Top 5 Ways to Make Better Use of a Garage Conversion

Top 5 Ways to Make Better Use of a Garage Conversion

There may come a point when you find that your home is just too small for the number of people living there or you need to make better use of the rooms you have available. If this is something you are grappling with then you are probably limited to three choices. Either you live with it the best you can, buy a bigger home, or add more living space to the one you have.

Since you are already overcrowded, that leaves you with moving or building onto your current home. Not only is moving to a new home a major undertaking but the cost of buying a bigger house isn’t something you may be prepared to deal with. That leaves adding space to the home you have and the easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve that is with a garage conversion. So, how many ways can you make better use of a garage conversion? Let’s take a look at that!

1. Mother-in-Law’s Quarters

It isn’t unusual for grandma to move in with the family, especially after the loss of her husband of many years. A garage conversion is a perfect solution. It gives your mother-in-law a sense of independence while being close to the family. She’s not alone yet far enough removed to give her space away from the noise and confusion of kids, dogs, and the more-than-occasional friends who hang out with the kids.

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2. Game Room

How frustrating is it to have no place to sit and quietly watch a movie together with your spouse in the evening? The teens have taken over the family room or the living room with their gaming systems. Sometimes the adults want to play an online game or two themselves, but both the gaming system and the PC are taken over! Turning a garage conversion into a game room simply needs to ensure a router provides connectivity and there is a PC or gaming console. Even if that isn’t an option at the moment, you’ll have a bit of peace and privacy to connect through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via an app. You can compare real money casino apps at www.maplecasino.ca/mobile-casinos/apps/. Finally, “me time!”

3. Home Office

One change to our lifestyles brought about by the pandemic in recent years is a greater need for remote workers. Instead of setting up in the confusion within the house, check out how easy it is to use that garage conversion as a home office. All your files and equipment are safe from intrusion by the little ones, leaving you free to work without interruption now and well into the future.

4. Craft Room

No matter what kind of crafting you are into, a garage conversion provides the best place to work. Your tools or materials won’t be tampered with if the kids can’t get at them! Besides, don’t you do your best creating when you have enough space and quiet to work in?

5. Extra Bedroom

It isn’t suggested that you use a garage conversion for a teen’s bedroom unless you are confident they won’t try to ‘escape’ for a midnight rendezvous with friends. If you have a responsible teen or perhaps a college-age child living at home, this makes the perfect bedroom. They gain independence and have their own space to chill in.

These are just five of the most popular ways to make better use of a garage conversion but if you think about it, any extra space is better than living cramped in a home that’s too small for comfort. Get creative!


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