A New Type of Slumber Party: 10 Sleepover Ideas for Adults

sleepover ideas for adults

Remember how much fun you had at your first sleepover? Staying up past your bedtime, giggling in the dark, watching scary movies, and eating junk food until you burst? Well, now you can recreate the magic with these amazing sleepover ideas for adults!

Food and Drink Sleepover Ideas for Adults

1. Have a “Best Cocktail” Contest


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Who doesn’t enjoy a good cocktail at night? Invite your friends over and tell them to mix up the most elaborate cocktail they can think of! That will definitely get everyone in the mood to have some fun, and you’ll all get to try out a bunch of delicious new flavors you’ve never tasted before!

Obviously, if your friend group isn’t big on drinking, you can make mocktails instead. They’re bound to be just as good, minus the alcohol!

Hand out scorecards to your friends and have everyone (including yourself) rate the drinks. You can just add the names of your friends to each card and a space for them to write down the points. Remember, no one is allowed to rate their own drink. The winner is the person with the most points.

What You Will Need

• Cocktail glasses
• Accessories for the drinks (i.e., umbrellas, lime, salt, etc.)
• An assortment of alcoholic drinks
• A few non-alcoholic drinks
• Scorecards

Note: If you’re not keen on using the glasses you have at home, you can opt to purchase some disposable cocktail glasses instead. This may even be a better option as there’s always a chance someone will break a glass by the end of the night!

2. Set Up a Hot Cocoa Station


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Whether you’re five or fifty years old, hot cocoa is always a welcome treat. If you want to surprise your friends, set up a hot cocoa station where they can mix up their own hot beverage.

You can set everything up on a table and add some jars full of condiments for them to mix and match. And don’t forget to set out a few cookies as well!

What You Will Need

• Mugs
• Jars
• Labels
• Spoons
• Hot cocoa mix
• Whipped cream
• Various condiments (i.e., chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles, etc.)

3. Have an Indoor Picnic


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Having a picnic is always fun, but sometimes it can be pretty difficult to have them outdoors. Bad weather, ants, and the fact that the ground isn’t the most comfortable place to sit can really ruin the mood.

However, if you have an indoor picnic, you have full control of the surroundings! You can stay true to the idea of a picnic and place a blanket on the floor, but you really don’t have to. You can just as easily set up everything on your dining table if everyone feels more comfortable that way.

The idea is to have every friend bring their favorite food so you can spread it out for everyone to enjoy. Someone will bring a bag of potato chips, and others will bring a casserole or a homemade pie, so you never know what you’re going to get!

What You Will Need

• A place to set out the food
• A large blanket or tablecloth
• Picnic basket (optional)
• Disposable cups, plates, and dining utensils

4. Have a Bake-Off


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If you and your friends love to bake, hosting a wholesome bake-off might be the perfect sleepover idea. You can use scorecards to determine the winner, but to be honest, with all that delicious food you’ll be tasting, it’s safe to say that everyone’s a winner!

Game-Themed Sleepover Ideas for Adults

5. Play Your Favorite Board Games

Board games

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Some of the best sleepover ideas for adults are the ones that don’t require much planning. For example, if you’re short on time and you haven’t come up with a theme for your sleepover, you can always dust off some board games and have a blast playing them all night!

And even if you don’t have any, there’s a good chance one of your friends will!

6. Play Some Drinking Games


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Remember when “Never Have I Ever” was the highlight of every sleepover? Well, now that you’re older, you can actually drink without worrying about your parents grounding you!

And best of all, there are plenty of interesting drinking games you could play with your friends. Here are some examples.

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is a simple game that requires zero equipment. What’s more, it resembles some of the most ridiculous games teenagers would play at sleepovers.

All you need to do is sit in a circle and say the words “fuzzy duck” to whoever is sitting on your left. Then, that person needs to do the same to the person sitting to their left. The pattern continues until someone chooses to say “does he”, to which the person on their right needs to respond “ducky fuzz”.

The game then continues in the opposite direction, and now everyone has to say “ducky fuzz” until someone says “does he” again. When they do, the direction switches again, and everyone needs to say “fuzzy duck” again.

The trick is that whenever someone makes a mistake with their lines, they have to drink, which happens pretty often the longer you play!

Drink Murder

For those of you who are fans of “who done it” games, drink murder will be right up your alley! This game is just like wink murder, but with alcohol.

During each round, one person will secretly be assigned the role of murderer. The best way to determine who will be the murderer is to draw from a bowl. Cut out as many strips of paper as there are players. Write “murderer” on one of them and leave the rest blank.

