Thank-You Note to Teacher from Parents: Tips and Examples

thank-you note to teacher from parents

Teachers are the unsung heroes of the world. They have the difficult task of preparing young minds for what life has in store for them. What’s more, with Covid lockdown closing schools everywhere, their job has become even harder. Therefore, they deserve some praise for trying to keep your kids’ education fun and effective during online lessons.

The best way to show your appreciation is to write them a “thank you” note. To help get your creative juices flowing, here’s a guide on how to write a thank-you note to teacher from parents.

How to Write a Thank-You Note to a Teacher: 3 Essential Tips


Let’s be honest — writing any note can be a challenge. That is especially true for a thank-you note to a teacher from parents. The note has to be simple, short, yet sincere enough to touch the recipient’s heart. All in all, it’s a real art form that takes practice to get right.

However, you don’t have to spend days racking your brains to come up with something good to write on the note. If you want to make writing notes easy, start off small. First, think about why and how we can say “thank you.”

“Thank you” may be two simple words. However, when you combine them together, they become one of the most meaningful statements we can make. Plus, a good thank-you note has the power to lift the recipient’s mood and brighten their day instantly. Not only that, but they can give them a dose of positive reinforcement they may need to keep doing what they’re doing, even during difficult times.

With all this in mind, apply the same principles to your child’s teacher. You want your note to show how much you appreciate all the hard work they’re putting into educating your little one.

However, you also want to make sure the message is respectful. You aren’t looking to get your kid preferential treatment or buy the teacher’s affection. So, when writing the note, be sure to make it:

• Short but sweet — While a longer note may be appropriate for a close family friend or relative, it may be too forward for a teacher. Therefore, when writing it, make sure to keep it short, anywhere between two to three paragraphs.

• Stay on topic — Let’s make something clear: this note is to comment on how good of a job your kid’s teacher is doing. Therefore, it should focus on the teacher and their work, not how your child is doing. It’s okay to mention your child’s accomplishments in there, as well, but make sure to do so in a way that harkens back to the teacher’s own work.

• Keep it professional — It’s absolutely possible to write a friendly, sincere note that is also professional. As mentioned, you aren’t looking to get preferential treatment for your child. That is why you should maintain a distance, even if you’re friends with their teacher. That doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a casual joke in there. Just make sure your note clearly reflects your intentions.

Thank-You Note to Teacher from Parents: Examples

Okay, so the top three note-writing principles sound simple, in theory. However, if you aren’t a whizz with words, putting them into practice may be a problem. Don’t sweat it.

If you need a little extra help with your thank-you note to the teacher from parents, here are a few solid examples. Some of these are universally applicable, while others are perfect for specific occasions. Whatever type of note you’re looking for, you’re definitely guaranteed to find the ideal fit to thank that hardworking educator in your kids’ lives.

1. Universal Thank-You Notes


Quick and simple yet effective, these universal thank-you notes are the perfect way to show appreciation for anyone in your life. What’s even better is that with the right modification, you can tailor these notes to fit your kids’ favorite teacher.

• Thank you for everything you do for my child.

• You’re an inspiration for my little one! Thank you.

• I couldn’t have picked out a better teacher for my kids if I tried. Thanks!

• Your thoughtfulness is a gift my child always appreciates. Thank you!

• You made my little girl/boy’s day! Thank you.

• Thank you for supporting my child in their biggest adventure.

• I’m thankful my kid has you guiding their next step.

• Thank you to one of the best people in my kids’ lives!

• Thank you for believing in my child.

• My little ones wouldn’t be where they are today without your help. Thank you!

• Thank you for bringing joy and knowledge to my kids’ lives.

• Your effort is always appreciated. Thank you!

• Thank you for being a vital part of my child’s life journey.

• Having you there guiding my kid as they take their next big step is invaluable. Thank you!

• Thank you for helping us raise a smart, kind, and empathetic human being!

• We’re so thankful our child will know such love and dedication.

• Thank you for supporting our little ones as they take on exciting new roles.

• Your encouragement is exactly what our kids need to realize their full potential. Thank you!

• Thank you for all the little things you do to brighten my kids’ days.

• Your encouragement and support make my little one certain they can do anything. Thank you!

• With your guidance, my child feels confident that they can realize all their dreams. Thank you!

• Thank you for helping our child continue to learn and grow.

• We couldn’t thank you enough for looking out for our child.

• The impact you’ve had on our little one cannot be put into words. Thank you!

• Thank you for pushing my child to be their best and most creative self.

• Thank you for encouraging my child to keep striving for the best.

• I appreciate all the support and motivation you give my child.

• Your wisdom and outlook inspire our little one each day! Thank you for everything you do!

