The 45 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World

most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world

It’s good to have an alcoholic drink now and then, especially when you are relaxing with your family or friends. However, some alcoholic drinks cost more than others and therefore you’ll need to be prepared financially.

This might come as a surprise to you, especially if you are ordering a drink at a high-end restaurant. This shares with you some of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world today so that you can know what matches your budget the next time you want to have a drink.

45 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World

With so many brands of alcoholic drinks, it’s virtually impossible to compile the prices of all the brands on the market. So, the easiest and most realistic way to do this is to classify different types of alcoholic drinks based on their prices. Here are some of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world today.

10 Most Expensive Vodkas in the World

1. Billionaire Vodka ($3.7 Million)

Billionaire Vodka

Image source: Pinterest

Billionaire Vodka is made from an exclusive Russian recipe and is filtered with diamonds. It’s also known for its superior quality and lavish taste.

This vodka has a unique personality and elegance. Its desirability is also unmatched. Billionaire Vodka’s bottle is dressed in deep black fur.

2. Russo-Baltique Vodka ($1.3 Million)

Russia is known to produce a wide range of high-quality vodkas that are sampled around the world. Russo-Baltique is one of the most popular and expensive Russian vodkas, retailing at a staggering $1.3 million. This vodka is produced by Russo-Baltique, a reputable car manufacturer.

Russo-Baltique is very popular among magnates around the world, and it has been featured in several popular films, including the House of Cards. This vodka is packaged in a unique bottle that’s similar to the heater guard used for Russo-Baltique cars.

3. Diva Premium Vodka ($1 Million)

Made from premium English grain vodka, Diva Premium Vodka is specially filtered to offer the purest and smoothest taste. It’s packaged in a beautiful bottle with a hand-filled stick decorated with an outstanding variety of Swarovski elements. You can remove this wand after draining the bottle and keep it as a souvenir.

This premium vodka is available in three beautiful colors: pink, blue, and green. It also comprises Capri blue, emerald, peridot, and sapphire. Diva Premium Vodka is made with wheat and is distilled severally to get the desired purity and flavor.

4. Old Russo-Baltique Vodka ($740,000)


Image source: Pinterest

The old Russo-Baltique Vodka costs almost the same amount as a Bugatti Veyron. It’s a product of Russo-Baltique, a Russian-based manufacturer of high-end cars. This vodka is popular among Russian royalty and wealthy people across the world. The old Russo-Baltique Vodka was launched in Monaco at the Top Marques show.

This alcoholic drink comes in a special bottle, an imitation of the heater guard used for Russo-Baltique vehicles. The bottle is made from yellow and white gold with a diamond that imitates the Russian Imperial Eagle. Furthermore, this bottle is made from bulletproof glass.

5. Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka (7,240)

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka was launched as a limited edition at Cannes Film Festival in France in collaboration with Jean-Roch. Apart from its fancy name, this vodka is also known for its special bottle, which is carefully crafted with shells from Jeroboam Belvedere vodka. This vodka is only available in the VIP room at Cannes.

6. Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka ($6,922)

Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka comes with 7,000 Swarovski crystals and it’s the latest limited edition of the prized Oval vodka bottle. The bottle is only found in luxurious clubs and VIP restaurants in London, including Embassy and Dolce.

It is also presented in various clubs and displayed on the latest invention known as The Glorifier, a spinning LCD unit that highlights the amazing Swarovski Crystals to bring out an elegant and sparkling spectacle.

7. Iordanov Vodka ($4,353)


Image source: Pinterest

Iordanov Vodka is one of the oldest vodkas in the world, dating back 150 years. It’s made with the finest wheat and crystal clear water from the northern European Islands. Its aromatic flavor is the smoothest.

This vodka is packaged in a special bottle with a protective jacket that prevents the drink from coming into contact with the bottle. This bottle is unbreakable and remains a unique piece of jewelry that you can keep as a souvenir.

8. Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition Vodka ($3,000)

Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition vodka is one of the most popular vodkas in the world. Its first bottle was produced in the 1930s using a mixture of rye and wheat concentrate. It is known for its high levels of purity achieved through a freeze filtration method.

9. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka ($2,400)

Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka is a product of the renowned Russian liquor manufacturer Ladoga Group and it’s uniquely decorated to make it stand out from the rest. Its Faberge egg-influenced bottle is large enough to hold 750 milliliters of vodka.

The bottle also features 24-carat gold and colored crystal embellishments. This drink is distilled 12 times and is manufactured using crystal clear water from the largest freshwater lake in Europe.

10. Swarovski Studded Alize Vodka ($2,000)

This vodka is a limited edition whose bottle is coated with sparkling Swarovski crystals. It was created as Valentine’s Day promotion item.

8 Most Expensive Whiskies in the World

1. Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch ($58,000)


Image source: Pinterest

Produced by Dalmore Distillery in 1942, the Dalmore 62 SINGLE Highland Malt scotch was created in honor of Alexander Matheson, the founder of the Dalmore Distillery. This whiskey was produced as a limited edition. The first batch had only 12 bottles, which made it so expensive. Even today, this whiskey can only be found are private collector’s auctions.