Ultimately, the murderer can “kill” any of the other players by winking at them. If the murderer winks at you, you need to take a sip of your drink, which means you’re dead.

When someone suspects that they know who the murderer is, they need to raise their hand and say, “I accuse”. If the other players agree, the person they accused needs to say whether or not they are the killer.

If they are, all the other players win, and the murderer needs to down their drink. But, if the accuser is wrong, everyone (except the murderer) needs to down their drinks and continue playing. The murderer needs to kill as many people as possible before getting caught.

Truth, Dare, or Drink

Truth or dare probably doesn’t require any explanation since it’s one of the oldest games around. However, Truth, Dare, or Drink is way more fun to play (if you’re of legal drinking age, of course), and you have three options instead of just two.

For example, if you pick truth and someone asks you a question you aren’t willing to answer, you can drink instead. The same thing goes for the dare.

Miscellaneous Sleepover Ideas for Adults

7. Have a Karaoke Contest


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Karaoke? Yes, please!

Whether you’re pitch-perfect or can’t carry a tune to save your life, there’s no doubt you’ll all have a blast belting out your favorite tunes!

If you’re lucky enough to have a karaoke machine, that’s amazing! But even if you don’t have one, you can always find some tunes on YouTube, so there’s really nothing stopping you!

8. Have Everyone Bring Their Pet(s)


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If your friends are up for it, why not have them bring along their furbabies for an adorable pet-themed party?

When animals are involved, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. You can dress them up, pamper them, and enjoy tons of snuggles. But don’t forget to buy plenty of treats for them!

9. Have a Relaxing Spa Night


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To be honest, going to a spa is often considered a luxury for two reasons. First of all, it’s not something that people include in their monthly budget. Second of all, not everyone has enough time to set aside for a day at the spa.

However, inviting a few of your friends over for a relaxing home-based spa day is perfectly achievable. All you need are face masks, hairbands, cucumbers, and you’re good to go.

Obviously, you can make this spa-themed sleepover as lavish as you like, but even with just the essentials, these simple types of sleepover ideas for adults are always worth trying out!

10. Make a Movie-Themed Sleepover


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If your friend group has a favorite movie franchise, don’t miss out on the chance to make a movie-themed sleepover. This is probably among the most popular sleepover ideas for adults, and for good reason.

Not only can you have a movie marathon, but you can also dress up as your favorite character!

But if you really want to impress your friends, make sure to decorate your living room (or whichever room you’ll be hosting the party in) according to the movies you’ll be watching.

Example: Harry Potter Movie Marathon

If you’re hosting a Harry Potter movie marathon, you can easily decorate your room to look like Hogwarts. Adding a few banners and floating candles will surely elevate the ambiance. In fact, here are a few DIY decorations to try out.

DIY Floating Candles

Floating candles will make your ceiling look incredible, yet you won’t believe how simple they are to make! You will need:

• Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
• A glue gun
• Some fishing wire
• White spray paint and white chalk paint
• Tealights (battery-operated with remote control)
• White paper
• Command hooks

First, you will need to make the candles. Line up the paper towel and toilet paper rolls and coat them with the white spray paint. Leave them to dry completely. Then, use your glue gun to apply glue onto the top ends of the rolls.

Since you want the candles to look like they are dripping wax, let the glue dribble from the edges. Also, the less perfect they are, the more authentic they’ll look. Allow the glue to dry completely, and then paint the finished rolls with the white chalk paint. Make sure to coat the glue drips from all sides.

Place the end of the roll (the part without the glue) onto the white paper, and trace the outline of the circle. Make as many of these circles as you have candles. Then, cut them out and glue them onto the bases of your candles. Next, glue the tealights to the top of the candle (the part with the glue).

Finally, when everything is completely dry, pierce two small holes on the rolls (just under the tealight base). Thread the fishing wire through one hole and out the other side, then tie the end.
Secure some command hooks onto your ceiling, hang the candles from them, and voilà ― you’ve got your very own magic candles!

DIY Potions

Another perfect way to add some magic to your Harry Potter sleepover is to make some potions. You will need:

• Vials
• Pipettes
• Soda Bicarbonate
• Water
• Vinegar
• Various food coloring
• Glitter
• Labels

Overall, the great thing about this project is that all you have to do is mix up the liquids and fill your vials. Make each one a different color, and then add a label with the potion’s name to the vial. You can make all sorts of different potions and even fizzy ones as well.

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