Liposuction in Turkey: Procedure, Prices, and Benefits Overview

Liposuction in Turkey Procedure

Are you dreaming of getting liposuction surgery without spending all the money in the world, aren’t you? You can consider Turkey as a country where you can have liposuction cheaper. You can read the information about Turkish plastic surgery clinics. We encourage you to keep reading the article devoted to getting qualitative and affordable lipo in Turkey. You will vanish away your doubts, fears, and hesitations to make a step forward to your dream body.

Liposuction is also known as “lipo”, and it is a safe and efficient cosmetic surgery. It permits patients to get rid of any undesired fat deposits. A qualified surgeon is able to correct any area of your body — arms, belly, hips, thighs, etc.

Worldwide, 1,5+ million lipo procedures are performed annually. How can we explain such a massive popularity of this cosmetic procedure? First of all, it guarantees fast results without severe side effects and exhausting physical exercises. Secondly, you can get this surgery at an affordable price if considering other countries to get liposuction.

Before we go deeper into details, patients should keep in mind that the lipo procedure is not a remedy for obesity and is not recommended for patients with BMI more than 30. Most patients can expect to lose approximately 0.5-2 kg per 1 procedure. At the same time, this cosmetic intervention can quickly improve your body and remove fat pockets. The only challenge for a patient is to preserve the achieved results after plastic surgery. Make sure your surgeon gives you detailed recommendations on healthy eating, tracking calories, and regular physical workouts.

Top 6 Facts About Lipo Surgery

It is essential to pay attention to the following facts about lipo surgery:

  1. Liposuction is never offered for patients with obesity. It is an efficient procedure to get rid of fat accumulation in the local zones of your body. In order to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for liposuction, you should know your body mass index. If it is lower than 30, you can start preparing for your lipo journey.
  2. Patients see positive results within several weeks. During the recovery process, patients have to wear special compression underwear and prescribed elastic bandages.
  3. Lipo can be done exclusively for cosmetic purposes. As a rule, insurance does not cover this procedure, and in such countries as the UK or the USA the final bill is very high and not affordable for many people. You will have to be ready to pay the full surgery cost. That is why it makes sense to consider such destinations as Turkey and reduce the cost up to 3-4 times.
  4. The results of liposuction are permanent only if patients follow a healthy and active lifestyle.
  5. Lipo surgery is popular with both men and women.
  6. Liposuction surgery often may be done together with abdominoplasty. This procedure makes a patient’s stomach tight, takes away stretch marks and saggy skin. It is essential to discuss all these options with your surgeon in order to have a clear idea of the final cost. 

Liposuction in Turkey Procedure, Prices, and Benefits Overview

Top 3 Reasons To Do Lipo in Turkey

It is not easy to decide where exactly you would like a lipo procedure to be done: at home or abroad. One of the most trendy foreign destinations for lipo is Turkey. Here are the main reasons that motivate thousands of men and women to give it a try:

  • The prices are 3-5 times cheaper

It makes sense to look for more affordable options overseas as you have to pay for this surgery from your own pocket. Such countries as Turkey offer much cheaper medical services: Turkish clinics charge around $700-$2,500 for lipo surgery, and the USA ones charge about $5,000-$8,500 .

  • Highly-skilled surgeons

Doctors in Turkey have extensive experience. They are members of prestigious plastic surgery associations, who work hard on improving their skills abroad. The success rate of the lipo procedure will depend on plastic surgeons’ experts fully, starting from the postoperative process and ending with the final result. Bookimed will help you pick the best Turkish medical center with the most advanced facilities.

  • Excellent customer service

All patients of Turkish clinics enjoy their stay due to a high level of comfort. When you have to undergo plastic surgery, it is essential to have a comfortable stay in relaxed circumstances. Turkish clinics also provide transfer services, interpreting services before/during/after the lipo surgery, and a comfortable accommodation in a partner hotel of the clinic.

Price Comparison: Liposuction in Turkey vs. Other Countries

Below medical tourists can see the average cost of lipo in Turkey and other countries.

  • Turkey: $700-$2,500
  • Mexico: $1,200-$3,000
  • Thailand: $1,100-$5,600
  • USA: $5,000-$8,500 

How To Book a Lipo Clinic in Turkey?

  1. Finding the best plastic options in accordance with your budget on the Bookimed platform.
  2. Picking the most suitable Turkish medical center for your case.
  3. Scheduling a lipo procedure for the most convenient date.
  4. Arriving at agreed-upon date to a clinic and getting a procedure..


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