iGaming Marketing: How to Become an Affiliate?

iGaming Marketing How to Become an Affiliate

The industry of gambling games has become profitable since such games became affordable to everyone. Gambling marketing is a good way for a casino to find new players and for partners to find a stable income. Read on to learn more about gambling marketing and its benefits.

What is iGaming Marketing?

Although the gambling industry is quite popular, it is quite difficult for a new brand to be promoted without help. This is what marketing is for, and the most common of them is affiliate one.

The goal of affiliates is to get as many new players as possible by using various strategies. In this way, they earn a commission from the traffic sent by the casino, which pays only for successful conversions. There are two types of affiliate marketing common in the gambling industry. The first is when an online casino signs an agreement with a network of multiple affiliates. Advertising campaigns and banners are launched on the Internet, thus inviting players to register at an online casino. Partnership members find each other on aggregator sites that serve as a kind of online market for such contracts.

The second, but less popular, type of affiliate marketing is when affiliates enter the network under the direct control of the online casino brand. Then all traffic from the affiliate network goes exclusively to one resource. This way of working with affiliates is less common and is mostly used by established brands.

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Why Choose RevenueLab?

RevenueLab is a trusted iGaming affiliate marketing platform that may be perfect for both affiliates and advertisers. The company’s goal is to provide real traffic and maximize clients’ revenue by offering modern solutions and unique technologies.

Here are the reasons why it’s good to work with RevenueLab:

  1. It’s simple. With RevenueLab, you have instant access to up-to-date statistics for more than 1200 companies, eliminating the need to manually gather data from dozens of partner accounts. Additionally, using the special Smartlink technology, you can dynamically split traffic across various campaigns. Any GEO and any traffic source can be used with Smartlink.
  2. It’s profitable. Here you will be able to increase the monetization of your site by selling ad positions. Also, RevenueLab supports all types of deals such as rev share, CPA, hybrid, flat fee, listing fee, and minimum guarantees.
  3. It’s safe. RevenueLab guarantees every transaction done on their platform, so you don’t need to be concerned about security. The platform promises that the agreed-upon terms won’t change abruptly because they exclusively work with dependable partners.

Only the best people work at RevenueLab. The company assists its partners in all matters. Affiliate managers are responsible, helpful, and knowledgeable in the field of iGaming. The platform has partnered with over 1200 brands, and its usage is very clear. For advertisers, RevenueLab will be useful because it brings not just traffic but real players. You will be able to analyze traffic in your account, increase brand awareness and value, launch promotions, and also get access to thousands of traffic sources.

Final Word

Anyone can be an affiliate: streamers, bloggers, review sites, and influencers. All advertising methods that will allow you to get traffic for the casino are good. To boost conversions a lot, affiliates can use tools like SMM, SEO, and targeted ads.

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