Top 14 Definite Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

signs your ex will eventually come back

Sometimes a little misunderstanding can lead to a nasty breakup. But despite the heartbreak that results from such a breakup, you might still feel attached to your ex in certain ways and still hope that they will come back.

When this happens, you want to be sure that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will come back. This article provides you with top 14 definite signs your ex will eventually come back.

Do Exes Even Come Back?

Come Back

This is one of the most common questions that relationship experts have to deal with regularly, especially nowadays when people are hurriedly getting in and out of relationships. The short answer to this question is, yes. Indeed, exes do come back eventually, but not all the time. Several factors determine whether your ex will come back.

1. Age

Your age can determine whether your ex will come back. For example, if you are a teenager, you are likely to make and break several relationships before you finally decide to try a long-term relationship. Therefore, the chances of getting back with one of your exes are very high, especially you are aged between 17 and 24 years.

This is the time when you are still trying to figure out who you are and what you want to be. College students also have a very high chance of getting back together with their exes because they have a tendency to commit to long-term careers and relationships and they have a better idea of who they are and what they want in life.

It’s also very easy for young adults to get back together because their hormones and moods are more stable, allowing them to make more sustainable decisions.

But if you are an elderly person, your chances of getting back together with your ex are very low. Late baby boomers have the highest rates of divorce and separation with very little chance of reconciliation. But this doesn’t mean that younger people don’t divorce or separate.

2. Reasons for Breaking Up

Most breakups are due to little misunderstandings that can easily be resolved, but some serious situations warrant a separation or even divorce. For instance, if someone is physically abusive or threatens to kill you, it is a fairground for a breakup. So, even as you hope and wish for your ex to come back, consider the reasons why they broke up with you.

If they feel that the relationship puts their life in danger, they are likely not to come back. Your ex will also be reluctant to come back if they believe you have a serious social or emotional problem and you aren’t willing to change.

3. Marital Status

It’s normal to still be in love with your ex even when they are married. That’s why so many people want to know if their married exes can come back. Although some married exes end up divorcing their spouses and going back to their former lovers, the chances of getting back a married ex are very minimal.

In any case, it’s a waste of time and a sign of hopelessness to wait for a married ex to come back. Grieving and hoping for your married ex to come back will also hurt you psychologically because it means you are obsessed with them and you are stuck in the past. It also prevents you from enjoying your current and future relationships.

14 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back


The complexity of emotions and the stressful feeling of hopelessness and inability to move on after a breakup can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to seek advice from a professional counselor and a relationship expert. They will help you to understand your emotions better and find a way to let go. But if you still wish and hope for your ex to come back, here are the top 14 definite signs to look out for.

1. They Are Already in a Rebound Relationship

If your ex gets into a new relationship immediately after the breakup, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are over you or in a serious relationship. Also, it doesn’t mean they are happier with the person they are with. In most cases, this means that they are yet to get over you and therefore they’re looking for you in whoever they meet.

It could also mean that they are trying to fill the void left after you broke up with them. Rebound relationships mean that your ex is trying to look for your substitute. It also means that they still have feelings for you, or are doing it on purpose to make you jealous.

2. They Are Dating Your Polar Opposite

If your ex is dating someone who is your polar opposite, it means that they are subconsciously trying to forget about you. It also means that they are still in love with you and can’t figure out a way to discard that feeling. So, they look for someone who is completely the opposite of you in the hope of getting over you.

However, this is just a temporary fix. The more they try to suppress their love for you, the longer they will suffer. So, they will eventually realize that they can’t be happy without you.

3. They Don’t Date Anyone

If your ex isn’t ready to get into a new relationship after the breakup, it means that they are unable or not ready to move on. They refuse to date other people because they are stuck in the past and thinking about you.

They could also be thinking about getting back to you or hoping that you will initiate the reconciliation. So, while you are thinking about getting back with your ex, chances are that they are doing the same thing.

4. They Stalk You on Social Media

This is the biggest sign that your ex hopes to come back to you. If they are always liking or commenting on your social media posts, it’s a clear sign that they are thinking about you. They are stalking you because they miss you a lot and can’t stop themselves from following your every move. So, you can rest assured that they will soon come back.

