Plastic Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. Neinstein in NYC

Plastic Surgeon Spotlight Dr. Neinstein in NYC

With an exceptional dedication to his field, it should be no surprise that Dr. Ryan Neinstein is worthy of the spotlight. Like a traditional spotlight that highlights the accomplishments and expertise of a person while raising awareness about an important issue, this article will explore the plastic surgeon of Manhattan that is genuinely changing the lives of his patients.

Previous training and experience

To get where he is today, Ryan Neinstein underwent extensive training and experience to eventually earn the title “the surgeon’s surgeon.” He has since built a reputation for being a reliable and highly skilled specialist in the field of plastic surgery over the last ten years. His patients now trust him for liposuction, body sculpting, and injectable facial treatments.

In addition to his practice, Dr. Neinstein is also a respected medical community member, having served as a Member of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Safety and authored the updated Liposuction safety and procedural guidelines for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has also published several papers in the surgical field, including Liposuction of the Back, Flanks, and Hips in Liposuction and Emerging Technologies in Body Contouring. Dr. Neinstein’s educational background includes an MD from The University of Western Ontario, a surgical residency at The University of Toronto Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program, and an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at New York University.

He has received numerous endorsements from colleagues and mentors in Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Clinical Research, and Medical Education. In addition to his professional pursuits, Dr. Neinstein is passionate about entrepreneurship, fitness, spirituality, and his family.

Dr. Neinstein’s specialties

The paragraphs above mention a few procedures as Neinstein’s specialty. However, arguably the one with the most traction is his exclusive “Birkin Body” service. This service costs $75,000 and includes transportation, surgery, and a recovery period at a luxury hotel with a 24-hour nurse and daily visits from the doctor.

Neinstein began offering the “Birkin Body” service to mothers to address post-partum issues such as loose skin, muscle damage, hard-to-lose fat, and sagging breasts. It is in high demand, much like the Birkin bag, which is a luxury item many see more as a status symbol.

The Birkin Body offers the same status level, with Dr. Neinstein’s clinic located at Bergdorf Goodman, and post-surgery recovery takes place at the nearby luxury hotel, The Pierre.

Patient outcomes

In addition to creating a unique service, Neinstein’s spotlight also glows brightly due to the number of positive patient experiences in online forums. One previous patient shares her story of finding a surgical solution for their diastasis recti and scar tissue from a C-section. However, she had consulted with multiple plastic surgeons who all recommended a full tummy tuck with a horizontal and vertical scar. However, she later found Dr. Neinstein on Instagram. During the consultation, he informed them they did not need a full tummy tuck and explained his technique for sewing up the muscles without removing and replacing the belly button.

The same patient was impressed with Dr. Neinstein’s enthusiasm and passion and found herself sold on his solution. She later recounts her positive experience with Dr. Neinstein’s office staff, who provided excellent customer service and made the experience seamless. Even today, the patient continues to correspond with both surgeons and highly recommends the Neinstein team to others.

Plastic Surgeon Spotlight

Community involvement and philanthropic efforts

Lastly, when considering the work of Dr. Neinstein, many find themselves impressed with his charitable and community-minded efforts. Through his “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” charity program, Dr. Neinstein demonstrates a powerful example for the rest of the medical community. The program promotes the idea that taking care of oneself is not just a personal responsibility but also a way to give back to one’s community and positively impact the world.

Under the “Look Good” pillar of the program, Dr. Neinstein’s specialty plastic surgery becomes a useful tool for mothers who want to feel more confident in their skin. Plastic surgery can help mothers address concerns such as sagging skin, stretch marks, or changes to the shape or size of their breasts and restore their pre-pregnancy figures or even achieve the desired look they have always wanted.

The “Feel Good” pillar of the program highlights how plastic surgery can help mothers feel more confident and self-assured, improving their overall well-being and quality of life. Many health specialists agree that when people feel their best, they are in a position to extend themselves to helping others or “doing good.”

Under the “Do Good” pillar, Dr. Neinstein and his team lead by example, working with charities such as Animal Haven. In one event, the team donated their time and resources to clean animal areas and the facility and forwarded donations of $3,000. Animal Haven is a non-profit organization that aims to find homes for stray animals in the Tri-State area and provide behavior intervention to improve adoption chances.

A doctor who belongs in the spotlight

From his community involvement to his dedication to his craft, it is clear that Dr. Ryan Neinstein is a positive contribution to the world around him.

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