Marathon Time: Watching All the Twilight Movies In Order

twilight movies in order

When the first Twilight book came out in 2005, Stephenie Meyer’s story took the world by storm. The subsequent movies based on the books only solidified its popularity, gaining a cult following that is thriving even today.

If you want to dive into the Twilight saga or just take a trip down memory lane, here’s how you can watch the Twilight movies in order. Get out your popcorn — it’s marathon time!

Twilight Franchise Introduction


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Based on a series of books of the same name by author Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight movies follow Bella Swan, a teenager who falls in love with a mysterious student from her class, Edward Cullen. As it turns out, Edward is anything but ordinary. He is a vampire, and he can hear the thoughts of everyone around him.

However, his gift doesn’t extend to Bella. Namely, she is the only one whose mind he cannot read, which instantly draws him to her. They fall in love and get together despite Edward’s attempts to keep Bella at arm’s length to protect her. After all, he is a vampire, and being close to humans is a serious risk.

In subsequent movies, Bella and Edward overcome many obstacles in their way. In the last film, they fight Edward’s old vampire foes, learn to work together with werewolves, and even welcome a daughter to the world. At that point, Bella also transitions into a vampire, gaining unique powers of her own.

The story ends happily, with an all-hands-on-deck fight to save Edward and Bella’s child. At last, fans get to see their favorite characters happy and at peace, something that is well-earned after all the troubles they’ve been through.

Up until today, the Twilight saga has earned a combined $3.4 billion, making it one of the most successful movie franchises in history. These films launched the careers of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who are, today, household names.

Nowadays, the Twilight film fandom is still alive and well. Fans still rewatch the movies on a regular basis, enjoying the interesting characters and the compelling story as if they were seeing it for the first time.

How Many Twilight Movies Are There?

At first, 4 Twilight movies were planned, as that is how many books make up the series. However, the filmmakers decided to split the last book into two, making the film total 5.

The first movie came out in 2008, and sequels followed every subsequent year until 2012. They are all named after the books they are based on, with the last two movies bearing the same name and an addition (Part 1/Part 2).

Without further ado, here’s a list of all movies in the order of their release.

Twilight Movies in Order

1. Twilight (2008)

Twilight 2008

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As previously mentioned, the first movie in the franchise came out in 2008, and it was an instant success. It made $407.1 million at the box office, making it one of the year’s biggest films.

Plot-wise, Twilight is the introduction to Edward, Bella, and their families. In this movie, viewers get to meet these characters in the rainy Forks, a small town in the Olympic Peninsula.

Edward and Bella attend the same high school, and they are instantly drawn to each other when they first meet. Subsequently, Bella discovers that Edward and his family are vampires. However, as they feed only on animal blood, they aren’t the bloodthirsty vampires most legends depict.

The film follows the Cullens as they try to keep Bella safe from an evil vampire drawn to her scent and obsessed with the thrill of the hunt. In the end, Edward manages to save Bella just in time, but the whole situation makes him wonder if staying away would be better for her in the long run.

2. New Moon (2009)

New Moon

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Believing that he and his family are putting Bella in danger every time they’re near her, Edward ends the relationship with her at the beginning of this film. He is brokenhearted but decides that it is for the best. He leaves town in order to ensure he doesn’t cave and return to Bella.

On the other hand, Bella is left devastated. She becomes depressed, loses weight, and becomes reckless, not caring for her own safety. Her only solace during these times is her old friend, Jacob Black.

However, Edward’s absence does not mean that his family’s enemies have stopped chasing Bella. In this movie, she has to fight for her life yet again and this time, Edward is not there to help.

In the end, Edward must give a promise to the Volturi, the ancient vampire family that rules all vampires, that he will turn Bella into a vampire. They, in turn, vow to kill her if she doesn’t turn in the near future.

This film was an even bigger success than the first one. It earned a whopping $709.8 million at the box office.

3. Eclipse (2010)


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The third part of the saga focuses on the long-lasting feud between werewolves and vampires. In this universe, werewolves are actually made to hunt and kill vampires, making the two types of creatures mortal enemies.

This situation creates a problem for Bella, whose boyfriend (Edward) and best friend (Jacob) are on opposing sides, with the latter turning into a werewolf. The film follows Bella as she has to choose between the love of her life and the only real friend she has ever had.

Many people see Eclipse as the most heartbreaking part of the franchise. At the base of the plot, the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle has spawned fan wars and created a divide within the fandom. To this day, twelve years after the film’s release, people are still debating about whether Bella made the right choice.

4. Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

Breaking Dawn

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The first part of the Breaking Dawn duology follows Edward and Bella as they tie the knot. On the honeymoon, Bella gets pregnant, something that no one could think was possible.

Bella’s health begins to deteriorate as the baby grows since the fetus is half-vampire. In the end, Edward turns Bella into a vampire after the horrifying labor scene. As Bella finally awakens as a newborn vampire, Edward’s promise to the Volturi is fulfilled. But the troubles do not end there.

5. Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)

Breaking Dawn Part 2

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The last part of the saga is, by far, the most epic one. Vampire babies are forbidden, as their alluring appearance, but deadly tantrums proved to be a danger to the secret of the vampires’ existence. This fact poses a serious threat to Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, a half-human and half-vampire.

The Cullen clan enlists the help of their vampire friends all over the world. All of them are to meet the Volturi, as witnesses, with a goal to show the Volturi that little Renesmee is not a threat.

The movie ends with a nail-biting battle and a shocking twist that fans are still raving about since it significantly deviates from the books. This movie is, by far, the most successful one in the saga, having earned more than $829.7 million. It is a fitting ending to a worldwide phenomenon, and it is definitely a fan favorite.

Where You Can Watch All Twilight Movies

Though all five films were previously accessible on Netflix, as of January 2022, they are no longer available on this streaming service. Currently, you can stream them on Peacock, but only with a premium subscription.

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