The design behind online slot games

The design behind online slot games

For years, people have played slot games in casinos and enjoyed the potential winnings available. However, in the growing world of technology, it’s become more and more accessible for users to play these games online and in the comfort of their own homes.

There’s no need to go down to your local casino or betting shop, you’re able to log in using your phone or computer and play a few slots. This means no going out in the horrible winter weather!

Certain companies such as Virgin Games, will allow you to play numerous types of slot games in your own home, and with the potential winnings available, you’ll feel like a true Jackpot King!

In this article, we’ll look at the design behind online slot gaming and how it’s risen in popularity over time.


One of the main things that draw people to playing slots are the colours, graphics and pulling that lever to spin your game, so it was only natural this was attempted to be replicated online.

Ensuring your game is bright and vibrant keeps the player’s attention and allows the player to feel like they’re really there, whether the theme is a Christmas wonderland or even an Egyptian pyramid. Since the rise of the internet, and how powerful our devices have become, the software and computing power make it all possible to be able to play at home.


RNG, or random number generators as they are called, provide the game with a random set of numbers each game. This means each time you spin a slot machine online, it’s a completely random chance of winning.

Having random number generators in place, stops any companies from manipulating the numbers and makes it fair for every player. Sometimes it can feel like the numbers are against you, when in reality, they are completely random, and it really is up to luck!


With people constantly on the go, either heading to the office or just out and about, it’s never been more important to allow players to play their favourite slot games wherever and whenever they can.


Most companies will offer apps for their customers to download on their smartphones, allowing easy access to play. This means if you’re on the bus to work or have a spare couple of minutes around the house, you can log in, have a quick game and get back to your day. No making the trip to play in person, which means less time travelling and more time spinning!The design behind online slot games


Just like graphics, sound is a make or break for an online slot game. To bring a player in and immerse themselves in the theme of the game they are playing, you need a great soundtrack and sound effects. Without these, the game wouldn’t feel anywhere near as interactive and enjoyable.


There’s nothing better than spinning your slot, only to see the jackpot pop up in front of you. It’s a feeling of pure enjoyment knowing you have won the top prize and are about to receive a cash prize.

However not everyone will get the opportunity to win the top jackpot prize, so it is the smaller prizes that keep players interested and playing. When you have had a few spins in a row without a win, you start to lose hope, all of a sudden, you win a smaller prize or a free spin. That’s enough to draw you back in and want to play again, as there are more prizes to be won!

Ease of play

Slot games need to be simple and easy to access and understand. There’s nothing worse than opening a game to be met with confusing controls and rules. Having a simple game in one place such as a mobile phone app, means the player can quickly access the game and play a few spins, not having to learn a whole list of new rules.

User interface

A good user interface goes hand in hand with making a game easy to play. You can have easy rules to understand, but if the design of the game is poor, players won’t be able to play and navigate around the page. This means players are more likely to look for an alternative.

Having a nice interface is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it means players are more likely to invest their time into playing, as this is the screen, they will be looking at the most.

Online slot games have only grown in time since the early 2000s and are only on the rise. And with technology only getting more and more advanced, who knows where we’ll be in 10 years.

All we know for now is if you want to play your favourite slots, playing online may be the way for you.

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