Is a Tuxedo Appropriate for a Wedding?

Tuxedo Appropriate for a Wedding

It’s one thing for the groom to wear a tuxedo to his own wedding, but what about a guest? Can you wear a tuxedo to a wedding? The answer depends, which is probably not very helpful at first. However, it’s probably the best one to give due to the circumstances.

What You Are Doing Dictates Your Suit

The first question is, what will the guests be doing at the wedding? If he is one of the wedding party, i.e. a groomsman, then a tuxedo makes sense. However, the specific tuxedo is decided by the groom to match and be consistent with the rest of the ensemble. If not at the party but a regular guest, then it depends on whether the wedding event is a very formal affair where tuxedos are expected. The invite will typically identify a black tie event or similar if that applies. On the other hand, if the wedding invite says semiformal, then a business suit is the better choice so as not to upstage the wedding party. Just watch out for invites that have “black tie optional.” If you get this, stay conservative and go black tie.

Evening weddings tend to start off with a formal look, including tuxedos for the wedding party and guests, and then loosening up a bit at the reception event and related party. Daytime events are usually semi-formal, depending on the wedding details. Plan accordingly. For example, at a beach wedding, you might end up being in a suit and going barefoot on the beach. It happens. The key is what the invite predicts for dress wear.Is a Tuxedo Appropriate for a Wedding

Special Roles in a Wedding

Special roles are reserved for the best man, the father of the bride, and of course, the groom. All three can be dressed up, but one of them has a bit more flexibility. The groom will set the tuxedo pattern for the rest of the groomsmen. So, if the groom is in a tuxedo, the rest will be too, without question. And it will be the same style tuxedo without variation. The intent is to framework the bride, as her wedding dress and presentation are actually the center of the show. The best man will be in the same tuxedo as the groom, without question. Lastly, the father of the bride has flexibility; he can either match the groomsmen, or he can dress in his own affair. Military fathers tend to wear their uniforms, for example. Others wear a business suit.

Don’t Worry If You Don’t Own a Tux

Fortunately, no one has to stress about going out and buying a tuxedo at the last minute. If the wedding is planned to be in Las Vegas, for example, a tuxedo rental in Las Vegas is entirely doable with all types of styles and fittings possible. In fact, Vegas is probably the easiest city to find a tuxedo to rent, aside from New York City or Los Angeles. And that includes everything else to go with the tux and the shoes too! Just make sure to get a proper floral accessory for the lapel. It might be the one thing challenging to find as a rental piece.

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