How to Write Emails for Customer Service + 10 Templates

to Write Emails for Customer Service 10 Templates

Any business work, even if it is automated, is obliged to show customers their value to you. Statistics say that 84% of customers are willing to pay a large amount for services, just to have quick access to support.

Agree, it is very unpleasant when you sent a request to the company, and received a lifeless letter in response. 

This fact is enough for the client to never contact the company again.

Today, you do not need to write letters from scratch every time before sending.  It is enough to use templates and modify them depending on the circumstances.  It will take some time to create them, but we will help to reduce it.  We offer the best writing tips and ready-made templates so you can show your customers that you care and provide effective support.

Top tips for writing emails for customer service

When interacting with a customer via email, determine for yourself the most important points that will lead to loyalty. To do this, you need to analyze the most effective tools for you.  Check out the best of them, which will be useful regardless of the field of activity of the company. 

№1. Use the client’s name. 

The initial, but important step, will be to address the client by name.

Personalization is required for re-applying.  It gives a human touch to the email and eliminates the prospect of using a robot in the mind of the client. He will understand that you are referring to him, which will certainly lead to increased loyalty.

№2. Record previous conversations with clients.

Archive all previous client communications. This will give an understanding of whether he applied at some time in the past and what problems he faced in the past. The data will allow you to understand how best to conduct a dialogue with the client at the moment. For example, to understand his mood: whether it is good-natured and cheerful, or vice versa, rude and tactless. 

№3. Check emails before sending

Before clicking the “Submit” button, make sure you have answered all the customer’s questions.  In addition, it is important to check the text for grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as compliance with the professional tone.  Even one missed detail can spoil the overall impression of the company and turn away the client from you.  If you’re not sure about your penmanship skills, use the essay writing service to help you create the perfect message without a single mistake.

№4. Try to understand their problem inside and out. 

Any customer contact with the support service is not just a desire to help them with their problem. Users often want to draw your attention to things that are important to them or simple understanding. Try to understand them as deeply as possible during the conversation, this will help solve the problem and get a positive response. 

How to Write Emails for Customer Service 10 Templates 

10 customer service email template examples: 

There are countless email templates, and every company can create their own library to suit their purpose and tone. We have given some of the most universal examples. They are easy to modify according to your own needs.

1. Registration of a new client.

Send a welcome email to the new user, who decided to move from a potential client to a buyer. It will help him learn more about your services, products, and values. It is important to make it as easy as possible for him to make a purchase and interact with the site.  For example, You can offer him a coupon or a small discount to lure him into buying.

For example:

“Hi, “Username”!

We are glad that you have joined our club of book lovers в “Shop name”!

In honor of this joyful event, we are giving you a promotional code that gives you a 5% discount on any book from our store! (it can be any gift that will improve the first interaction of the client with your company)

Use it and enjoy reading with us daily.

Sincerely, (store name)”

2. Response to a customer complaint.

In no case should you delay the appeal of the client. It is best to contact him as soon as possible, as this situation may go public, thus painting a bad picture of the firm. The best option would be to solve the problem as soon as possible. This will reduce the likelihood of a second call, or even a call.

For example:

“Good afternoon, “client name”!

Thank you for your submission! We are very sorry that you had a negative experience with our company. (write the main goals of your company, based on the essence of the complaint) (write a client complaint)

 We have already dealt with your complaint and the problem will be resolved in the near future. (offer a discount on your next purchase or provide any bonus that will smooth the current situation)

Thank you for taking the time to review us! Once again, we apologize for this ridiculous mistake!

 Best regards, (store name)”

3. A response to a client who left on good terms.

Thank the buyer for the fact that he was with you all this time and used the services. We are sure that he will be pleased to know that he was valuable to you. Do your best not to lose this connection in the future.  Then, perhaps, the client will contact you again or recommend the company to their friends and relatives. 

For example:

“Good afternoon, “client name”!

This is Nick, your personal manager in the company (company name).

I want to thank you for being with us all this time and using our product. We really appreciate your attention.

We are very sorry that you are leaving us. We were very pleased to work with you. Thank you so much for your time and resource!

We look forward to a new meeting.

 Good luck!  Sincerely, (store name).

4. Reply to an upset customer who refused.

If you make a mistake, first listen to the buyer and apologize to him.  This is very important for remediation and recovery. Try to find out what exactly happened and why he refused to buy. In the end, to keep the client, you can offer a discount or a service to rehabilitate the company in his eyes.

For example:

“Good afternoon, “client name”!

Thank you very much for your submission! We are very sorry that you had a negative experience with our company. We have already dealt with your complaint and the problem will be resolved in the near future.

We respect your decision, but we want to make things right!  Therefore, we offer  you a 50% discount on your next purchase in our store to help you have a better experience with us and positive emotions.

If you change your mind, we will be there to help you.

 Best regards, (store name)”

5. Request a customer review of the purchase.

With the help of a letter, you can ask the client to leave a review of your work. Their feedback will be useful to you for various marketing strategies and understanding the work of employees. 

For example:

“Good afternoon, “client name”!

The manager of the company (name) is bothering you!

I want to thank you for the order, which you most likely have already received. Tell me, did everything go well? Did you have any problems with delivery?

Feel free to tell me about the difficulties that might arise.

For high-quality communication with you and improving the quality of work, please fill out a short questionnaire at the end of the letter. She will help make our work even better!

Sincerely, (store name)”.

6. Thank the customer for the positive feedback.

When your brand gets a positive review, never lose sight of it.  Always thank customers and encourage them to repeat this action again and share their experience on social networks.  Don’t forget to offer a discount or promo code. 

For example:

“Good afternoon, “client name”!

This is Nick, your personal manager in the company (company name).

I want to thank you for your positive feedback about our work! We are always glad to hear your opinion and become better for you!

We are very pleased that you appreciated our work so highly.

We would like to ask you to share your experience with your loved ones on social networks or leave a review on our website (link to the review page).

 For your attention and time, we will give you a 10% discount on a new purchase.

  Sincerely, (store name)”.

7. Exploring the possibility of collaborating on content.

Engage buyers to collaborate on content. You can offer them to take a photo or video of your product in exchange for various bonuses or discounts. People are very pleased when companies notice them and make such offers. And for you, it will be a great opportunity to get individual shots from real clients. 

For example:

“Good afternoon, “client name”!

This is Nikc, your personal manager in the company (company name).

I am very pleased that you have been using our product for 3 months and left high marks about our work.

We would like to invite you to leave a photo review with our product in exchange for nice bonuses for your next purchases. (Link to the website).

Tell me, are you interested in our offer?

Good luck!  Sincerely, (store name).

8. Responding to a customer’s problem or request.

Never ignore customer letters. If they wrote about the problem, we recommend that you respond to them immediately. Thus, you will help to solve it, show the speed of the support work and not lose the client.

For example:

“Good afternoon, “customer name”!

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