machine’s drum. There is no need for manual measurements, so overdosing on your clothes is no longer a concern.
#3. Compared to all the materials you would typically require to do your laundry, laundry pods are earth-friendlier. There is less packaging that needs to be disposed of after use, which helps prevent adding waste to the landfills.
#4. Laundry pods are designed with less water content, so these cleaning solutions remain effective and stable for longer without affecting their cleaning powers.
#5. Laundry pods require no special instructions and can be used by anyone while getting the desired cleaning results. It is as good as a plug-and-play device or, more appropriately, a drop-and-go product.
#6. Laundry pods deliver consistent results. You eliminate the need for trial and error because each solution is already appropriately measured and accurately formulated.
#7. They may seem more expensive at first, but laundry pods eliminate the need for purchasing separate products for your washing needs. You no longer need to buy a detergent, fabric softener, and an odor eliminator because one laundry pod provides all three.

How Many Tide PODS® Per Load Is Best?

For an average laundry load, one pod is enough. When your load is large to extra-large and you are about to fill a 20-pound washer, it would be best to use two Tide PODS® and then three Tide PODS® for even larger laundry loads.

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