35 Trendy Cute Acrylic Nails You’ll Want to Try

trendy cute acrylic nails

Previously, women only wore acrylic nails for special occasions, but this has changed as many women now prefer to have acrylic nails as part of their everyday fashion routine. These nails are fashion accessories that add length to short natural nails and make create an illusion of slender fingers, especially in people with short, fat fingers.

If you are looking for the perfect acrylic nails, this article offers you a list of the 35 trendy cute acrylic nails you should try.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic Nails

Image source: Pinterest

Also referred to as artificial nails, fake nails, nail extensions, or nail enhancements, acrylic nails are extensions attached to natural fingernails as fashion accessories.

Most of these nail designs are created to replicate the appearance of your natural fingernails, but some are purposely created to look different from your real fingernails for artistic reasons. Unlike your natural nails, acrylic nails require regular maintenance.

Most acrylic nails are supposed to be checked by a professional nail artist after every two weeks on average. Generally, they are designed to last up to one month. However, these nails are more versatile in terms of style, size, and shape than natural nails. They are also considered to be stronger and more durable than natural fingernails.

Acrylic nails are made from acrylic glass (PMMA), which is normally combined with a liquid monomer, such as ethyl methacrylate, and some inhibitors to form a soft bead. This concoction starts to cure almost immediately, becoming completely solid within a few minutes. You can give your acrylic nails extra color by applying gel polish, nail polish, or dip powder.

35 Trendy Cute Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails come in a wide range of designs meant to suit different fashion preferences and occasions. From minimal designs to the brightest and most creative designs, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you. Here are some of the trendiest cute acrylic nails.

1. Pink Checks

Pink Checks

Image source: Pinterest

This acrylic nail design is very feminine and has a color palette that gives it the 90s vibe. It’s a simple, yet very effective pattern. These acrylic nails feature an almond shape that gives them a sophisticated look.

2. Abstract Cow Print

Cow Print

Image source: Pinterest

The abstract cow print design is one of the latest acrylic nail trends, especially in the United States. It features different colors on each hand, which distinguish it from the normal cow print. However, it will catch everyone’s attention.

3. Blue Lighting Bolts

Lighting Bolts

Image source: Twitter

This is a very cool acrylic nails design that’s perfect for people who don’t want exaggerated nail designs. It uses special colors and lighting spots that can only be visible in certain lights. This is an understated nail design that will help your nails to stand out.

4. Double French

Double French

Image source: Pinterest

Although this nail design looks simple, it’s perfect for different occasions, especially casual wear. You can even add a little twist to your standard French manicure by adding two black lines.

5. Black


Image source: Pinterest

Many acrylic nails designs look perfect in black color. Adding a touch of black gives your nails a luxurious but simple look. Instead of going for the usual black and white design, you should try the black and bare contrast.

6. Tortoise Tips

Tortoise Tips

Image source: Pinterest

Acrylic nails with a tortoise print are among the latest trends and it’s a perfect way to make your nails look stunning whilst still keeping the design subtle. You can also make your nails look more expansive by adding a gold stripe. But make sure you don’t overkill the design.

7. Water Marble

Water Marble

Image source: Pinterest

White acrylic nails have always been considered classic, but with the discovery of marble, this nail design has become even more intriguing. The water marble design allows you to try something different while still maintaining the classic design.

8. Abstract Leopard Print

Leopard Print

Image source: Pinterest

This is a unique nail design that combines multiple nail trends. It features a white line against the bar surface and leopard print. This makes the design very chic.

9. Midnight Black

Midnight Black

Image source: Pinterest

While black nails are always considered sleek and classy, an extra element of iridescent black adds more detail to the design, making it more attractive. Since the shimmery detail is quite subtle, this design is suitable for people who want something subtle.

10. Glitter Lavender

Glitter Lavender

Image source: Pinterest

Although the French tip is a common nail design, it becomes more sophisticated and unique with the touch of extra color and glitter. This nail design is quite versatile as it suits different occasions.

11. Multi Swirls

Multi Swirls

Image source: Pinterest

This design is quite retro and its colors give it a vintage look. This detail also makes the nails stand out and gives them an element of uniqueness.

12. Spiced Latte

Spiced Latte

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design features warm colors that make it perfect for autumn. The two colors merge quite nicely and the gold foil flecks create a golden sun effect that will capture everyone’s attention.

13. Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design features a waterfall effect and several calming colors. It also creates an abstract effect that makes your nails look unique.

14. Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design features different shades of pink, creating a very subtle contrast. Nevertheless, it’s a very effective contrast. You can also add an element of cow print to keep your nails trendy without overpowering the design.

