3 Lisa Jewell Books You Simply Must Read

lisa jewell books

As Goerge R. R. Martin would say — reading lets you live a thousand lives instead of just one. If it’s been a while since you’ve last found yourself in a fantasy world, it’s high time you opened one of Lisa Jewell books. This incredibly talented British author and her three unputdownable novels will have you running to your nearest bookstore for more.

3 Lisa Jewell Books That Are True Page-Turners

1. The Night She Disappeared (2021)


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If you’re looking for a truly compelling thriller, this novel is the way to go. Switching between past and present narratives, the whodunit mystery follows the disappearance of a young couple who seem to have left their one-year-old behind.

As the story quickly unfolds, its plot traps you in the head of the missing girl’s worried-sick mom. But how do you even know who you can trust?

2. The Family Upstairs (2019)


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Meet Libby, a 25-year-old woman struggling to survive, who suddenly learns she is about to inherit a mansion. Adopted as a baby, she decides to go on a quest and learn something more about her biological parents. As it turns out, Libby might have been happier not knowing anything about her origin after all.

Will you be able to resist this twisty psychological thriller? Probably not, because it traps you between multiple storylines, unreliable narrators, and all the mysteries that unfold.

3. Ralph’s Party (1999)


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Did you know that Lisa Jewell started working on Ralph’s Party, for a bet in 1996, only to end up publishing it as her debut novel three years later? This gripping story revolves around two roommates who suddenly welcome a girl into their home.

Their relationship quickly becomes a love triangle and leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Ultimately, the party taking place on the final pages of the book is what seals their fate.

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