Is There A $1000 Bill? What You Might Not Know

is there a $1000 bill

Imagine being able to carry around a thousand bucks without having your wallet bulge with a thick wad of notes. Or having to worry about distributing several bills in your pocket and bag compartment? A single bill in your wallet that you could buy an iPhone with. This was once possible when the Federal Reserve was printing notes of large denominations.

Today, the largest denomination is $100. But, is there a $1000 bill? Keep reading to find out!

Is There A $1000 Bill?


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Yes, there is! The $1000 bill was in circulation in the 18th century. The Federal Reserve has even issued $500, $5000, and even $100,000 bills in the past.

These large denomination bills were mainly produced to help banks and the US government carry out large money transactions.

History of the $1000 Bill

The first few $1,000 bills were printed when there were only 13 colonies. It helped finance the American Revolutionary War. However, as the government did not add silver or gold reserves, this bill gradually lost value and was dropped out of circulation.

In 1861, however, the US government started issuing $1000 bills again to support the Civil War efforts. This was also when this bill became part of the pioneer banknotes by the Confederate States of America, which made the $1000 bill very valuable.

But after the war, this Confederate bill became worthless, with some people even going as far as to burn these $1000 notes as they had zero value.

While there still were $1000 bills around, they were primarily being used for large bank transactions or in real estate deals.

Around 1945, the Federal Reserve stopped printing such large denomination bills entirely.

Today, these bills have become extremely valuable and rare — a true collector’s item.

Is A $1000 Bill Illegal?


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Absolutely! The $1000 bill still exists and is technically legal tender. While you can no longer get one from the banks or the ATM, several of these bills are still in circulation.

How Much Is A $1000 Bill Worth Today?

Since these bills are considered to be collector’s items, they are typically worth a lot more than their face value.

In most cases, depending on the overall condition and the rarity of the bill, a $1000 bill can be worth almost triple its value.

For example, an uncirculated 1928 $1000 gold certificate bill in good condition can be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

With approximately 165,372 $1000 bills existing today with the Cleveland visage bearing, these bills have become highly coveted items.

Why Do We No Longer Use $1000 Bills?

Although still legal tender, the last $1000 bill was printed in 1945 as its value had dropped down significantly and it served no purpose.

These large denomination bills were intended to be used by the federal government and banks to close out massive transactions. With technology starting to make its presence known and the introduction of the electronic money system, there was no need for the $1000 bill.

There was also a high risk of counterfeiting, which increased the likelihood of such large denomination bills being used in illegal activities.

More importantly, the $1000 bills stopped being cost-efficient. It was cheaper and more reasonable to print several $1 bills than $1000 to match the worth of the $1,000 bill.

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