15 Funny and Harmless Pranks to Do on Friends

pranks to do on friends

With all the crazy things happening around the world every day, it’s very easy to feel depressed. So, whenever you get an opportunity to brighten up the mood in the house, don’t hesitate.

One of the easiest ways to cheer up your friends is to pull funny and safe pranks on them when they least expect it. This article offers you the top 15 funny and harmless pranks to do on your friends.

15 Pranks to Do on Friends


When you are pulling pranks on your friends, make sure it’s hilarious and safe. A great prank shouldn’t be rude, damaging, hurtful, or risky. You have to keep the person you want to pull the prank on in mind and be aware of their likes and dislikes by taking some time to study them. Here are some of the funniest and harmless pranks.

  • Pranks Related to Food

Everybody loves food. Therefore, food is one of the easiest ways to trick someone. Here are some food-related pranks that you can do on your friends for a nice laugh.

1. Salted Cookies

Ordinarily, cookies are supposed to be sugary. So, your friends don’t expect your cookies to be salty. Whether you are inviting your friends over for dinner or a birthday party, make sure you have packaged your salted cookies nicely in beautiful jars or tins. If you don’t have cookie jars, arrange your cookies attractively on a plate.

Place the plate of jars on your table or carry them to your friend’s party. The people’s expressions when they bite the cookies will be best captured on a video camera. So, don’t forget to carry your camera with you to the party.

2. Googly Eyes in the Food

If you are inviting your friend over for dinner, this prank is the perfect way to startle them a little. You just get a set of googly eyes and add them to different food items on the table. For instance, if you are planning to watch a movie after the meal, you can put the eyes in the popcorn jar or cookie jar. To make the prank even more real, choose jars that have faces or eyes on them.

You can also have a camera hidden somewhere in the room to capture your friend’s facial expression when they pull the googly eyes out of the cookie or popcorn jar. This will definitely give you a good laugh.

3. Frozen Cereals

This prank is perfect for the night your friend comes over for a sleepover. That way, you will have enough time to prepare the cereals. Just pour a handful of cereals and a glass of milk into a bowl and put it in a freezer. Let it stay in the freezer overnight.

In the morning, take the bowl out of the freezer and serve it to your friend for breakfast. Make sure you have your video camera ready to capture the action as they attempt to have a bite. It’s the funniest thing you can watch in real life.

4. Lemon Juice

This prank involves squeezing some lemon juice into someone’s glass of water or juice when they aren’t watching. A small amount of salt or vinegar can also do the trick. Then, sit back and enjoy their reaction when they sip the drink. But make sure they aren’t allergic to lemon or vinegar before you pour it into their drink because it can have a disastrous effect.

  • Household Pranks

If you don’t want to spoil the party by serving your friends with salted cookies or popcorn with googly eyes, there are other simple pranks you can try. Here are some effective household pranks that you can do on your friends.

5. Shoes That Get Smaller


It’s normal for people to remove their shoes when they visit your house. Take that opportunity to stuff a whole sock or towel in their shoes. Then sit back and enjoy the show. You can even record the incident for future laughs.

6. Gooey Phone

Take your friend’s cellphone and stick something like peanut butter or toothpaste on its earpiece or mouthpiece. Don’t use chewing gum or any type of glue because it can easily get stuck in your friend’s hair and refuse to come out. Use something sticky that can easily be washed off. Also, make sure your friend isn’t allergic to whatever you want to put on their phone to avoid a skin reaction.

7. A Room Full of Balloons

For this trick, you may have to hire a helium tank to fill the balloons with helium. Since helium balloons float in the air, your friend will be shocked when they are greeted by floating balloons when they open their room.

8. Door Trick

With this prank, you take a piece of old newspaper and stick it on the door frame and the wall over the door. Place tiny objects like foam peanuts or popcorn on the newspaper. Do this when your victim is asleep so that when they wake up and open the door, the newspaper will rip and shower them with the tiny objects.

9. Hand Sanitizer Prank

This prank involves replacing your hand sanitizer with clear glue and leaving it for your friends. Just squeeze out the hand sanitizer from the bottle into another container and wash the bottle thoroughly. Dry the bottle completely and fill it with glue. Then, leave the glue to dry and place the bottle where you normally put your hand sanitizer.

Your friends will have a hard time trying to squeeze the glue out of the bottle thinking it’s hand sanitizer. However, make sure the glue you are using doesn’t have cyanoacrylate because it can be harmful. Fortunately, there are numerous non-toxic glues that you can use for this prank.

10. Spider Attack


Image source: Pinterest

This prank can scare the heck out of some people, so play it carefully. Just get a fake spider and attach it to a thin transparent string. Stick the string with glue or tape slightly above the door jamb and leave the door shut. Fit the spider into the tiny space between the door jamb and the top of the door.

That way, the spider will drop from above when your friend opens the door. Make sure the spider looks real and as scary as possible. Don’t forget to have your video camera on standby for the action.

  • Office Pranks

If your colleagues at the office are the serious type, you need to startle them once in a while with a funny prank to see how they react. Here are some hilarious pranks to do at the office.

11. Body Spray Bomb

This trick involves rigging up a full bottle of body spray underneath your friend’s chair. When they sit on it, it triggers the bottle to explode. Tape the bottle directly beneath the seat so that the spray bottle can be squeezed when the victim sits on it.

12. Family Photo Swap

Everyone wants to keep photos of their loved ones on their office desks for motivation. This is a perfect opportunity for you to swap your friend’s family photos with images of the most weirdo celebrities.

13. Computer Monitor Disaster

If you have a new colleague who isn’t tech-savvy, you can play around with their computer screen as an induction party. Just press control+alt+F1 on their keyboard to activate image rotation. Then hold the ctrl and alt keys and press the drop arrow to rotate the screen.

  • General Pranks

14. Car Pranks

If your friend loves their car, there are numerous car pranks that you can do on them and leave them laughing out loud. For instance, you can cover their car with plastic wrap or reset their car’s settings.

15. Camping Pranks

There are so many pranks that you can pull on your friends when you go camping. From the old trick of short-sheeting their bedsheets to the artistic crop circles.

Whichever prank you do on your friends, make sure it’s safe and hilarious. Remember to consider their feelings before you pull the prank. Don’t choose pranks that will harm the person either physically or emotionally. The whole idea of pulling a prank is to cheer your friends up.

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