14 Most Beautiful Female Beach Volleyball Players

most beautiful female beach volleyball players

Beach volleyball has become one of the most entertaining sports in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans, especially during the holiday season. Initially, beach volleyball was a men-only sport, but more female players are now making it their favorite sport.

In fact, some of the most gorgeous female players are now participating in this sport. This article offers you a list of the 14 most beautiful female beach volleyball players.

What’s Beach Volleyball?

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a unique kind of volleyball game played by two teams on a sand court at the beach. The court is divided by a volleyball net and each team consists of two players. Each team should touch the ball not more than three times before returning it to the other team.

In this sport, scores are counted using the Rally Point System. Every time a team wins a rally it scores a point. When the receiving team wins a rally, it scores a right to serve the ball. The player serving the ball should be alternated every time the team scores a point.

A rally begins each time a ball is served. Serving the ball means hitting the ball over the net and ensuring that it lands inside the court. There are three types of serves: underarm, overarm, and jump serves. Most elite beach volleyball players normally do an overarm or a jump serve.

A jump serve involves tossing the ball in the air and jumping to hit it while you are airborne. But you must serve the ball while you are outside the court. When receiving the ball, a player can either pass it to their partner to make a set or return it to the serving team.

A set happens when the receiving team makes a second contact with the ball after receiving it. The main objective of a set is to put the ball in a perfect position for the spiker to hit it. The spiker delivers an attack hit in an attempt to win a rally. But the serving team has a right to block the attack hit by jumping above the top of the net to intercept the incoming ball.

If the player blocking the ball is unsuccessful, their partner can do what is commonly referred to as a dig. This means lifting the ball before it touched the ground, especially from a spike. A dig can initiate another set or toss the ball over the next to the receiving court. If the ball touches the ground inside your court, the opposing team wins a rally.

A rally involves a series of playing actions starting from the time a ball is served to when it goes out of play. Each complete series of playing actions leads to the award of a point to the winning team.

14 Most Beautiful Female Beach Volleyball Players

Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, some female beach volleyball players are more physically attractive than others. In fact, most of them could also compete as fashion models. Here is a list of some of the hottest female beach volleyball players.

1. Jennifer Kessy


Image source: Pinterest

Jen Kessy is a celebrated American beach volleyball player with numerous accolades in her basket. Apart from her successful career in beach volleyball, Kessy is also known for her unparalleled beauty. She is a true definition of a “California beach babe.”

2. Marta Menegatti


Image source: Pinterest

Born in August 1990, Marta Menegatti is a famous Italian beach volleyball player who has been competing against some very worthy opponents. She is considered one of the most physically attractive female beach volleyball players on the circuit. Currently, Menegatti is playing alongside Viktoria Orsi Toth.

3. Siri Bjorkesett


Image source: Instagram

Siri Bjorkesett is a famous Norwegian beach volleyball player who made her international debut in 2007. Many male spectators will pay attention to the game whenever Bjorkesett steps onto the court. She may not have many awards as a volleyball player but she is one of the most striking female players.

4. Maria Clara Salgado Rufino


Image source: Pinterest

Born in Brazil in May 1983, Salgado comes from a family of professional volleyball superstars. For instance, her current partner on the court is her sister Carolina, and her coach is her mother Isabel, who played on the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour. Her brother Pedro is also a renowned volleyball player.

5. Zara Dampney


Image source: Pinterest

Zara Dampney is a celebrated British beach volleyball player from Dorset, who initially played indoor volleyball. Apart from being one of the hottest female volleyball players, she is also highly educated. Zara is a graduate of the University of Sheffield. Currently, Zara is playing alongside Shauna Mullin.

6. Ilka Semmler


Image source: Instagram

Standing at 6 feet tall, this German volleyball player is one of the tallest female volleyball players. And although she doesn’t have many accolades in her professional basket, she is one of the most attention-grabbing female players on the court. Her current partner is Katrin Holtwick.

7. Talita Antunes


Image source: Pinterest

Born in August 1982, Talita is a famous Brazilian beach volleyball player who started playing at the age of 14. She immediately became a volleyball sensation after winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1996. Throughout her professional career, Talita has had several partners including Renata Ribeiro and Maria Elisa Antonelli.

8. Sara Goller


Image source: Pinterest

Sara Goller is a renowned German beach volleyball player who has won several gold medals at different international tournaments. Her current partner is Laura Ludwig with whom she won the 2006 U23 European Championship. Apart from being a champion on the court, she is extremely gorgeous.

9. Larissa Franca


Image source: Pinterest

Born in April 1982 in Brazil, Franca is an experienced beach volleyball player with numerous gold medals in her career basket. She made her debut in 2001. She is currently partnering with Juliana Felisberta Silva, with whom she has won several SWATCH medals and podium placements.

10. Marketa Slukova


Image source: Instagram

Born in June 1988 in the Czech Republic, Marketa Slukova is a beautiful blonde who loves gymnastics. She started as a gymnast before switching to volleyball. She met her current partner, Kristyna Kolocova, back in high school.

11. Elsa Baquerizo McMillan


Image source: Pinterest

Although she was born in New York, Baquerizo has always called Spain home. While she is yet to reach the peak of her career in sports, Baquerizo is making heads turn whenever she’s on the court. Her current partner is Liliana Fernandez.

12. Rachel Wacholder Scott


Image source: Celebsbirthdaytoday.com

Born in June 1975 in California, United States, Rachel Wacholder Scott is a seasoned veteran beach volleyball player who has already won eight championships. In 2005, Scott was named the best defensive player and most improved player on the AVP tour. Aside from that, she has one of the hottest female bodies.

13. Misty May-Treanor


Image source: Pinterest

Misty May-Treanor is probably one of the most popular female beach volleyball players in America. She started her career in volleyball at the age of eight. Since then, Misty has won three consecutive gold medals between 2004 and 2006. She also has one of the hottest bodies in beach volleyball.

14. Sanne Keizer


Image source: Pinterest

Sanner Keizer is a renowned Dutch beach volleyball player who started her sporting career at the age of 11. Before the age of 18, Keizer was already an under 18 champion. Her current Marrit Leenstra with whom she has been doing the Netherlands proud over the years.

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