Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Kids

Tips Choosing the Right Shoes for Kids

Shopping for kids’ shoes is an overwhelming feeling. The choices, the designs, and the pop of color are confusing enough. But then you have kids running after the shoes; they want the ones with lights or in their favorite color. But you cannot buy a shoe for your child based solely on design or color before style comes to comfort, function, and fit. The child’s feet will hurt if the shoe doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable. They can have deformed toes just because of ill-fitting shoes when they grow up. Also, a child’s feet grow super fast. So, you have to buy shoes that are affordable and of excellent quality. Remembering all this while shopping for little shoes is a challenge. To help you out, here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying shoes for kids.

First, measure your child’s feet.

First, when you go to a store, measure your child’s feet. Never do it yourself at home, and if you are going to buy shoes after months of waiting, get them measured again. The stores have the best equipment for finding the correct width and length of the child’s feet. A tip to get an accurate measurement is to let the child stand so a bit of weight is on foot, elongating it.

Check the toes

Always check the toes when buying school shoes, Ugg boots, or casual shoes. Ensure adequate depth and width in the shoe’s front or toe box. It will help prevent increased pressure on the child’s toe or overcrowding. The child should have enough space in the front of his or her shoes to wiggle the toes. Otherwise, they will have deformed toes. The ideal space between the longest toe and the shoe’s front is 1 and 2 centimeters.

Always check the fit and material.

The shoe material is another factor to consider. It should be breathable, like canvas, leather, or newer mesh materials. The shoes must be stiff in the back and flexible in the foot’s front. As mentioned above, the toe box should have enough room to wiggle the toes freely. The material and the fit should be such that the shoes don’t pinch anywhere. Instead, it should fit snuggly and support the feet. Experts recommend that shoes fit at the width, the flex point, and the instep.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Kids

Another thing to remember is to buy shoes that fit. Most parents buy bigger shoes because they know their kids will outgrow them in two to three months. Or they buy shoes that fit extremely poorly, hampering the foot’s growth. However, this is wrong as it will impair the kid’s walking ability.

Focus on the health of the foot.

If you want quality shoes, you need to pay a bit more. Cheap shoes will not have quality and will hamper the growth of a child’s feet. You are wrong if you think buying children’s shoes is a bargain. To ensure the foot’s health, go with quality shoes, even if you feel they are expensive. It is challenging to pay a lot of money for expensive shoes for children, as they outgrow them quickly. But to ensure development, you need to buy exceptional shoes. Never use hand-me-downs or old shoes for your child. Get ones that fit them perfectly. The shoes your older child has worn occasionally are the only ones you should let your younger ones use.

Consider the age of your child when buying shoes.

Considering the age of the child when buying shoes is crucial. Infants in their crawling stage don’t need shoes; they are just fashion accessories. When they only start to walk, they need a soft-soled shoe. Toddlers should have lightweight shoes, so you do not have to buy them athletic ones. When they come to elementary school, they need athletic shoes for sports. Refrain the kids from wearing flip-flops or heels, even when they are low, as it can damage their backs and feet.

Replace shoes often

In their growing years, you need to replace shoes often. Their feet need space to grow properly. So, check the fit every 2-3 months and get new ones when needed.

There are so many types of shoes available for children. And girls have even more variety. Thus, having the basic shoes you know will serve the child well is essential. You don’t have to buy every type of shoe for them, but a few essentials like Crocs, Ugg boots, or school shoes are necessary. Buying pretty shoes that are functional, too, is essential. Also, follow the above tips when buying shoes for kids. They have growing feet. If you don’t buy the right ones, their feet will hurt, and even their toes can deform.

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