15. Mixed Manicure

Mixed Manicure

Image source: Pinterest

This is a creative combination of different colors and prints that will give your nails a unique touch of sophistication. It also allows you to try out different acrylic nails trends all in one. The colors used in this design are highly versatile and compatible.

16. Ombre Clouds

Ombre Clouds

Image source: Pinterest

This is a common trend that features two popular shades that perfectly blend into each other to offer elegance. These colors also make the design more feminine and dreamy.

17. Yellow Sunflowers

Yellow Sunflowers

Image source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a happier and brighter nail design, then this design is a suitable option for you. It’s a perfect way to brighten up your day, especially in spring and summer.

18. Perfect Marble

Perfect Marble

Image source: Pinterest

This design features many details and colors that are suitable for different seasons. It’s an artistic design with a vintage feel to it. You can even use it as an accent nail.

19. Black Heart

Black Heart

Image source: Pinterest

This is an elegant nail design with a heart shape and a lively black color that makes it perfect for summer. You can also choose this nail design for Halloween and autumn.

20. Pink and White

Pink and White

Image source: Pinterest

If you like the typical French tip, you can make it more trendy by adding a twist to it with pink and white details. You can even add an element of diagonal design to it to create an illusion of a complete design.

21. Nude Polka Spots

Polka Spots

Image source: Pinterest

This is a simple nail design and the different tiny details on each nail add an element of uniqueness. Its light colors make it very elegant and versatile.

22. Key Lime

Key Lime

Image source: Pinterest

This is a very clean and subtle nail design that is suitable for people who love bright colors. It also features a gold detail that merges perfectly with other colors, making it ideal for the summer and spring seasons.

23. Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean

Image source: Pinterest

The shade of blue blends perfectly with the nude element to create an outstanding touch of elegance. It also creates a calm water feel. The tiny gold foil elements enable this design to stand out and give your nails the wow factor.

24. Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design combines various nail designs, including the glitter accent, tip design, and marble effect. This mixture blends perfectly to allow your nails to make different statements depending on the occasion.

25. Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed

Image source: Pinterest

This is a simple star nail design created on a nude surface. It combines different colors to add an element of fun. You can also add your own twist to it to make it more personal and trendier.

26. Sea of Gold

Sea of Gold

Image source: Pinterest

This is a very rich and chic nail design that features a gold foil. The classy design is perfect for different occasions. Its coffin shape also adds an element of chicness to it.

27. Orange Butterflies

Orange Butterflies

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design is quite girly and it’s perfect for women who don’t need too much color on their nails.

28. Color Bomb

Color Bomb

Image source: Pinterest

This is a fun nail design with bright, bold, and fun colors. It also features small unique details that blend perfectly with the overall design without overloading it.

29. Black Marble

Black Marble

Image source: Pinterest

The marble element in this nail design makes it very trendy while the black color keeps it classic. It’s suitable for evening parties and night-outs.

30. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design features a gold detail and rhinestones that make your nails appear expensive. It’s a versatile nail design that suits different occasions.

31. Confetti Ombre

Confetti Ombre

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design is suitable for people who don’t want to be very daring with their nails. So, if you prefer to use classic colors with an element of sophistication to them, this is a perfect choice.

32. Pink Florals

Pink Florals

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design features an encapsulated flower design that makes it very popular. But it’s also very unique. It’s a delicate design that’s perfect for special occasions.

33. White Lavender

White Lavender

Image source: Pinterest

A white lavender is a very popular and subtle design. The white tips and marble effect will make your nails look expensive.

34. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design is perfect for the summer. But it can also be suitable for other times of the year, especially the holiday seasons. It features a black piece of art set against the bright blue, making it look more vibrant.

35. Abstract Faces

Abstract Faces

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design is very common among celebrities, especially because of its wide range of details. Although it’s quite minimal, this design will make your nails stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylic Nails

1. Why are my acrylic nails suddenly lifting?

Experienced nail artists normally don’t experience this problem. But at times this problem can occur if you have poor health or don’t know how to take care of your acrylic nails.

2. Why are acrylic ratios so important?

With so many acrylic brands in the market today, it’s very important to understand the ratios of each product before using it. Make sure you understand the chemistry behind the products you are presented with so that you can know which ones suit you.

3. What affects the clarity of my acrylic nails?

The clarity of your acrylic nails is largely affected by how they are prepared. Some people just dip their acrylic and draw a line in the powder while others dip the acrylic and then draw a circle in the powder. These processes may seem insignificant, but they make a big difference to the clarity of your nails.

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