What to Expect at a Walmart Nail Salon: All You Need to Know

walmart nail salon

Celebrated for its affordable, one-stop shopping experience, the Walmart store has continuously and aggressively under-cut small-town supermarkets to capture the largest market share. One of its highly thriving divisions is the nail and hair salon.

So, if you want your nails done at an affordable price, try a Walmart nail salon. This article tells you what to expect at Walmart nail salons.

Introduction to Walmart Nail Salons

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First of all, it’s important to mention that Walmart nail salons are owned by Regal Nails Salon and Spa. This franchise has been launching hundreds of new nail salons inside Walmart stores across the globe every year. Currently, the franchise has over 1,000 salons in Walmart. Regal Nails has often attributed its unmatched success to its association with the retail powerhouse, Walmart.

The first Regal Nails salon inside Walmart was opened in November 1997, after Walmart agreed to several test salons in different stores across America. A year later, the franchise opened 15 more trial locations, and the rest is history. For instance, in 2006 alone, the franchise opened 124 new nail salons.

Regal Nails and Spa was started by Charlie Quy Ton, a migrant from South Vietnam, who left his country of birth on a boat to The Philippines at the age of 14 and later joined his older brother in the United States. He later went to Louisiana State University to study chemical engineering. Since he couldn’t find a job after completing his education, Ton started distributing products for his wife’s nail business.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough market for nail products in his hometown of Baton Rouge. So he started an import business, specializing in mail-order nail salon products. A couple of years later, he approached Walmart with the idea of setting up a nail salon inside its stores. But the retail powerhouse wasn’t interested at first.

A year later, Ton approached the store again and was lucky enough to get a space to set up his salon. But the leasing agent gave him only a week to open the salon. According to Ton, the business picked up immediately since most of Walmart’s customers are women.

Another factor that has contributed to Regal Nails’ success is that it doesn’t do its own advertising campaigns because Walmart runs its own marketing programs.

Nail Treatment Services Offered at a Walmart Nail Salon


Walmart nail salons across the globe are very unique and customer-oriented. Therefore, they offer a wide range of nail treatment services. They are also focused on offering their customers support without strict appointments. Here are some of the main nail treatment services you can expect to get at a Walmart nail salon.

• Manicure: This involves the treatment of hands by cutting, filling, and shaping your nails. It also involves pushing back and tiding of your cuticles, as well as a hand massage. Lastly, your nails will be painted with your preferred colors.

• Gel and acrylic nails: Gel nails are done by painting your nails with thick goo from a pot and sticking your hands under UV. Acrylic nails, on the other hand, are done by mixing liquid and powder and mushing the mixture on your nails.

• Nail designs: Designing your nails involves painting your nails artistically. It’s done on both fingernails and toenails, particularly after manicure or pedicure.

• Spa pedicure: This type of nail treatment involves cleaning and removing dead skin cells from your feet and toenails. It’s important for sprucing up your feet as well as preventing nail diseases.

• Nail repair: This treatment involves various techniques to fix broken and torn nails. It also helps to fix other nail problems and put your nails back in shape. This helps to avoid nail infections.

• Color and much more: This involves coloring your fingernails and toenails with the nail polish of your choice. It also includes pushing back and tiding of your cuticles.

• Solar pink: Solar pink nails are the typical acrylic nails but with branded designs. Despite being acrylic, solar nails are known to be better and superior in quality than regular acrylic nails.

Why You Should Visit a Walmart Nail Salon


Keeping your nails looking healthy and stylish should be an important part of your daily fashion undertakings. This means that you have to visit a nail salon regularly to have your nail done by a professional. One of the most popular nail salons in the world today is the Walmart nail salon. Here are some of the reasons why many people choose to have their nails done at a Walmart nail salon.

  • New Business Models

As mentioned above, Walmart nail salons are owned by Regal Nails, which is a popular franchise operating in different parts of the world. This franchise keeps introducing new business models that are aimed at improving its service delivery and customer experience. The franchise is focused on creating business models that will be convenient for every customer.

  • Products

Many people prefer to go for their pedicure and manicure services at Walmart nail salons because they are guaranteed to find the latest nail products. As a global franchise, Regal Nails has access to different kinds of nail products. Since these nail stores operate under Walmart’s philosophy of selling high-end products at affordable prices, you will get your nails done with high-quality products without breaking the bank.

  • Equipment

As a well-established global franchise, Regal Nails has set very high standards for its brand. Therefore, you should expect to find high-end nail treatment equipment at every Walmart nail salon you go to.

  • Designs

Regal Nail salons hire highly trained and qualified professionals to maintain their high standards. Also, the franchise has to adhere to Walmart’s strict customer service policy. Therefore, you can expect to find professionals who are well-versed with the latest nail treatment techniques and designs to match your fashion needs.

  • Innovative Ideas

The professionals found at Walmart nail salons are highly trained and must go through a rigorous assessment before they are hired to ensure they meet the franchise’s high standards. Plus, the franchise offers its professionals a conducive working environment so that they can be as innovative as possible. Also, Regal Nails is continuously coming up with innovative ideas to meet the changing market needs.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices and Hours


All Walmart nail salons are guided by Walmart’s ethos of always providing high-quality products and services at affordable prices. Also, the salons offer their services without appointments because the franchise is built on the idea that customers should be served as they come. That’s why there’s always huge walk-in traffic at all Walmart stores.

Like any other nail salon, Walmart nail salons offer different prices for different nail treatment services and products. Here is a pricelist for the main nail treatment services:

• Acrylic Nails                                                  $24.99&up
• Acrylic Nails (Fills Only)                            $17.99&up
• Gel Nails Color                                             $19.99&up
• Diamond Nails                                             $29.99&up
• Diamond Nails (Fills Only)                       $19.99&up
• UV Gel Nails                                                 $33.99&up
• Pink & White Solar                                     $37.99&up
• Pink & White Solar (Fills Only)               $28.99&up
• Solar Pink – Extra Gel for                         $3-$32.99&up
• Solar Pink (Fills Only) – Extra Gel for     $3-$19.99&up
• White Tips                                                     $26.99&up
• White Tips (Fills Only)                               $17.99&up
• Manicure with French or color $3 extra     $10.99&up
• Spa Pedicure with French or color $3 extra   $19.99&up
• Spa Pedicure & Manicure                             $29.99&up
• Nail Repair                                                      $5.99&up

In terms of operating hours, Walmart nail salons have an extensive operating schedule, especially since most of them are normally open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Here is a complete list of Walmart nail salon working hours:

• MON:          10:00AM             8:00PM
• TUE:           10:00AM             8:00PM
• WED:          10:00AM             8:00PM
• THU:           10:00AM             8:00PM
• FRI:             10:00AM             8:00PM
• SAT:             9:00AM               7:00PM
• SUN:            12:00AM             5:00PM

This means that you can stop by your favorite Walmart nail salon to have your nails done on your way to buy groceries. Furthermore, Walmart ensures that you get everything done in one place for convenience.

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