Evoking Nature: 80 Best Plant Names for Girls

plant names for girls

Cultivating plants is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have. You’re putting in love and labor to grow a new life from scratch.

In many ways, having a baby girl is very similar. Both represent the miracle of life. Therefore, what better way to show your appreciation for your gift from Mother Nature than with some plant names for girls? You’ll not only be giving her a beautiful name but also showing your hope for her to grow into a strong woman!

A Comprehensive List of the Best Plant Names for Girls

Coming up with a good name for your precious girl can be a challenge. You want it to be as beautiful as she is. However, it should also reflect something dear to your heart. In that case, you can opt for plant names.

There is nothing more appropriate than naming your daughter after a flower. Flowers are cultural symbols of beauty and delicate femininity. While some of them are pretty common, there is no shortage of unusual flora out there to make your little one stand out.

So, if you have a green thumb that you want to pass on to the next generation, strap in. Here is a comprehensive list of the best plant names for girls to give your little flower.

1. Names That Start With A


Ainsley — Opening up this list is a name with a pretty rich history. Ainsley is a name that’s actually a combination of the Old English word anne, which means solitary, and leah, which is Scottish for woodland clearing.

Alyssum — Alyssum sounds like one of those made-up names Millennial parents give their kids cause they want to be different. However, plant lovers know it has real-world roots! The sweet alyssum is a type of ground cover plant that is famous for its gorgeous flowers. Grouped in small clusters, the blooms can be white, pink, purple, or yellow, depending on the species.

Amaranth — Thanks to the recent healthy food craze, amaranth is popular right now! This supergrain is up there with buckwheat and quinoa in terms of health benefits. Apart from grain-producing amaranths, there are also amaranths you can grow as ornamental plants or leaf vegetables. They’re known for their stunning flowers that range in color, from reds and purples to golds and greens.

Ameretat — The name Ameretat doesn’t exactly refer to a real-life flower. However, it’s still nature-inspired! In Zoroastrianism, Ameretat is a divine being that personified immortality. Together with her sister Haurvatāt she presides over water and nature.

Ash — When most people hear the word ash, they probably think of the charred remains of a fire. When plant-enthusiast hear it, they immediately think of the ash tree! This deciduous tree is one of the most economically important for wood production in North America. As a bonus, it also has a pretty cool meaning. Ash comes from the Old English æsc, which means spear.

Aspen — The name Aspen gets a bad rap. Nowadays, it’s mostly associated with snobby, rich people, and expensive ski resorts. But aspens are a real species of deciduous trees that are native to colder regions. They have a strong root structure, and an incredible ability to regenerate vegetatively. Therefore, they provide the perfect name for a resilient little girl.

Aster — Aster is a double threat. First, it has a pretty magical meaning. It comes from the Greek word for star. Second, it’s actually a real-life flower native to Europe and Asia.

Azalea — Another flower with a Greek name, Azalea comes from the word which means dry. The plant is native to Asia, Europe, and North America, and is famous for its vibrant pink and purple blossoms.

2. Names That Start With B

Balsam — Balsam is a very underrated flower. The colorful cup-shaped buds look striking, but they don’t need much effort to grow. Not only that, but the name itself has a pretty complex meaning. It’s a combination of several words.

The first one is the Latin balsamum, which evokes the gummy resin the balsam plant produces. Afterward, there’s the Aramaic busma, the Arabic basham, and the Hebrew basam, which all mean spice or perfume.

Belle — Coming from the French word meaning beautiful, the name Belle seemingly has nothing to do with nature. But observant anthophiles know this name can also allude to the bellflower. This perennial bloom has delicate bell-shaped buds that come in a multitude of colors.

3. Names That Start With C

Calendula — Calendula has quite an elegant ring to it. This isn’t surprising, since it’s short for Calendula officinalis, the scientific name for the beautiful marigold flower.

Calla — Everybody knows about lilies. However, few people actually know that it isn’t just a flower, but a flower family consisting of several different members. One of them is the calla lily. This type of lily got its name from the Greek word kallos meaning beauty.

Camellia — A gorgeous name that strongly resembles Camille or Camilla. But while Camilla means beauty in Arabic, Camellia is a type of flower native to South Asia.

Cerise — If you think Cerise sounds sophisticated, there’s a good reason for that. The name comes from a French word that means cherry.

Chloe — Coming from the Greek word that means green shoot, the name Chloe is associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest.

Cicely — No, this name isn’t a misspelling of Cecilia. Cicely comes from the Latin word caecilius, which means blind. It’s also an allusion to the Sweet Cicely, a plant with fern-like leaves.

