Names That Mean Alone: 36 Ideas for Boys and Girls

names that mean alone

Baby names are usually supposed to have positive meanings like love, joy, and happiness. So a name that means alone can raise a few eyebrows. However, don’t be fooled. While solitude gets a bad rap as the worst feeling in the world, it’s actually a necessary part of gaining independence and learning to appreciate others.

So, if you’re a soon-to-be parent looking to give your little one a unique name, stick around. With this list of names that mean alone, your child will surely grow up to become an independent thinker who finds strength in their solitude.

Names That Mean Alone

Solitude is defined as a state of being alone without needing the company of others. In short, it’s a positive experience that leads to a higher state of self-awareness. So it’s no surprise that solitude inspired so many beautiful names. Whether you’re looking for a male, female, or unisex name, there is no shortage of options that perfectly reflect the strength your little one can find in themselves.

1. Boy Names That Mean Alone

Boy Names

Do you want your son to grow up to be an independent, self-reliant leader? In that case, consider a unisex name to give your bundle of joy, to solidify their future success. If you still want to explore more options, you can head to this page to see some other names that mean alone.

• Aeilaeifr — A name fit for any fan of Norse mythology, Aeilaeifr is Old Norse for lone descendant.
• Ainsley — This name doesn’t just refer to a town in England. It also means lone woodland.
• Al–Farid — Any parent that wants their little boy to be a trailblazer should consider this Arabic name. It means lone torch-bearer.
• Bakar — Bakar is derived from the Basque word bakarrik, which means alone.
• Chardy — This Hindi name doesn’t just mean alone. It actually means a burning fire that desires love and yet is always alone.
• Eru — Fans of JRR Tolkien will adore the name Eru. In Middle Earth, Eru is the supreme creator god whose name means he that is alone.
• Einherjar — If you want your boy to be as strong as the slain warriors of Valhalla, Einherjar is the name for you. It means alone in Old Norse.
• Iiarik — With Greenlandic origins, this name means alone ruler.
• Kissimi — A unique name originating from the Inuit culture. Kissimi means alone.
• Naamjeevan — An Indian name perfect for lone wolves, Naamjeevan means one whose life is lived alone.
• Rento – A remarkable Japanese name for those who don’t need others to feel happy, Rento means solitary person.
• Samoslaw — A Polish name, Samoslaw means lone glory.
• Tanho — In Uzbek, Tanho is a boy name meaning solitary, lone.
• Wehid — Any parent that wants to show off how special their little boy is should name him Wehid. Derived from the Quran, it means one who is alone or peerless.

2. Girl Names That Mean Alone

Girl Names

If you’re expecting a baby girl, these names will help her grow into a confident woman who doesn’t need validation from others!

• Aline — A striking Dutch name worthy of any independent woman, Aline means alone.
• Almana — If you’re spiritual, this Hebrew name will perfectly suit your little girl. It translates to alone, lonely, and widow.
• Bakarne — The feminine form of the name Bakar, Bakara also means alone in Basque.
• Chardee – This beautiful Hindi name has a rather sad meaning of always alone.
• Enola — this name is quite literally alone spelled backward. It’s stunningly simple while also being unique!
• Eindis — A name fit for any shield-maiden, Eindis hails from Iceland, and it means alone or one.
• Farda — This Uzbek name means lone, solitary.
• Isel — A name worthy of your special little girl, Isel means alone, unique, or only in the Nahuatl language.
• Khalwat — A popular Muslim name, Khalwat means solitude.
• Lorna — If you’re a fan of old Celtic mythology, this name is a perfect choice. It means alone or solitude.
• Marisol — Another delightful Latin name, Soledad combines solitude with spirituality with a name that translates to Mary of Solitude.
• Solavita — A name meaning life alone is exactly what any connoisseur of Italian culture will want for their baby girl.
• Soledad — Any fan of Spanish soap operas knows this name means solitude.
• Solita — The diminutive of Soledad, this name also means solitude.

3. Unisex Names That Mean Alone


Maybe you aren’t a fan of gendered names. In that case, consider a unisex name to give your bundle of joy, to solidify their future success.

• Bedad — Do you want a biblically inspired name for your little one? In that case, you can’t go wrong with Bedad. Hebrew for alone or solitary, Bedad appears in the Bible as a parent to Hadad, the king of the city of Avith.
• Dominic — Though Dominic is thought of as a boy’s name, it’s actually unisex. Its Roman Catholic in origin and means belonging to God alone.
• Enkoodabooaoo — This Native American name may be a tongue twister, but it has a powerful meaning of one who lives alone.
• Ekaanta — In Spanish, encanta means to adore something. But in Hindi, this Indian name means loneliness or solitude.
• Hitori — A powerful Japanese name, Hitori means alone.
• Honja — In Korean, Honja means alone, perfect for any strong person who enjoys quiet moments of self-reflection.
• Tanamra — This Native American name translates to lonely wind.
• Weimin – This name is perfect for any future scientist or explorer. It’s Chinese in origin, and means an innovator who works best alone.

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