15 Positive Affirmations for Motivation to Remember Forever

positive affirmations for motivation

Positive self-affirmation involves asserting the value of your individual self against the experiences of life that threaten your concept of self. Too complicated? To put it simply, positive self-affirmation involves declaring your true self, establishing your confidence, and using that to reinforce your drive for success.

However, positive affirmations only work when you believe in them. A lack of conviction can make it almost pointless to affirm anything. If you want to boost your resilience, these positive affirmations for motivation will turn you into a force to be reckoned with.

15 Positive Affirmations for Motivation

Affirmations To Overcome Fear of Failure


The reality is that you’re probably going to fail far more than you succeed. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Repeated failures help build the foundation for success. You can’t have one without the other.

Here are some affirmations that’ll give a positive perspective to failure:

#1. I am getting closer to achieving my goal every day. Each failure only brings me a step closer to success. The only thing I need to fear is fear itself.

#2. I am the architect of my life. My failures and imperfections are a part of what makes my life beautiful. I refuse to see anything but beauty and motivation in them.

#3. Failure is not my enemy; it is my teacher. I will embrace failure, take it on the chin, and keep moving forward. Stopping is a failure.

Affirmations For Fear of Success

It may seem strange, but sometimes people are held back by their fear of succeeding because of the change and new responsibilities it brings.

Here are some affirmations to help you find clarity and remind you why those aren’t the worst parts of success:

#4. Success is not the end game; it’s only a milestone. I am not afraid of what comes after success because the journey isn’t over until it’s over.

#5. Success is my strongest desire, and I believe I am deserving of it. I am not afraid of going after success and will bear all the responsibilities that come with it.

#6. The greatest danger is playing it safe. Nothing can harm me as long as I pursue success with integrity and conscientiousness.

Affirmations For Anxiety and Fear


Anxieties and fears are normal and more common than we think. You’re not the only one dealing with them. But unless you conquer these fears, you will never grow.

Use these affirmations and don’t let your anxieties be a roadblock to your success:

#7. I am in control of my emotions. I will not let primal fear hinder me from my pursuit of success.

#8. As long as I survive, there is a chance for me to become who I want to be. I will not let anxiety fool me into believing myself to be inferior.

#9. I have learned from past mistakes that fear is the least rewarding emotion to act on when your life isn’t being threatened. I refuse to repeat the same mistake and let fear control me.

Affirmations For Fear of Rejection

Being rejected is often a common fear we all experience. It can also stop you from striving for your goals and taking risks. But rejection is a normal part of life. And it can offer a lot of learning.

Here are positive affirmations for dealing with the fear of rejection:

#10. I am not afraid of rejection. It is not the end of the world. There is always another window of opportunity smiling at you.

#11. You miss every shot you don’t take. I don’t mind being rejected a hundred times if that’s what it takes to fulfill my goals.

#12. My self-worth is not based on other people’s opinions. Being rejected is often just an accident. I will not take it personally.

Affirmations For Fear of Being Judged

Not everyone is going to have a positive opinion of you. Just like you won’t always have a positive opinion of others. Never let the judgment of others deter you.

These affirmations can help you push through the fear of being judged and come out stronger:

#13. Only I decide which way my wind blows. I will not let the judgment of others cast a shadow on my dreams. I will devote myself entirely to fulfilling my goals.

#14. I will continue to strive to be the best person I can be and accept all the errors that come in that journey. Instead of fearing judgment, I will welcome and use it to improve in the ways I may need to.

#15. Most opinions are born out of a mood rather than clear engagement with reality. I do not need to take every opinion seriously. It’s okay to just keep them at the back of your mind and move on doing what you need to do.

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