Clementine — There is nothing sweeter than naming your little girl after a piece of fruit. As a bonus, the word itself is the feminine version of the Latin name Clemens, meaning merciful and gentle.

Clove — Next to cinnamon, cloves are the quintessential autumn spice. They impart a spicy sweetness when you add them to hot drinks and desserts. In short, it’s exactly the name you want for an autumn or winter baby.

Clover — When you think of symbols of good luck, you think of the four-leaf clover. However, in the wild, it’s much more common to find a three-leaf or five-leaf clover. Nevertheless, naming your baby girl after a plant that is synonymous with prosperity is not a bad choice!

4. Names That Start With D


Dahlia — Dahlia flowers radiate strong feminine energy. In flower language, they symbolize inner strength, creativity, and dignity. So if you hope your girl grows up to be an independent artist, why not name her Dahlia?

Daisy — Daisies symbolize everything sweet, demure, and delicate. Therefore, they’re one of the most fitting plant names for girls. Coming from the Old English word dægeseage, which meant eye of the day, Daisy became a popular girl’s name in the 19th century.

Daphne — Daphne is one of those names that just oozes elegance. On the mythological side of things, Daphne was a Greek nymph associated with fresh bodies of water. It’s also the name of a genus of well-behaved shrubs with fragrant flowers.

Date — No, this name isn’t supposed to stand for a romantic meet-cute. It’s actually a reference to the delicious palm tree fruit. In recent years this tropical superfood has become incredibly popular for two simple reasons.

For one, dates are a super nutritious sugar alternative loaded with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Second, they’re tasty! The fruit is a delicious treat, with an amazing chewy texture and a subtle caramel flavor — perfect if you have a sweet tooth but want to stay healthy!

5. Names That Start With E

Elma — Whether it’s Elma, or its male equivalents Elmo, or Elmer, the names come from the same source — the elm tree! This deciduous tree is known for its impressive height and stunning foliage. So, it provides the ideal name if you want your princess to grow tall and beautiful!

Elowen — The name Elowen makes you think of J.R.R. Tolkien’s inspiring character, the shield maiden Éowyn. This isn’t a coincidence since the author was inspired by real-life Celtic names when writing his novels. Elowen, in particular, is a Cornish name that means elm tree.

Eugenia — The name Eugenia is fairly old-fashioned. However, you can’t deny it has charm! Plus, it also alludes to the flowering plant in the myrtle family with starburst-shaped flowers and delicious berries. In summary, the eugenia bush is beauty and taste all in one!

6. Names That Start With F

Fern — Ferns are one of those low-key plants many people overlook. However, they’re a pretty neat ornamental plant you can use to brighten your apartment. The name itself is exactly what you need if you want something that’s easy to pronounce but very unique.

Fleur — Even if you don’t speak French, you likely know that Fleur is French for flower. Plus, it’s also the name of a pretty popular Harry Potter character. So, if you’re a fan of gardening and J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, this name is for you!

Forsythia — Forsythia is a pretty magical name for a pretty magical shrub. This beautiful plant got its name from the British botanist William Forsyth who discovered it. It’s most famous for its bright yellow flowers, and for symbolizing love and new beginnings in flower language.

7. Names That Start With G

Ginger — A name with warm, spicy undertones, Ginger is perfect for babies born during autumn and winter. The root itself is a staple of Asian cooking, and a powerful herbal medicine used for treating nausea, high blood pressure, and menstrual cramps. What’s more, if you want to be really creative, it can also be a diminutive of Virginia.

Gladys — Overall, Gladys doesn’t have an obvious connection to nature. The name comes from a Welsh word meaning princess. However, careful observers will note that it resembles the gladiolus flower, a beautiful tube-shaped bud that blooms in the summer.

8. Names That Start With H


Hazel — If your little girl was born with beautiful light brown eyes, then Hazel is the name for her. Taken from the English word hasel, hazel refers to the hazel tree and the hazelnuts that grow on it. In short, it’s a warm and deliciously nutty name to suit any brown-eyed girl!

Heather — Very few people know that Heather isn’t just a given name. It also denotes a variety of small shrubs that commonly grow in rocky areas.

Holly — Holly is the ideal name for any girl born around Christmas time. The name comes from the Old English word holen, which hints at the holly tree, everyone’s favorite Christmas decorations.

9. Names That Start With I

Ilana — If you want to honor your Jewish heritage, consider this as one of the best plant names for girls. Ilana is Hebrew for old tree, and is traditionally given to girls born on a Jewish holiday known as ‘The New Year of the Trees’.

