42 Scottish Girl Names and Their Meanings: Complete Guide

scottish girl names

With its deep waters, green highlands, and impressive towering castles, some believe that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But in addition to its gorgeous landscapes, the country is also full of unique baby names, which range from creative to iconic. So, if you want to celebrate your family’s heritage or just want a meaningful name for your child, picking a Scottish name is a great choice.

Not sure where to start? Below you’ll find a selection of Scottish girl names and their meanings, making it easy to pick one suitable for your lovely baby.

Most Popular Scottish Girl Names


1. Isla — This name refers to the stunning River Isla that flows through the Grampians in northern Scotland. In fact, if you take a minute and listen closely, you’ll be able to hear the lapping waves on the island of Islay, which is where the name originates.

2. Ella — The name Ella means light or beautiful fairy woman. Therefore, it’s perfect for your little princess, as she is the light of your life.

3. Sophie — Although Sophie is one of the most popular names in the world, it is actually an anglicized version of the name Sophia. However, its origins lie in the Gaelic name Beathag, which roughly translates to wise and intelligent.

4. Olivia — As you might have guessed, Olivia refers to the olive tree. While the origin of this name is still under debate, it’s believed that its Scottish version comes from the Old Norse name Oleifr. The earliest mention of this name was in 1086 in the Domesday Book, so it’s safe to say that it’s one of the oldest Scottish names out there.

5. Freya — Sharing both Norse and Scottish roots, the name Freya refers to the goddess of love and maternity. When translated, it means lady, so it’s definitely a great choice for your little lady.

6. Eilidh — Everybody knows that the sun is extremely important in all mythologies, including Celtic. The name Eilidh means sun or radiant one, so people bearing this name are considered a sign of prosperity and good luck.

7. Skye — With its stunning peaks and diverse wildlife, the Isle of Skye is the largest of the Inner Hebrides isles. When used as a name, it translates to the island of the mist.

Rare Scottish Girl Names


8. Rowan — This unique name means ash red in Gaelic, and it’s one of the most popular names in the world. Not only does it roll off the tongue, but it’s also a great way to honor Celtic history.

9. Iona — The isle of Iona is located in the Inner Hebrides and houses the Iona Abbey, which is one of the oldest Christian religious centers in Western Europe. In folklore, the name Iona refers to one’s dedication to all that is holy.

10. Coira — This is a sweet name for a young woman, as it means a sheeting pool of churning water. So, if you are looking for nature-inspired Scottish names, this is a no-brainer.

11. Caitir — Roughly translating to one of pure nature, Caitir is a rare Scottish name that’s perfect for the special lady in your life.

12. Caillen — Every parent wants their child to impact the world in a positive way. And what better way to emphasize that than with a unique name like Caillen, which means potent and powerful.

13. Deoiridh — This traditional Scottish name means pilgrim woman and is usually kept in the family for generations to come. And since it is extremely rare, Deoiridh will make anyone stand out for the right reasons.

14. Annag — This name has a Gaelic origin and usually refers to one’s gracefulness. What’s interesting about it is that Annag is the Gaelic form of the name Anna. As a result, you can use one of the two variations, as both share the same signification.

15. Eara — A short and sweet baby name, Eara means one who hails from the East.

16. Daracha — You’ll have a hard time finding a rarer name than Daracha, which translates to from the oak. The oak tree signifies strength in Scottish mythology, making the name ideal for strong women.

Beautiful Scottish Girl Names


17. Emer — This Gaelic name originates from a legend about a woman who was blessed with six gifts of womanhood. Those were the gifts of wisdom, chastity, beauty, needlework, sweet words, and a gentle voice. People believe that when somebody names their daughter Emer, they bless her with the same gifts.

18. Ayla — Also written as Aila, this Scottish name means one who comes from a resilient and strong place. These are the qualities that guarantee your daughter will have a stable and happy life.

19. Blaire — This unisex name means field, plain, or battlefield. Girls with this name are usually fighters who never back down from any challenge they might face in life.

20. Brigid — This is a modern version of the traditional name Brighid, which translates to power and strength. And let’s be honest — who doesn’t want their daughter to have these amazing qualities?

21. Jaine — Inspired by the Hebrew name Jane, this Gaelic version means Gift of God, and God is gracious. It is a fantastic name to give to your baby girl, as she will grow into a gracious and beautiful lady.

