Underrated SEO Tips You Should Implement in 2023

Underrated SEO Tips You Should Implement in 2023

As businesses continue to scramble for digital visibility in the new economy, search engine optimization (SEO) remains a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. With ever-evolving algorithms and best practices, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve on SEO trends, but with some smart tactics, you can elevate your website’s ranking and visibility without losing precious resources. In this blog post, we’ll explore several underrated SEO tips often overlooked by business owners that you should implement in 2023 for maximum results!

Using an SEO Agency

The first underrated SEO tip on this list that you should implement in 2023 is using an SEO agency. One of the reasons why this is an underrated tip is because, since most people have access to Google, they assume that with the help of their research, they’ll be able to perform search engine optimization by themselves.

Unfortunately, if that were the case, then every single website would be on the top ten search engine result pages list. At the end of the day, SEO is quite complicated, and if you are new to the process, you aren’t going to need the help of an SEO agency such as Figment Agency to give your website a boost. This will benefit your business in the long run.

Have a Linking Strategy

The next underrated search engine optimization tip that you should implement in 2023 would be to have a linking strategy. When most people hear the word linking, they automatically think of backlinks. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it is basically when your website has been linked to the page of another website.

You need to be very selective with the websites that you choose to host your link since they might end up bringing your domain authority down. More importantly, in addition to backlinks, you should also definitely have an internal linking strategy. Internal linking is very necessary for keeping the user on your website, but you’ll need to consider which pages you’ll be sending them to.

Create Content for Your Audience

If you have been trying to improve your ranking on Google, one thing that you have most likely heard is that you need to create content. However, what you might not have heard, and a tip that is quite underrated, is that you need to begin creating content that is relevant to your audience. When most people first begin creating content for their website, they try to target keywords that are the most popular.

However, one disadvantage of doing this is that you are going to be competing against websites that have a higher domain rating than yourself, which means that you won’t be winning those battles. Instead, you should do keyword research to find out what your specific audience is looking for and compete for keywords that aren’t being targeted by many websites. One such example would be something like a longtail keyword.

Underrated SEO Tips You Should Implement

Improve Your Site

Of all the things that you should be doing if you want to increase your ranking on Google, improving your site is one of them. The reason that this is such an underrated tip is that most blogs or lists of tips would have you focused on some of the above-mentioned points, such as building links and doing keyword research.

However, there are things that you can do on your site to increase your ranking, such as increasing your site speed, which will reduce the bounce rate. More importantly, you also need to pay attention to the structure of your website, as well as the structure of URLs, updating old content, and optimizing images.

Get on Social Media

Finally, the last underrated tip on this list that you should implement in 2023 to improve your ranking on search engines such as Google would be to get on social media. By now, you probably have a good idea of what the most popular social media platforms are. So, it would be a good idea to find out which platform your audience is using and begin creating content for it.

One of the reasons this is so helpful is that you are going to need social signals or social proof. A few suggestions for content would be to create informative videos, not just advertisements. For example, if your website is related to shoes or selling shoes, you could create content for social media platforms on how to best take care of shoes.

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