Indigo — Indigo may be the name of a purple-blue color, but it’s also a type of plant. The Indigofera is native to the tropics and is a staple of traditional South Asian medicine.

Iris — The iris isn’t just one of the most visually stunning flowers Mother Nature has to offer. It also has a rich origin! In ancient Greek myth, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow who served as a messenger to the gods.

Ivy — When someone says ivy, many people immediately jump to poison ivy, the three-pronged leaves that cause a nasty allergic rash. But not all types of ivy are poisonous. In fact, the common ivy vine is completely harmless and frequently grows on houses, walls, and trees.

10. Names That Start With J

Jasmine — Fans of Disney’s Alladin will absolutely adore this plant name for girls. Stemming from the Persian word yasamin, Jasmine means gift from god. It’s also the name of the fragrant climbing flowers often used in perfume making.

Jessamine — If Jasmine isn’t unique enough for you, then why not for Jessamine? It’s a modern twist on a classic name that also relates to the beautiful flower.

Juniper — This plant name for girls is for everyone who appreciates quality liquor. The juniper tree is most famous for its plump berries, which act as the main ingredient in numerous sauces, marinades, and stuffing. However, they’re mainly used in the production of gin to provide the hard spirits with the characteristic flavor.

11. Names That Start With K

Koru — A plant name for girls of the more unique variety, koru is a Maori word that means loop. It’s used to describe the shape of the silver fern frond when it starts to bloom. The koru is very significant in Maori culture, as it represents new life and rebirth.

12. Names That Start With L


Laurel — Ever wonder why the poet laureate gets this title? It’s because of the laurel tree! The name Laurel comes from the Latin word laurus, which evokes the sweet bay tree. In ancient Greece, laurel leaves symbolized victory in sporting events. Today, laurel trees are practically synonymous with achievements, be it in arts, medicine, or sports.

Lavender — Lavender is possibly the most famous aromatic. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also has many health properties! Users report that it can improve sleep, clear your skin, help manage asthma symptoms, and more. Plus, it just sounds pleasing to the ears.

Lily — You can’t make a list of plant names for girls without mentioning lillies. This delicate flower is a symbol of purity and devotion and is almost synonymous with girlhood.

13. Names That Start With M

Madara — In English, this unique plant is called bedstraw. However, the Latvian name for bedstraw, Madara, definitely sounds much prettier!

Magnolia — In the flower language, magnolias are synonymous with feminine sweetness, innocence, and beauty. However, they also represent power and pride — that’s quite a combo for your little warrior princess!

Maple — If you’re Canadian, then this plant name for girls will touch your heart. The maple leaf is Canada’s symbol of power and endurance, while maple syrup is the country’s most iconic export!

Marigold — Marigolds are a staple in herbal medicine. Proponents of herbal medicine frequently use it to treat skin conditions like varicose veins, allergies, rashes, and bruises. Plus, they also have one of the most vibrant buds ever, especially if your favorite color is yellow!

Meadow — The word meadow comes from the Old English mædwe, which means a mown field. The name itself brings up images of open grasslands teeming with wildflowers. What’s not to love?

Moss — Technically, this name is the medieval version of the biblical name Moses. However, since it’s also connected to the deep green plant that grows in small patches in shady areas, it deserves a spot on this list.

14. Names That Start With N

Narcissa — No list of plant names for girls is complete without narcissuses. Also known as the daffodil, this flower is famous for its unique yellow buds, and its iconic origin story. In Greek myth, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and stared so long at it that he turned into a flower.

To be frank, the flower has some negative connotations since it is frequently associated with narcissism. However, a little self-love never hurts anyone, especially if it gives your girl a confidence boost!

Nerine — This flower is a South African cousin of the spider lily. Both varieties have delicate trumpet-shaped flowers and are famous for their beauty and fragrant scent.

15. Names That Start With O

Oak — Oak may be more of a boy’s name. However, it’s actually appropriate for girls too. It’s short, sweet, and simple. Additionally, it pays homage to one of the most important types of deciduous trees in the world.

Olive — Derived from the Latin oliva, Olive indicates two things — the tree and the delicious fruits it bears. What’s more, the name is symbolically important since olive branches represent peace.

Orchid — If you look up lists of the most beautiful flowers in the world, orchids are usually near the top. These breathtaking plants are famous for their divine fragrance and fan-shaped buds. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, from white to blue, pink, and purple.

16. Names That Start With P

Pepper — Naming your daughter after a spice may seem silly. But think about it. It’s short, punchy, and makes you think of spicy food! It’s the perfect name for a spunky little girl.

