Must have Experiences While Visiting Australia

Australian Cuisine and Wines

Traveling is an experience in that everyone seeks to set their souls free from the daily struggles of life. In contrast, most people can’t stay on vacation for their whole lives and just have a couple of days for enjoyment. So, for this limited time, it is important to consider a place to visit that serves as a treat for the eyes and soul, and if you have a budget, then just fly to Australia.

Filled with the beauty of mother nature, Australia is also one of the major representatives of modernization in the present time. It is impossible to cover the whole country in a limited period; one can experience the must-have experiences while visiting Australia, listed below.

  1. Hunter Valley

Known for its peaceful environment and beautiful landscapes, Hunter Valley is the best place in Australia to enjoy the activity of a Hot Air Balloon. Flying over this beautiful valley will surely leave you speechless as you witness the mesmerizing nature all around you and an eye-catching sunset view with a glass of wine with your dear ones as you fly over the original place of Australian Wines.

  1. Australian Cuisine and Wines

Traveling to Australia and not trying its cuisines and wine is impossible. Australia is known for its wine industry; trust me, Australian wines produce the best in the world. You can try different varieties of wines like Woodfired Grenache, Noble One, De Bortoli Organic, etc.

Regarding food, Australia has thousands of options to eat and experiment with. You can try different dishes such as Vegemite, Fairy Bread, Tim Tam, Meat Pies, Chicken Parmigiana, etc. If you want to try something with an Australian touch, just book a fancy restaurant and order a country dish with any of the best wines and enjoy the taste of Australia.

  1. Southern Lights

If you plan to visit Tasmania state of Australia, this is something amazing as it will bring you the breathtaking experience of witnessing the Aurora. Similar to the Northern Lights experience of Aurora, Australia has its Southern Lights. This beauty of space in the form of dancing colorful lights, including colors like pink, blue, and green, is a must-have experience for anyone visiting Australia who wants to preserve an astounding memory.

  1. Penguins

The National Animal of Australia is Kangaroo, but besides this, Australia is also famous for Penguins. This country also preserves the adorable Penguins found on Phillip Island. If you are an animal lover, get ready as you can enjoy the parade walk of penguins every night and give your day a pleasant end. It is also interesting to know that Phillip Island is the largest island in the world that serves this cute scenery, which lasts for around 40 to 45 minutes.

Must have Experiences While Visiting Australia

  1. Australia Sea Experience

If you are a crazy water lover looking for some vitamin sea, Australia is perfect for you. If you love exploring underwater life and are willing to go into the depths of the underwater world, then the Great Barrier, which is around 2300 KM vast, will be the best part of your visit to Australia. This underwater life experience will allow you to witness the most beautiful world of sea and majestic aquatic animals, fishes, and fauna that you might have never seen or even imagined before.

  1. Dolphin Watching

Speaking of aquatic life, Australia has another phenomenal experience you can look forward to, i.e., Dolphin Watching. Dolphins are the adorable and cutest aquatic animals that always surprise their audience with their unique talents and energetic personalities. If you are going with your kids, definitely go to watch a Dolphin playing, jumping, and entertaining you with cuteness. To witness this beautiful site, you will have to visit Jervis Bay in New South Wales, and there, you will get to enjoy the astonishing view on a dolphin-watching cruise. For memories, take loving and super amazing pictures with Dolphins.

  1. Skiing

To add thrill to your trip, you can go skiing as it will blow your mind and give you an unforgettable experience you will cherish forever. Many people wonder if it snows in Australia, and the answer is yes. Not all parts of Australia share the snowy experience, but the regions with snow are paradise. Also, skiing on white mountains will give you a mixed feeling of excitement, fear, and joy, which you will never forget. So, with all the precautions and safety measures, just add this to your bucket list for your Australia visit, as this will add more fun to it.

Before going on a trip, planning what you want to do and what not is important. And if you are going to Australia, there are multiple things to decide from. So, without wasting time, start making your bucket list for this trip with the above-mentioned must-have experience visiting Australia.

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