• Your mentorship is invaluable.

2. Thank-You Note to Preschool Teacher from Parents


Teaching kids of all ages is a difficult task — but teaching preschool? That requires a whole other level of skill and dedication. Therefore, you should definitely put extra effort into the thank-you note for your kids’ preschool teacher. You might consider using a gratitude journal template, which can guide you in reflecting on what you appreciate about your child’s teacher and expressing it in a structured and thoughtful manner. Some of the most creative ideas include:

• Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear simple shirts and carry around books. Thank you for caring for our child when they’re at their most tender age.

• We, parents, may be accountants, scientists, doctors, and engineers – but nothing helps shape the future more than teachers. Thank you for helping us raise the next generation of heroes.

• The school may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero. Thank you!

• The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. The fact you help raise a classroom full of toddlers is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you!

• Your care is the spark that lights up our little one’s future. Thank you.

• For the world, you are one person, but for our children, you are the world! Thank you, teacher.

• My toddler adores Disney princesses. Yet her love of Ariel can’t even begin to compare to the adoration she has for you. You are the most magical person in her life. Thank you!

• Sugar, spice, and everything nice — this isn’t just the recipe to create the perfect little girl. It’s also the recipe for the most magical teacher! Thank you for being the guiding light and always being nice to our child!

• Teachers like you are one in a million! Thank you so much!

• Small children can be a hassle. The fact you’re able to handle so many of them and do it so beautifully is something to behold! You truly are the unsung hero of our world. Thank you for all your hard work!

• Thank you for giving our little one big dreams!

3. Thank-You Messages for Teachers from Parents During Covid-19


Covid-19 has disrupted everyone’s life, especially the lives of our little ones. But one area this devastating disease has hit the hardest is education. Recent research shows that over two-thirds of the school year has been lost due to lockdown and restrictive measures. That has resulted in teachers having to work thrice as hard to recover the time lost.

Not only that, but they’ve had to deal with the challenges of online classes. Going to school from the comfort of your home may seem like a dream come true for kids, but it severely impacts the quality of their education.

According to science, online classes are not as effective as in-person lessons. That is especially true for young learners who greatly benefit from interactive teaching styles that require them to develop their motor skills.

In this environment, teachers face a new challenge — getting students to pay attention and successfully absorb the knowledge they’re given outside the classic classroom setting. It is not an easy feat, especially if you’re dealing with a hyperactive kid who just wants to spend the day playing video games.

That is why no one deserves a thank-you note from parents more than your kids’ educator during these trying Covid times. Some of the most heartfelt notes you can give them include:

• Covid works hard, but you work harder. Thank you for doing everything in your power to make learning possible during lockdown!

• School may be online now, but a computer can never replace a good, hardworking teacher! Thanks for being one!

• The pandemic has impacted our lives in more ways than one. Though we are struggling, it’s comforting to know that our child still has such an incredible teacher to support them during these trying times. Thank you!

• This situation has made us worry now more than ever about our kid’s mental health. And we know how reluctant they may be to discuss their problems with us. However, what keeps our worries at bay is realizing that our child can always get advice and guidance from the best source possible – a teacher like YOU. Thank you!

• Being well-informed and sensible is more important than ever. Thank you for keeping our kids up-to-date on all the facts during this time of fear and misinformation.

• Covid has made everyone’s job hard. Yet seeing how well you’re doing yours, you’d think nothing was wrong. Thank you for helping our kids stay on top of their goals amidst a global crisis.

• The pandemic is far from over. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate. And I would like to start by celebrating you as the person who has given their all to make my kid have as normal a school year as possible. Thank you!

• We have met many teachers of our child and, truly, you are outstanding. Thank you for being special, especially to our child.

• Although you are not their parent, I can feel your genuine concern, love, and pride for your students. You are there for them every step of the way. You help them accomplish things, and you make them believe in what they can do. You understand and listen. They are so lucky to have a teacher like you who truly loves and cares for them. Thank you for everything that you do!

• Quarantine has made learning difficult. But you didn’t let that get in the way of your teaching. Therefore, I would like to thank you for helping my child to explore new ways of doing things!

• We are so grateful for everything you’ve done for our little one this year.

4. Bonus Round: Other Options

If none of the above-listed options strike your fancy, then maybe a nice inspirational quote is more your style. You can always transform it into a thank-you note to teacher from parents by adding some words of gratitude at the end. Simply let your creativity flow!

Quotes about Teachers and Teaching

• “Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.” — W. B. Yeats

• “Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” — Jacques Barzun

• “I am not a teacher, but an awakened.” — Robert Frost

• “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” — Albert Einstein

• “Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” — Aristotle

• “When one teaches, two learn.” — Robert Heinlein

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