10 Super Easy Nail Designs with Lines You Can Try at Home

Line nail art is an easy way to upgrade your at-home manicure. It’s an underrated, yet super chic nail design that, if done right, can turn heads! All you need is some striping tape, an assortment of nail polish colors, nail art tools (or alternatives found inside your home), and a good quality glossy or matte topcoat.

From simple stripes down the middle of your fingernails to the bohemian tie-dye designs that scream peak ’70s to the more complex abstract line designs, here are some of the best nail designs with lines that you can achieve right at home!

10 Easy Nail Designs with Lines

#1. Silver Lines on Neutral Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Neutral and muted colors like pale gray, beige, and pastel pink are in this season.

Such muted colors also offer the perfect canvas for adding minimalist silver striping tape on the borders of your nails or even just a couple of horizontal lines in the middle.

This nail art will work beautifully with every outfit, and it’s almost too easy to do! Once you master it, we are sure you will be working on this nail art multiple times a year.

#2. Colorful Line Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Using different colored stripping tape to make fun line patterns is an easy way to bring out your fun side. It’s understated enough and adds just the right pop of color whether you are going to a wedding or even a work event. Try a pale tan shade as the top coat and add some fun color-blocking stripes like yellow and violet or go bold with orange and hot pink!

#3. Metallic Dots Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Here is a nail art appropriate for all seasons and occasions but even more so when ringing in the New Year!

Use metallic nail polish or dot nail decals to add metallic dots under a clear topcoat. You can try and get the dots to form linear patterns for a cleaner look.

For even tinier and more condensed dots, take a sponge with glitter and press it on your nails with a partially dried basecoat. White and black basecoats would look bomb with gold metallic dots!

#4. Pride Stripes Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Celebrate June Pride month with pride stripes nails! Rep the blue, pink, and white of the transgender flag, wear the shades of pink, oranges, and reds of the lesbian flag, or show that you are an ally with the progress pride flag manicured on your nails! Love is love! And this nail art idea shows just that!

#5. Graphics With Negative Space Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Negative space nail design will never go out of fashion. This design where not every inch of nail space is covered and polished makes for a sleek and sophisticated manicure look.

You can try art deco nails, abstract styles, or even the classic color block style. If you are inclined to the edgier manicure art, then the negative space design will give you those futuristic-looking nails.

#6. Floral Crystals Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Channel your cottagecore esthetic with shiny floral crystal nail designs.

It is the cutest thing ever and practically a Swarovski garden on your nails. Get some mini rhinestones online or from your local art shop and use a pair of tweezers to create mini flowers over a basecoat color of your choosing.

Transparent polish is a great choice to make this manicure blingy but still understated.

#7. Gold and Natural Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

If minimalism and understated elegance are what you are after, this natural nail color with gold detailing is the perfect manicure style for you.

Although it sounds simple, there are a variety of design options to choose from, especially with a nude color as your canvas.

Try a French manicure with the tip painted gold instead of white, or add gold strips to make a negative space grid (which would be adorable for a math major!)

#8. Faces Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Painting faces can seem a little intimidating, but they can easily be done using ultra-thin paintbrushes to create these tiny strokes of art.

Whether you want to try some abstract faces, play it safe with some cute smiley faces, or even just use nail stickers of faces, your options are boundless! Use your creativity and get your nails smiling!

#9. Line Art Nail Design

Image source: Pinterest

Another abstract line art nail design for your next manicure is the continuous line art, a notch up from beginner nail art.

Use black nail polish to make your design really pop on your nails.

You can draw faces, abstract hearts, and even flowers. Color the outline with a bright nail polish color of your choosing to take your line art to the next level.

#10. Tie-Dye Nail Design


Image source: Pinterest

Whether you have a bohemian soul or just want to channel a retro vibe, the tie-dye nail art is for you! It’s super easy to create and works with any color combination at all — the crazier and wackier the better!

The result will be a gorgeous swirl of colors that would make anyone think that a professional made it!

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