From Mystical to Cute: 34 Names That Mean Magic

names that mean magic

The trials of pregnancy may not always be easy, but the end result is definitely something magical. So, as a soon-to-be parent, why not commemorate this wonderful experience with some enchanting baby names?

Names with magical meanings are the best way to bring spiritual blessings into your little one’s life while also showing just how special they are. So if you’re currently wracking your brain for some unique baby names, look no further than this list of names that mean magic to add some wonder to your parenthood.

Names That Mean Magic

While names that mean love, joy, and beauty are always winners, they’re often very simple. On the other hand, names that mean magic are much more intricate, boasting rich cultural and religious histories. So whether you’re looking for a male, female or gender-neutral name, you’re bound to find something that’s going to perfectly reflect the magical beauty of your little one.

1. Girl Names That Mean Magic


Every parent thinks their little princess is magical. Therefore, it’s totally fitting for you to give your baby girl a name that’s as otherworldly as she is. Whether you’re looking for a name that references astrological signs or powerful goddesses, here are the best names that mean magic for your little princess.

• Alburn — Opening this list is an enchanting Germanic name that means magical elf.
• Althea — This stunning name from Greek mythology means healing power. It’s a fairly unique and uncommon name, so it’s bound to suit your baby girl.
• Bormey — A unique Khmer name that translates to having magical power.
• Calypso — If you’ve read the Odyssey, then you’re familiar with the name Calypso. This powerful nymph used her magical voice to enchant Odysseus into staying on her island for 7 years!
• Circe — Another powerful sorcerer from the Odyssey, Circe cast a spell on Odysseus’ crew, turning them into pigs! The name itself oozes power and means bird in ancient Greek.
• Dahud — Shifting over to Celtic mythology with this name, Dahud means good magic in old Breton. It also refers to a princess of a sunken city called Ys.
• Elysia — The name itself means blissful fields, but the true beauty of Elysia is that it also refers to the Elysian Fields, the final resting place of noble Greek heroes.
• Gondul — This ancient Scandinavian name means magic. It’s also the name of a famous Valkyrie in Norse mythology.
• Guinevere — Everyone knows Guinevere as King Arthur’s beloved wife. But her name actually means phantom or blessed, magical being.
• Hecate — If you’re remotely into the occult, then you know of Hecate. In Greek mythology, she was a goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, tombs, and the underworld.
• Hildirun — This mystical name combines two Germanic words hild and runna, which translate to magic and battle. It’s the perfect name for any warrior princess!
• Kimaya — Hailing from India, Kimaya is a Marathi name that means magic or sleight of hand.
• Moira — This name may be a bit outdated, but it certainly has a wonderful meaning. It’s the anglicized version of the Irish name Máire which means fate or destiny, two very magical themes.
• Taika — Shifting over to Finland with this name, Taika means magic or spell.
• Zinta — This name is simple yet incredibly beautiful, deriving from the Latvian word for magic or charm.

2. Boy Names That Mean Magic


Having a baby boy means you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime. Consequently, your son should have a name that reflects his power to fill your days with awe and wonder. Here are the best names that mean magic for your special boy.

• Ambrose — In Latin, the name Ambrose means immortal. However, you may recognize it as the name of a warlock from the show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
• Apollo — What could be more magical than naming your boy after the Greek god of prophecy, art, music, and medicine?
• Arthur — An all-time classic, the meaning of the name Arthur is unknown. However, it’s still magical because you instantly connect it to the Legend of King Arthur.
• Cyfrin — A tongue twister of a name, Cyfrin is Welsh for mystic.
• Draco — The name Draco may make you think of Harry Potter, but it can be used in real life as well. It means dragon in Greek, and it’s also the name of a constellation in the northern sky.
• Elendil — Another breathtaking name inspired by Tolkien, it means elf friend or student of the stars in Quenya, an elven dialect.
• Fionn — In Irish mythology, Fionn was a boy who ate a magical salmon and became the wisest man in the world. The name itself means white.
• Galdur — A powerful name hailing from Iceland, Galdur means magic.
• Gandalf — Lord of the Rings fans know this name all too well. However, you may be surprised to know that Tolkien was inspired by the real-life Ancient Germanic name meaning magic wolf.
• Gwydion — In Welsh mythology, Gwydion was a powerful magician. His name also means of the trees.
• Hermes — Hermes may be the Greek god of speed and good luck, but he is also frequently associated with magic.
• Magus — Every Dungeons and Dragons player is familiar with the concept of a magus. However, what you might not know is that it’s a Latin name that translates to sorcerer.
• Oberon — Is Shakespeare your jam? Then you’re definitely familiar with Oberon, the Fae king from the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The name is derived from a Germanic word meaning noble.
• Ramil — This breathtaking name comes from the Arabic word that means magical.
• Seksan — If you want a name that is both harmonious and enchanting, then look no further than Seksan, a Thai name that translates to peaceful and magical.

3. Unisex Names That Mean Magic


If you don’t want a specifically gendered name for your little one, then you’re in luck. There is no shortage of magical names you can choose that can suit both extraordinary boys and exceptional girls.

• Asa — A name fit for a happy smiling baby, Asa is Hebrew for someone who is born in the morning sun, or magic healer.
• Easton — This Anglo-Saxon unisex name has a double meaning. It can refer to an east-facing town, but could also mean magical power.
• Faye — Faye may sound like a girl’s name, but it’s actually gender-neutral. In Middle English, Faye meant fairy. However, the name originally came from Old French where it stood for Elf.
• Ichtaka — this name may be a mouthful, but this is because it’s Aztec in origin. It loosely translates to magical secret.
• Kessem — Another enchanting Hebrew name, Kessem means magic.
• Leigh — this simple yet stunning English name means healer, meadow, or delicate.

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