Poker and Arts: How to Use Poker Prints to Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

How to Use Poker Prints to Enhance Your Homes Beauty

Poker originated in the 18th century but didn’t gain popularity in the US and major parts of Europe until the 19th century. Around the time, the game was mainly played by the elite and was a cherished and highly-rated pastime. Due to its prominence among the rich, artists began to draw paintings inspired by the game. These paintings exhibited different aspects of the game, with some having deeper underlying themes.

Over time, poker grew even more popular, and so did these works of art. It also sparked a wave of new poker arts in the 20th century from legends like Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, Georges Braque, and Pablo Picasso. Poker prints feature different elements of the game ranging from poker chips, tables, dealers, and poker cards.

These prints have grown so popular that they are now used in beautifying homes. Here, we’ll explore ways you can use poker prints to enhance your home’s beauty. Also, if you want to engage in the card game and play for real money, you can find reliable and secure online poker sites at Top10pokersites.com.

How To Incorporate Poker Prints into Your Home Decor

When considering incorporating poker prints into your home decor, there are several factors you must consider. Some of them include:

  1. Colors

Before you purchase a poker print for your home, ensure it blends in with the color scheme of your room. These prints come in different colors; some are bright, dull, or extremely bold, so go for the ones that match or complement the colors of your home.

  1. Style

Like with colors, poker prints also come in different styles, and this time, your choice will depend on your home’s decor. If you have a traditional style decor, going for classic poker prints like “Dogs Playing Poker” by the great Cassius Marcellus Coolidge or “The Poker Game” by Henry Bacon would complement your home better.

For more modern home decor, you could consider going for bold, black, and white prints or the several modern digital and geometric poker prints available today.

Poker and Arts How to Use Poker Prints to Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

  1. Size

Size is a crucial factor when selecting a poker print for your home. For one, the size of the print will determine your intentions for it. You could use a giant print as a statement piece, making it the focal point of the room. A small piece could be part of a larger decor.

Also, the size should be related to the space where the print will be placed. A large print might be too overwhelming if placed in a small space, and a small print might be insignificant in a large area. So when planning to get a piece, ensure you take the size of the wall you intend to place it under consideration.

  1. Interest

Ultimately, the print you choose for your home decor should match your interest. Poker is a game that covers several aspects, and there are arts depicting these aspects.

If you love card design, prints like the Ace of Spades by Damien Hirst and Queen of Hearts by Peter Max are good options. If you enjoy card shuffling, you should consider prints like The Card Shufflers by David Hockney or The Shufflers by Leroy Neiman.

The Bottom Line

Poker prints are versatile because aside from showcasing your love for poker, they also depict great taste and deeper meanings. However, it’s important that you employ best practices for preserving the quality of your poker prints. These practices include proper cleaning and keeping the prints away from dust and harmful substances.

These prints are works of art that depict several aspects of the game. Over the years, they have become increasingly popular and are now common in most home decor. Here, we explored everything you need to know about incorporating poker prints into your home designs.

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