Darts, Futsal, And Netball: What Are Some of The Unique Sports Possible to Wager on?

unique sports possible to wager on

Sports betting is a highly popular activity, with many around the world continuing to regularly participate in the wagering activity.

Indeed, the U.S. has recently decided to abolish the federal law that was once in place banning it from taking place and allowing each individual state to decide whether they want to permit the activity by introducing its own regulations.

Of course, there were a host of states that decided to bring online gambling to their citizens. Pennsylvania was one of those to have introduced it to its residents, with many already logging onto the best website for sports betting in PA and actively placing wagers on their favorite sports and the teams/individuals that compete.

American Football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and even soccer are some of the most popular sports to bet on, with motorsport and horse racing also enjoying a huge portion of the market, however bettors would perhaps be oblivious to the fact that there are a number of other sports that can actually be bet on, too!

Indeed, whilst activities such as darts, futsal, netball, Australian rules football, and surfing may not necessarily have the biggest following in the U.S., they remain sports that can provide a host of different betting opportunities.

Let’s explore each of the sports below and suggest why they could be great games to potentially place a wager on in the future!

unique sports possible to wager on 2


Everyone knows what the sport darts is, however not everyone may have realized that it has become a highly competitive sport over the last couple of decades.

Indeed, whilst it may still have a reputation of being a pub game that is played by beer drinkers, darts has become incredibly competitive across Europe and the rest of the world where there are a number of different competitions taking place, with some featuring huge sums of prize money for the winners.

There are a number of different things an individual could bet on during a darts match or tournament, thus making it a rather appealing sport.


Futsal is a sport that can be described as indoor soccer. It is widely played in South America and Europe and continues to attract a number of spectators when it is played competitively.

As it is a lot like traditional soccer, there are a number of betting opportunities that can be enjoyed with this game, including many of the popular markets that are typically made available for the common version of the game.


Netball is another sport that continues to emerge in popularity and one that can provide some interesting sports betting moments. For some, the game is best described as being a little like basketball, although without the dribbling, as players are required to stop when they have the ball in their possession. Nonetheless, they still need to shoot it through a hoop in order to score points.

Much like futsal and football, there are a number of betting markets that exist that are nearly identical between basketball and netball.

Australian Rules Football

Also known as Aussie Rules, Australian Rules Football is a rather unique sport and one that is typically played in Australia and New Zealand. It is a physical, competitive, and fast-paced game, which is why many believe it can be ideal for sports betting.

As with many sports that are played as a team and require points to be scored, there are a number of different markets that can be wagered on, thus keeping things as exciting as possible.


Surfing is perhaps one of the most interesting sports in the world that many would not have initially believed they would have been able to place a wager on. However, they are able to do exactly that!

Punters are able to place bets on certain individuals and whether they win the events that they are competing in, whilst they are also able to place a bet on a range of other options, too!

Final Thoughts

The sports outlined above are just some of the more unique activities that are possible to place a bet on, with a host of others also available to enjoy! Betting on these unusual options can provide an element of excitement that some of the most popular options may not be able to provide, too, thus helping to further enhance the overall sports betting experience that has been obtained!

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