Laugh Until You Cry: The Best Useless But Funny Life Advice

useless but funny life advice

Let’s be frank — the internet is filled with thousands of life hacks and advice that can truly help you one way or another. Yet, for every ten great tips, there are hundreds of useless albeit hilarious ones. And since everybody needs to laugh once in a while, this article’s rounded up a few pieces of useless but funny life advice. Let’s check them out!

23 Useless But Funny Life Advice


1. If you get caught sleeping on the job, just raise your head and say — In Jesus name, Amen!

2. Remember, if you want to bury a body, cover it with a couple of endangered plants. That way, it will be illegal for the police to dig it up, sparing you a costly trial.

3. The best way to avoid being stressed at work is not going to work.

4. Life Hack: If you sleep until lunch time, you can save breakfast money!

5. No matter how good the hand soap smells, never walk out of the restroom while sniffing your fingers!

6. Are you falling behind on your chores? Then put some clean dishes in the draining rack to make it look like you’re working on it.

7. If you are feeling alone, you should watch a horror movie before bed. This advice is particularly helpful for those who are easily frightened.

8. Does your phone not have a flashlight? Just take a photo of the sun and use that to find your way in the dark.

9. Bank loans will have you pay for at least 30 years while a robbery will put you behind bars for 10 years. You do the math.

10. You should never trust an electrician with no eyebrows.

11. Sick of being called an alcoholic? Then put a teabag in your whiskey and you’ll be able to drink without being judged.

12. Work from home tip: Blow on the wine in your coffee mug to convince your Zoom meeting that it’s hot tea.

13. Always carry a fork with you. Why? Because you can pull it out in case of a robbery, charge your attacker and shout — Thank you, Lord, for this meal I’m about to have.

14. You can magnify your phone’s screen by putting it in a glass of water.

15. Keep your cake moist by eating it in one sitting.

16. When you see someone crying, ask if it’s because of their haircut.

17. Too tired to study for your finals? Try swapping your contact cleaning solution with coffee for a quick pick-me-up.

18. Do you love reading but can’t find your bookmark? Why not use ketchup instead?

19. Stop wasting money on cans of air. Instead, wash your computer’s dusty motherboard with your dishes. It’s fast, effective, and reliable!

20. You can save time when making up your bed by just tucking in one corner of your fresh sheets.

21. Are you feeling sad after a break-up? Then just get a rubber glove and fill it with water. That way, you’ll always have a hand to hold!

22. Oil floats on water, so cover yourself in oil, wait for it to rain, and fly!

23. If someone is being mean and says mean stuff to you, say Uno reverse card and then walk away.

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