Poppy — Poppy flowers are known for two things — their vibrant red petals and delicious seeds. These babies pair wonderfully with yogurt sauces and tangy lemon cakes. Plus, they’re nutritious too!

Petunia — If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you likely hated this character with a passion. However, real-life petunia flowers aren’t nearly as unlikeable. They have multicolored funnel-shaped buds and a delicate sweet aroma. In flower language, they also represent a desire to spend time with a loved one.

17. Names That Start With R


Reed — Though Reed is more commonly given to boys, it’s actually gender-neutral. The word comes from the Old English word that means red-haired. But the most obvious connection is to the common reed plant, a species of aquatic grass.

Rose — It’s impossible to compile a list of plant names for girls without mentioning the queen of flowers. It’s hard to pinpoint where the name came from exactly, but the most popular theory states that it has German origins.

The Normans introduced the name Roese to England after the conquest. Because it was so similar to the Latin word rosa, the name quickly morphed into Rose. Granted, it’s definitely not the most inspiring name for your little girl. However, if classics are your thing, then this name is for you!

Rowan — A delightful unisex name, Rowan is deeply steeped in Irish culture. It comes from the word Ruadh, which means red. However, it also points to the rowan tree.

Rue — Both plant-enthusiast and Hunger Games fans will recognize this name. Rue is a medicinal herb that helps alleviate period pains, anxiety, headaches, and much more. It’s also the name of Suzanne Collin’s tragic character from the first book.

18. Names That Start With S

Saffron — In Persian, the word saffron means gold leaves. It’s quite an apt name because the spice is worth more than gold! Can you think of a better name to give your most precious treasure?

Sage — Sage can mean many things. An adjective for a wise person, a delicious spice, a medicinal plant, and a beautiful name for your baby girl!

Sakura — One of the most iconic Japanese plant names for girls, Sakura means cherry flower.

Sequoia —The sequoia tree is special for so many reasons. For one, it’s the tallest tree species in the world, capable of reaching heights of up to 279 feet! Second, it had deep spiritual significance for Native Americans. Along with other species of redwoods, the Sequoia represents longevity and permanence.

Sorrel — The name Sorrel sounds delightful, but the plant it’s derived from isn’t. Many describe this spinach-like vegetable as having a very sour taste.

19. Names That Start With T

Terra — You’re likely familiar with the name Tara. However, did you know that it’s actually a different spelling of the name Terra? This Latin word means land or earth. Doesn’t get more nature-like than that!

Tulip — A simple plant name for girls, tulips were a symbol of eternal love in ancient Persia. Their name comes from the Persian word for turban, and it’s a reference to their turban-shaped buds.

20. Names That Start With V

Valeria — This elegant name comes from the Latin word Valerianus and Valerius. Both point to a perennial flower native to Europe and Asia.

Valli — Do you want a powerful name for your little girl? Then look no further than Valli. In Tamil, Valli means creeping plant. It’s also the name of a Hindu goddess of the hunt.

Violet — Derived from the Latin word viola, violets are heart-shaped flowers most famous for their stunning color. Plus, in ancient Greece, they were a pretty important symbol of love and fertility. And if you’re a Shakespeare fan, you can always add a unique spin to this name by going with Viola.

21. Names That Start With W

Willow — Can you think of a more recognizable tree than the good old willow? With its graceful arching branches and long pointy leaves, the willow has long been used in folk medicine to relieve pain. In addition, the name itself just rolls off the tongue!

Wisteria — Do you like the color purple? Then naming your baby girl after the Wisteria tree is a no-brainer! This flowering vine produces some of the most vibrant violet flowers you’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder the American variety is called amethyst falls.

22. Names That Start With Y

Yvette — Yvette is a pretty hard name to read. However, that’s because it comes from the old Germanic word iv, which means yew. The yew is a pretty common coniferous tree many people keep as ornaments in their garden. But the catch is, it’s poisonous! Eating a few yew leaves can be fatal for both humans and livestock. So, Yvette is a pretty daring name to go for.

Yucca — This name has a pretty snappy, sharp sound to it. That’s because the plant it comes from has sword-shaped leaves and thrives in dry, arid climates.

23. Names That Start With Z

Zamia — The silent hero of every aesthetic Instagram shot, the zamia plant is synonymous with minimalist decor. As a side note, it’s also derived from the Hebrew word zamar, which means song.

Zinnia — If you’re looking for one of the brightest plant names for girls, Zinnia is for you! This flower is a close relative of daisies and sunflowers. Therefore, it’s pretty famous for its striking multicolored buds.

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