Inspired by Nature: 47 Names That Mean Earth

names that mean earth

Coming up with a suitable baby name is difficult. You want it to be unique, while also denoting characteristics you value like warmth and stability. Additionally, you may also want the name to reflect your passions. If you are a big nature-lover, you should consider names that mean earth.

Out of all the options you can choose from, nature-inspired names are the best way to share your love of Mother Earth with your little one. So if you’re a parent struggling to come up with a powerful name for your bundle of joy, look no further than this inspiring list of names that mean earth.

Names That Mean Earth

Since nature has always been an intrinsic part of human life, it’s not surprising that names that mean earth are some of the oldest in the world. They consistently relate to an admired quality or a powerful religious or cultural symbol.

But most importantly, they’re very diverse! Whether you’re looking for a male, female or unisex name, there is no shortage of names that mean earth to give to your kiddo.

1. Boy Names That Mean Earth


If you want your son to grow as tall as a mountain, then consider giving him an earth-inspired name! Powerful and stable, this list of boy names that mean earth reflect the kind of caring man any parent could wish for.

• Acker— Acker may sound like a classic 21st-century millennial name, but it’s actually much older. Originating in Germany as a surname, Acker means field or earth.
• Adam — No list of boy names that mean earth would be complete without the first man. Adam is a play on the Hebrew word for earth and remains one of the all-time classic boy names.
• Ajax — If you love Homer’s Illiad, then naming your boy after this Greek hero is a no-brainer. As a bonus, the name is also Old Greek for earth!
• Ardi — A breathtaking Javanese name, Ardi means soil, mountain, or earth.
• Arlo — Derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for fortified hill, Arlo is also a prominent location in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.
• Canyon — The word ‘canyon’ may make you think of the Grand Canyon. However, the word canyon is actually Spanish in origin, meaning footpath or ravine. It also makes for a beautiful name for your little boy.
• Clay — This name is of either English or Greek origin and means someone who works with clay or earth.
• Dagda — A name with prominent mythological ties, Dagda was the god of earth, knowledge, and magic in Irish mythology.
• Daichi — This Japanese name means great earth.
• Dustin — Dustin makes you think of the word dusty, which is obviously earth-themed. However, it came from the Old Norse name Thorsten, meaning Thor’s stone.
• Enki — Another mythological name, Enki is a Sumerian hero whose name means earth lord.
• Everest — Can you think of a more earthy name than one that references the highest mountain in the world?
• Goran — A remarkable Serbo-Croatian name, Goran is derived from the word gora, which means mountain.
• Halle — Derived from the Old Norse word hallr, this name loosely translates to rock.
• Heled — Another stunning biblical name. Heled was one of David’s warrior sons whose name means being of the earth.
• Pierce — This name was derived from Peter, and it means rock.
• Reistr — More mythology, except this one is Scandinavian in origin. Reistr is another name for Jormungander, the world serpent from Norse myth, whose name means of the earth.
• Ridge — A strong English name, Ridge refers to an elevated mountain crest.
• Silvanus — This name refers to the Latin god of forests and uncultivated lands.
• Tir — This simple name is actually the Gaelic word for earth.
• Tlaloc — This name comes from the Aztec rain deity, and it means of the earth. While it definitely has a rich mythological history image, it is quite the mouthful to pronounce.

2. Girl Names That Mean Earth


Mother Earth is a quintessentially feminine force. She is a fierce and powerful giver of life—everything parents hope their little girl will be. Therefore, if you want your special girl to grow up to have a wonderful life, consider blessing her with one of these girl names that mean earth.

• Acthonian — This unique name is Greek in origin, and it references a minor earth goddess.
• Aitana — Hailing from Spain, Aitana is the name of a famous mountain range in Valencia.
• Avani — If you want a unique spin on the names Ava or Avery, consider this Sanskrit name that means earth.
• Bhumi — Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will immediately recognize this name. However, you may be surprised to learn that it’s actually the name of a female Hindi earth goddess.
• Danu — Danu is another earth goddess, except she hails from Gaelic and Celtic mythology.
• Demeter — Anyone even remotely into Greek mythology knows of Demeter. She is not only the mother of Persephone but also a mother earth goddess.
• Delkii — A beautiful Mongolian name, Delkii means earth.
• Dunia — Do you want a unique and earthy name for your little girl? Then look no further than Dunia. In Arabic, the name translates to world and earth.
• Ersa — More Greek mythology girl names. Ersa was the goddess of plant-nourishing dew and the daughter of Zeus and Selene.
• Gaia — When you think of earthy names, you instantly think of Gaia! In Greek mythology, she was the mother goddess of the earth. In astronomy, Planet Earth is also known as Gaia.
• Ila — A simple yet lovely name, Ila means earth in Sanskrit.
• Kaya — A Turskish name, Kaya means rock.
• Lur — This name is a reference to the Basque goddess of earth and the mother of the sun and the moon.
• Meadow —This modern English name may not directly translate to earth, but it definitely evokes nature!
• Montserrat — A stunning name straight out of Spain. Montserrat is the name of a mountain range near Barcelona. It’s also a site of a famous 10th-century monastery.
• Nokomis — Originating in Native American Algonquin and Ojibwe tribes, Nokomis was a love goddess who grew so big she became Grandmother Earth.
• Papa — This name may be simple, but it is indeed powerful and mighty. Polynesian in origin, Papa was the name of the chief earth goddess in the Maori religion.
• Sienna — Inspired by the city of Sienna in Italy, this name refers to the red clay bricks that make up the city walls. Not exactly earth, but certainly earth-related.
• Terra — One of the most quintessential earthy girl names, Terra is Latin for earth.
• Tierra — A variation of Terra, Tierra means earth in Spanish.
• Tellus — Tellus was the goddess of earth and the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Gaia. Her name is actually Latin for earth or globe.

3. Unisex Names That Mean Earth


Mother nature may be traditionally viewed as feminine, but at the end of the day, it’s a universal force that gives life to all. So if you want to honor your little one with a name that transcends gender, here are a few unique unisex names that mean earth you will adore.

• Brier — With origins in France, this beautiful unisex name means nature. It’s not exactly earth, but it’s definitely earth-inspired!
• Bryn — This delightful unisex name is of Welsh origin and means hill.
• Eben — A beautiful Hebrew name, Eben means stone.
• Juniper — When you see this name, you immediately think of the juniper flower. However, it’s Latin in origin, and it means evergreen. So it’s earthy and beautiful all in one!
• Harlow — An Old English classic, Harlow is a combination of the words meaning hill and rock.
• Miran — If you want a name with multiple meanings, then Miran is ideal for you. Hailing from Slovenia, Miran means peace, world, and earth. A real triple threat!
• Sol — In Spanish and Portuguese, Sol means sun. But in French, Sol means soil. So if you name your little one Sol, you’ll be blessing them with strength from the earth and a sunny disposition.
• Vale — Alluding to a wide river valley, Vale is quite an uncommon name suitable for all genders.
• Yuri — A robust Russian name, Yuri means Earth worker.

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