Most Popular Payment Methods Around the World

Most Popular Payment Methods Around the World

To get you the greatest bargain on the ideal small company payment system, we evaluate the benefits, drawbacks, and prices of some of the the most popular online payment gateways around the world. There are so many payment methods and online gateways that it was hard to choose the top five. However, our aim was to give you a diversified list and equip you with the right knowledge so that you can make an informed decision.


You may recall PayPal from the popular e-commerce site eBay, where it simplified the checkout process. But corporations may use PayPal just as easily as consumers do.

Its payment gateway, known as Payflow Gateway, has more than 220 million customers today and has a high level of trust. This payment gateway is excellent and cost-effective for small company merchants with variable transaction rates.

The system has some flaws that prevent some businesses from using its software. For example, foreign payments will incur an extra 1.5% fee each transaction. Those expenses could build up quickly if you are selling to European customers.

Even so, we think PayPal is a good choice for domestic businesses that must accept immediate payments.

We believe it works best for organisations who need to process payments rapidly and are time-conscious, like food delivery services or taxi companies.

Amazon Pay

Over 310 million people, to be exact, are aware of how simple Amazon makes the entire checkout process. Amazon Pay is a fantastic choice if this is what you have in mind for your own marketplace.

By recycling the information, you and your customers have already given for Amazon accounts, it reduces administrative work for both of you and your consumers. This makes it easy for customers to complete their purchases, ensuring they do so before having the chance to change their minds.

Amazon also provides the advantage of finishing your payment processing online, unlike other payment processing options. This implies that once Amazon Pay is integrated inside your website, customers won’t need to leave it in order to transact with you.

We advise new companies looking for a way to gain the trust of potential customers but who haven’t yet established themselves on the market to use Amazon Pay. Customers who have never purchased your goods or services before will give you more credit because of Amazon’s well-known brand name.

Most Popular Payment Methods Around the


Businesses in Australia and New Zealand can use POLi which is a direct internet payments service. The payment method is so popular in the region it has been used by big companies such as Air New Zealand, PB Tech, MightyApe, Waka Kotahi and top POLi betting sites like Unibet.

POLi would, in essence, let a customer pay your company directly from their standard online banking account. They don’t need to manually input any bank information, and it may be completed fairly immediately. No credit or debit card is required, and there are no loans or interest of any type. Simply said, they facilitate a quick, direct payment from the customer’s online bank account to yours.

From your website, shopping cart, or even electronic invoices, POLi payments can be made instantaneously.


Small businesses can now accept all kinds of payment more easily and affordably thanks to Square Payments. This company works on the basis that no small firm should be excluded from the economy due to prohibitive costs or complicated technologies. Currently, it is only available the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France and Spain.

You can quickly and securely accept all payment methods with Square Payments. With Square Payments, you can cooperate with customers rather than compete with them when it comes to how they want to pay for goods and services. You may accept credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and many other payment methods through Square. Payments are promptly processed, and you may choose to either receive your money instantly for a nominal fee or within one business day, saving you time and money.


Finally, we have Paytm which is popular in the Indian market. The industry’s highest success rates and 99.99% uptime are provided by Paytm Payment Gateway. Payment errors are hardly ever an issue, and customers may check out without having to attempt more than once. There wouldn’t be any instances of money being deducted and a payment becoming stuck, or other frustrating situations like this.

Paytm also supports every other popular payment method including debit and credit cards, AMEX cards, netbanking, UPI, and others. You can also even get next-day settlements even on holidays and you can get on-boarded instantly.

Paytm is ideal for growing businesses and its incredibly safe and secure to use.


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