Dreams Guide: The Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Falling Out

spiritual meaning of teeth falling out

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon that every human experiences. And, while dreams sometimes feel like random sequences strung together by your imagination, scientists believe they can have a spiritual meaning. What reinforces this theory is the fact that some dreams are commonly encountered by people worldwide, regardless of their cultural and ethnic background.

For example, chances are that you’ve had a dream about your teeth falling out at least once in your life. If that’s the case, then you and millions of other people have faced a similar vision. But what is the spiritual meaning of teeth falling out, and should this dream worry you?

6 Spiritual Meanings of Teeth Falling Out


Before exploring the meaning of dreams, it’s important to remember that interpretations may vary depending on a person and their situation. Therefore, while teeth-related dreams are a dark omen for some, they can be signs of renewal for others. Nevertheless, below, you’ll find a couple of popular explanations for what teeth falling out could mean.

1. Loss of Power

Generally speaking, people use their teeth for all sorts of purposes, such as eating and speaking. So, in a way, teeth represent personal power. For this reason, tooth loss can be related to a sense of helplessness and loss of control.

In other words, if you had a dream about your teeth falling out, you might lack self-esteem or feel like you are inferior to others. If you believe that’s the case, then this dream is a hint that you need to become more confident in your own abilities and ideas.

2. Fear

Some experts believe that teeth falling out could symbolize fear. More specifically, fear of loss. Namely, you either fear losing something out of the blue, like a job or relationship, or you have recently lost something which still affects you deeply. To get rid of this dream, you’ll have to confront your fear or talk with somebody about it in order to get it off your chest.

3. Life Transitions

The image of teeth falling out is also related to emotional distress, usually caused by periods of change. Simply put, if you are going through a life transition, such as changing jobs or starting a new relationship, your subconscious could materialize the feeling of the unknown into this type of dream.

4. Problems With Interpersonal Communication

Dreams that feature teeth falling out can also reference a moment in your life when you said something that you shouldn’t have. In fact, they can be direct representations of your ability to communicate with the people closest to you. Therefore, via this dream, your subconscious could be telling you to choose your words wisely, because, similar to a tooth, once they are out, you can never take them back.

5. Self-Awareness About Appearance

Teeth-related dreams also mean that you might be worried about your appearance and how others perceive you. But why would these dreams convey such feelings? To put it simply, teeth are generally an important part of someone’s appeal. Therefore, losing them in a dream can mean that your sense of attractiveness is being challenged in real life.

6. Renewal

Last but not least, teeth can also represent the renewal or the beginning of a new phase in your life. This interpretation is connected to the image of baby teeth being replaced by adult ones as a person grows up.

However, if you dream about them falling out, you might be worried about change and how it can affect your life. You can fix this by learning to accept whatever the future has in store for you and use a period of transition to grow as a person.

When to See a Doctor

Broadly speaking, you shouldn’t worry about dreams of teeth falling out. However, sometimes they can be caused by your subconscious mind trying to warn you about a dental problem that you might have.

So, if you keep having dreams about your teeth falling out and can’t find any meaningful explanation, a visit to the dentist might put your mind at ease. But other than that, some meditation and yoga will do wonders and help you avoid this troubling image.

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