22. Adaira — If you want your daughter to feel special and unique, you should name her Adaira, which means living near an oak tree. And, if you want to take this name to the next level, you can use its traditional spelling, Athdara.

23. Bonelle — The name Bonelle will suit your daughter perfectly, as it means a beautiful and good-natured woman. You can also use the nickname Bonnie if you want a cuter variation.

24. Leana — This name is reminiscent of the Gaelic Helen, which means light. And since your daughter is going to be the light that shines the most in your life, Leana is the best name you can give her.

Iconic Scottish Girl Names


25. Flora — The name Flora is the anglicized form of the Gaelic Finnoghal and is inspired by the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. Recently, Flora has become increasingly popular amongst Western Europeans.

26. Maili — This Scottish name has two meanings. In the old Gaelic language, it represents pearls. In Hebrew, it implies a sea of bitterness. Most people think of the first interpretation when deciding to name their daughter Maili.

27. Lilias — This is another popular Scottish name that has Latin roots. As it might be obvious, Lilias is a beautiful variation on the Lily flower. However, it also has a magical history, as it was the name of the last known witch in Scotland. But don’t let that put you off. Witches are no longer a danger, with series like Charmed and the Vampire Diaries backing this statement.

28. Tay — A cool gender-neutral spin on Taylor, the River Tay is an iconic river in Scotland. Some believe that Tay is also short for the Gaelic Tatha, which means strong one.

29. Caoimhe — In Scottish, Caoimhe means beautiful. This distinctive name is truly unique, especially since people still debate its pronunciation. It’s interesting to note that sometimes people spell it Keeva, which can cause some confusion, mainly in the Irish community.

30. Annabel — This spirited name embodies Scottish gentility and is gaining increasing favor in the US due to its other popular variations, like Isabel. The history of this name dates back to twelfth-century royalty. When it comes to its translation, historians believe that Annabel means loving.

Meaningful Scottish Girl Names


31. Yvaine — A mix between Yvonne and Elaine, Yvaine has a medieval charm to it. When translated, it means evening star, which also gives it a romantic feel. Women who have this name are usually extremely loving and caring about other people in their lives.

32. Ferelith — This is a pretty unusual name that’s deeply rooted in Scottish history. People associate it with sovereignty and power, so any woman bearing this name will have a dominant and confident aura.

33. Daviana — This name means one who is a favorite to all, which makes it perfect for your little angel. And while you might think that Daviana sounds too classy, remember that it’s one of the most interesting names that you’ll come across.

34. Jaimy — The name Jaimy roughly translates to may God protect and has two main interpretations. First, Scottish people believe that women with this name are very resilient and know how to avoid letting pain and dissatisfaction affect them too much. Secondly, they are able to achieve their goals and have a very competitive nature.

35. Ronalda — This Scottish name refers to a wise ruler who can lead the crowd exceptionally. People with this name are typically good-natured and have stunning leadership skills.

36. Cora — Short but sweet, Cora means young woman. Giving your daughter this name will give her the power to stay young and energetic throughout her life.

37. Minnie — A cute but meaningful name, Minnie signifies faithful guard or desire. If you are not a big fan of Minnie due to its association with the Disney character, you can go for its variation, Mina, as they share the same meaning.

Interesting Scottish Girl Names


38. Reyne — The name Reyne is becoming more popular amongst British families as it’s often associated with rulers. In fact, in Scottish folklore, Reyne means the ruling counselor or to rule. Women sharing this name are graceful, gorgeous, and natural-born leaders who know how to realize their full potential.

39. Tansy — To put it simply, Tansy is a yellow flower that has healing powers. However, in literal terms, it means immortality and health. So, by naming your little girl Tansy, you forever immortalize the love that you have for her while also wishing her a healthy life.

40. Noah — The name Noah means rest or repose. Therefore, it is a great choice for those who want their daughter to be a calm, composed, and relaxed person. And while there is still some debate on its origin, most associate the name Noah with Scottish and Hebrew mythology.

41. Mhari — As one of the most interesting and unique names on this list, Mhari is ideal for people who are generally loved by all around them. The name has deep Scottish origins and translates to the darling or much-loved one. Women who have this name are often the center of attention in a crowd.

42. Jessica — Last but not least, historians believe that the name Jessica means God’s gift. And since a baby is a blessing to every family, this name is a great way to celebrate your daughter’s importance in your life.

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