2. Glenfiddich 1937 ($71,700)

This whiskey is a rare single malt scotch with incredible, rich flavors of molasses, cedar, chocolate, oak, and burnt heather. This scotch is drawn from a cask that was produced in 1937. This cask has been preserved by generations, making Glenfiddich 1937 an example of one of the finest whiskeys in the world. In fact, many people who own this whiskey can’t dare to drink it because they don’t want to lose it.

3. The Macallan 1926 ($75,000)

This edition of Macallan is very fine and rare. It highlights the brand’s oldest and finest vintages. When you are drinking this whiskey, see it as the company’s rich history in a glass. It’s the first edition to be released by the distillery and the company continues to release a few bottles each year, thus pushing its price even higher.

4. Springbank 1919 ($78,000)

This whiskey is among the few vintage bottles of whiskey that can be ordered online from a few prestigious retailers. These retailers will deliver it right to your doorstep. You can also find it at auctions.

So, you aren’t likely to find it at your local pub or restaurant. At some point, this whiskey entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive whiskey in the world.

5. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 ($94,000)


Image source: Pinterest

In 2012, a bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 sold for $94,000 at a New York auction. One of the reasons why this bottle is so expensive is its rarity. Its smooth, heavenly taste has also contributed largely to its price. This whiskey features barley, pear, and heather flavors.

6. Dalmore 64 Trinitas ($160,000)

Dalmore 64 Trinitas is a mixture of Dalmore’s most unique and rarest vintages. For instance, it comprises whiskies from 1868, 1878, 1926, and 1939. Since nothing much is left of whiskies dating back a century, these Dalmore bottles are in very high demand. Among the three Trinitas bottles, only one was sold publicly. The fate of the other two remains unknown.

7. The Macallan 64 in Lalique Cire Perdue ($464,000)

This bottle of Macallan whiskey was last seen at an auction in 2010 where it was sold for $464,000. It ushers in whiskies that are mainly popular due to their decanters. It’s made up of three different whiskies matured in Spanish oak casks between 1942 and 1946. Its crystal decanter can’t be found anywhere else.

8. Isabella’s Islay ($6,200,000)

Isabella’s Islay whiskey is considered the most expensive whiskey in the world, with its value being tied to its unique decanter that features 8,500 diamonds, 300 rubies, and exquisite white gold. Apart from the expensive bottle, the whiskey itself is very fine. It’s considered the embodiment of lavish scotch whiskey.

6 Most Expensive Beers in the World

1. BrewDog The End of History ($20,000)


Image source: Pinterest

This Scottish collector’s beer was first released 11 years ago with an ABV of 55 percent, which is stronger than most whiskies. Initially, a bottle of this beer retailed for 700 pounds, but a new edition was released in 2016 that sold for a staggering $20,000 per bottle. The company was hoping to use the money generated by the beer to start a BrewDog brewery in Ohio, which was successful.

2. Sam Adams Utopias ($210)

Produced by Sam Adams, this beer is known for its easy-drinking and ubiquitous Boston lager. This beer is normally matured in barrels and is released as a limited edition. The current release is retailing for $210 per 24.5-ounce bottle. It’s usually matured for up to 24 years.

3. Sapporo Space Barley Beer ($100)

This Sapporo beer was produced using barley generated from grains that had been kept on the International Space Station’s Zvezda Service Module for five months. The objective of this initiative was to test the possibility of self-sufficiency in food in a space environment. The first batch of this beer was released in Japan and sold for $100 per bottle.

4. Schorschbock 57 ($300)


Image source: Pinterest

With an ABV of 57 percent, Schorschbock 57 is considered the strongest beer in the world. It’s a product of the German brewer Schorschbrau, which is best taken in an ounce glass. This Eisbock-style beer is a limited edition with less than 40 bottles.

5. 3 Floyds Dard Lord Beer ($200)

This beer is a product of 3Floyds brewery situated in Indiana. This brewery is known for its barrel-matured beers with unique names, such as Robert the Bruce and Bully Guppy. However, the Dark Lord version is the most popular. You can only find this beer at the annual Dark Lord Day.

6. Westvleteren 12 ($1,000)

Brewed by the famous Belgian monks, this beer is truly delicious and refined. However, these monks can only afford to brew a few bottles at a time. This makes the Westvleteren 12 beer with caramel, raisin, and chocolate notes very rare and expensive.

4 Most Expensive Wines in the World

1. Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, Romanee-Conti 1945 ($558,000)


Image source: Pinterest

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is Burgundy’s greatest fine wine brand that has been setting records at auctions with its expensive wines. In 2018, the brand’s Romanee-Conti 1945 wine bottle sold for $558,000. This wine is a very limited edition, comprising an average of 6,000 cases per year.

2. Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 ($500,000)

This is a 6-liter bottle of fine wine produced by Screaming Eagle. In 2000, this bottle sold for$500,000 at the Napa Valley auction. The company produces this wine in very limited editions, making it one of the most expensive wines.

3. Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947 (£192,000)


Image source: Pinterest

This wine is one of the two original St Emilion Grand Cru Classes A estates. It’s a product of Goliath. In 2017, a 12 x 75cl case of this wine sold for £192,000, making it Bordeaux’s most expensive wine.

4. Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1869 (£163,000)

Produced by Chateau, Lafite-Rothschild is considered the most powerful wine in the world with regards to volume and the average cost. This fine wine was recently sold on the exchange for £163,000.

5 Most Expensive Rums in the World

1. J. Wray & Nephew ($54,000)


Image source: Pinterest

This rum was first produced by John Wray, who started The Shakespeare Tavern in 1825 in the colonial capital of Kingston in Jamaica. He was later joined by his nephew in 1860. Today, only four bottles of J. Wray & Nephew remain, making it the most expensive rum in the world.

2. Legacy by Angostura ($25,000)

Legacy is a product of Angostura and it blends seven of the world’s most valued rums, all of which have been matured for more than 17 years and picked from a collection of 80,000 barrels.  This rum offers an exclusive mixture of heavenly flavors like vanilla, fallen tropical fruits, clove, honey, and oak. It also features some aftertastes like nuts and dried fruits.

3. Barbados Private Estate 1780 ($12,700)


Image source: Thelonecaner.com

This rum was distilled in the 1780s by the servants of Edward Lascelles, a customs officer and slave trader who later became the First Earl of Harewood. His servants distilled rum that was then sent in barrels back to his estate in England. These servants hid some of the bottles in the basement, where they remained covered with spider webs for 230 years. When the bottles were discovered, the first lot was sold for $180,000.

4. 50-Year-Old Appleton Estate ($6,650)

Appleton Estate was released in 2012 to mark the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence. However, its planning started way before the country got its independence because it had been matured in oak barrels for half a century. Only 800 bottles of Appleton Estate were produced.

5. Original Royal Naval Rum Tot ($2.900)

Between 1670 and 1970, the British Royal Navy sailors received a daily ration of rum, which was also served at royal events like royal weddings. At the end of this tradition, 50 years ago, the Royal Navy sold 1000 bottles of this rum to the general public at an auction. This rum is known for its huge sentimental value and exceptional quality.

4 Most Expensive Cognacs in the World

1. Croizet Cognac Cuvée Léonie 1858 ($156,760)


Image source: Pinterest

This cognac is one of the oldest cognacs in the world and it was sold in 2011 for over $150,000 an auction in China. It was produced in 1858 and is reported to be the drink that Eisenhower and Churchill enjoyed as they figured out the victory of their combined forces in World War II.

2. Cognac Brugerolle 1795 ($149,943)

This cognac was Napoleon’s favorite drink. Produced by Brugerolle, a French brewer, Cognac Brugerolle was launched in 1795 and immediately became the favorite drink for the French military. Its last bottle was sold for $149,943.

3. Gautier Cognac 1762 ($144,525)


Image source: Pinterest

This cognac is one of the oldest cognacs in the world. Its last bottle is reported to have been sold for $144,525 and it was said to have been 258 years old. But some reports claim that three are three more bottles of this cognac still in existence.

4. Remy Martin Louis XIII L’Odyssee D’un Roi Cognac ($134,750)

The last bottle of this cognac was sold in 2016 for $134,750. It has a custom Hermes leather trunk and a crystal decanter. The cognac blends the oldest Eau du vie brandy that was only tested by the cellar masters.

5 Most Expensive Champagnes in the World

1. 2013 Taste of Diamonds ($2.07 million)


Image source: Pinterest

Also referred to as Gout de Diamants, the 2013 Taste of Diamonds costs a whopping $2.07 million. While the drink offers a heavenly flavor, its value lies in its bottle, which is made from white gold and decorated with an enormous Swarovski crystal. It’s a product of Shammi Shinh, the owner of the London-based Prodiguer Brands.

2. 2013 Armand de Brignac Rose 30-liter Midas ($275,000)

Midas is the most expensive and biggest bottle of 2013 Armada de Brignac Rose champagne. This bottle weighs 100lbs and retails for $275,000.

3. 2011 Armand de Brignac 15-Liter Champagne ($90,000)


Image source: Pinterest

Although this champagne is not vintage, its clout and sheer size make it extremely popular and expensive. Also known as Ace of Spades, this champagne is owned by the American hip hop legend and mogul Jay Z. The bottle is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for high-end events with dozens of guests. It’s currently retailing for $90,000.

4. 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah ($49,000)

The 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah champagne offers perfectly balances taste and aesthetics. It’s packaged in a humongous 15-liter bottle that’s plated with real gold. This is one of the reasons why it’s so expensive. But the champagne is also powerful with sharp notes and a smoky aroma.

5. 1820 Juglar Cuvee ($43,500)

This champagne has an interesting story and it’s extremely rare. It was produced by the House of Juglar, which ended in the 1840s. Therefore, you’ll be extremely lucky to lay your hands on one of these bottles because they’re no longer being produced.

The last bottle of Juglar Cuvee was discovered in a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic sea. Although the bottle was a bit roughed up by the elements, it was properly sealed and its contents were safe. This bottle was sold at an auction for a staggering $43,500.

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