5. You Broke Up on Good Terms


If you are still friends with your ex, chances are that you will get back together. It also means that everything wasn’t lost when you broke up. If there wasn’t infidelity or abuse involved in the breakup, it’s very easy to get back together. You just have to iron out the issues that caused you to part ways.

6. You Still Have Plans Together

If you’re still in touch with your ex, and they are constantly reminding you of the plans you have together, it is a sign that your ex wants to and will eventually come back to you. They are reminding you because they can’t see themselves doing it with someone else.

7. They Text You Frequently

If your ex is always texting you, it is a sign that they aren’t over you yet. It is also a sign that they miss you and would like to come back to you. This could also mean that they are unable to apply the no-contact rule. They also want to constantly remind you of them and make sure they’re on your mind, just like you’re on theirs!

8. They Call You Whenever They Are Drunk

A drunk mind speaks a sober heart. The truth in this saying becomes apparent when it comes to dealing with a breakup. When you are under the influence of alcohol, you lose your inhibitions and forget about the rules. That’s when your emotions run wild and you can no longer control your heart.

So, if your ex is always calling you when they are drunk, it means that they can’t stop thinking about you even after drinking themselves silly. Their mind is always reminding them of you and the alcohol gives them the courage to call you.

9. They Are Still in Touch with Your Friends

Your ex may not call you or text you constantly, but if they are still keeping in touch with your friends, they’ve not gotten over you. They do so because they want to use your best friends as the middlemen whenever they want to talk to you or know what you are up to.

It could also be interpreted to mean that your ex wants to make a good impression on your friends so that they can encourage you to take them back.

10. They Say They’re Unhappy After Breaking Up


If your ex tells you or your friends that they are unhappy after the breakup, know that is true.  Some people, especially men try to act as if nothing happened after a breakup. They will do anything to show you how happy and satisfied they are with their love life, but they are just fooling themselves.

So, when your ex tells you they are unhappy, it’s an indirect message to tell you that they want you back in their life and they don’t care what everyone else thinks of it. It also means that they now realize you are the only one who makes them happy.

11. They Always Make Excuses to See You

Does your ex always look for excuses to see you? Or do they seem to always be at the same place as you, even when you haven’t told them you’ll be there? This can only mean that they are making excuses to see you or they are stalking you. If your ex does this, they are trying very hard to still be part of your life.

They won’t stop finding excuses to be where you are until you finally reunite.

12. They’re Second-Guessing the Breakup

It’s normal for your ex to second-guess the breakup now and again, but if they keep second-guessing — perhaps even obsessing — about it, it means they want you back.

13. They Keep Blocking and Unblocking You

If your ex keeps blocking and unblocking you, it could mean that they are still thinking about you. However, you shouldn’t confuse these block-unblock gestures with acts of kindness.

14. They Keep Posting on Social Media About You

If your ex keeps splashing their social media profiles with inspirational quotes and sayings about empowerment and freedom, it’s because they aren’t over you yet. (Remember: no stalking.)

15. Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over the Signs Your Ex Will Come Back


For starters, understand that sometimes your ex will show many of these signs and still refuse to come back to you. Therefore, you should be prepared to move on if they make it clear to you that they aren’t coming back. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t obsess over the signs your ex will come back.

16. Misunderstanding

If you are so obsessed with signs your ex will come back, you will end up misinterpreting everything your ex does. For instance, you might assume that he or she is coming back just because she expresses happiness about your success or if they appear to be nostalgic. Even if you had a beautiful relationship with them or both of you regret the breakup, you shouldn’t misconstrue it to mean they want to come back.

17. Self-Sabotage

You will be killing yourself slowly with stress if you keep obsessing over the signs your ex will eventually come back because there is a chance that they might not come back. As you become more stressed and frustrated, you face the risk of making irrational and self-destructive decisions like showing up at your ex’s place of work, spamming their cellphone with messages, over-analyzing their every move, etc.

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