41 Most Bizarre Ways to Die

ways to die

At some point in life, everybody dies because that’s what nature dictates. But although death is inevitable, some deaths are more bizarre than others. This article looks at the 41 most bizarre ways to die.

What Happens in Your Final Moments?

Final Moments

Death is a dreaded and mysterious occurrence that everybody hopes won’t happen to them. Unfortunately, nobody is going to live forever. But one of the most intriguing questions that people ask is: What happens in the final moments?

Although it’s difficult to think about your final moments in life, especially when you are sick and not ready to go, having an idea of what to expect when that time comes can help you ease the anxiety. While everyone experiences death differently, some shared body changes normally occur when someone is dying.

1. Unconsciousness

In most cases, you will lose your consciousness as your life fades away. However, sometimes you may be aware of your surroundings or feel someone holding you.

2. Skin Color Changes

Your skin might appear somewhat blue or have different patches. Your feet, legs, and hands may become cold due to the low circulation of blood in your body.

3. Noisy Breathing

As your life slips away, mucus builds up in your airways, making it difficult for you to breathe. This makes your breathing loud and noisy, especially if you are unable to cough to clear your airways. It’s a traumatizing experience, especially for the people around you. But it’s hardly painful for you because you are likely to be unconscious.

4. Irregular Breathing

In the final moments, your breathing will slow down and become irregular. Sometimes you might experience prolonged pauses between breaths – a situation commonly referred to as Cheyne-Strokes breathing. These pauses will go on for a short time before your breathing finally stops completely.

41 Bizarre Ways to Die


Although death is inevitable, some deaths can be quite random and difficult to plan against. Here are some of the most bizarre ways to die.

1. Falling out of bed: At least 450 people around the world die every year die after falling out of bed. Most of them fall out of bed while dreaming.

2. Killed by a swordfish: In 2015, Randy Llanes, a celebrated boat captain, was killed by a swordfish, which pierced his chest with its bill.

3. Drowning in a water butt: Several people have died after falling off a stepladder and landing headfirst on a water butt.

4. Killed by a condom dispenser: Recently a man died while robbing a condom dispenser. He was struck in the head by a shard from the condom dispenser after he blew it up with a homemade bomb.

5. Killed by a coconut: Research shows that at least 150 people are killed by coconuts falling off trees every year.

6. Killed by an umbrella: A male cab driver in Japan recently died after he was stabbed in the eye with an umbrella.

7. Shooting yourself while taking a selfie: A teenager in Texas accidentally shot himself in the throat with a handgun while taking a selfie.

8. Killing yourself with your own gun: A renowned American cyclist, Troy Earl Smith Jr, killed himself with a gun he was carrying in his breast pocket.

9. Killed by a fridge-freezer: Many people have been crushed by their fridge-freezers while trying to move them.

10. Crushed by your own coffin: Undertaker Marc Bourjade was crushed to death by his own coffin.

11. Smothered by your partner: A woman was reportedly smothered to death by her boyfriend as they slept on a sofa.

12. Killed by laughter: In 1975, a man named Alex Mitchell laughed so hard at The Goodies ‘Ecky Thump’ episode that his heart stopped.

13. Crushed by your own car: A 69-year-old man in Manchester was recently run over by his own Kia Sportage after trying to stop it from rolling downhill.

14. Killed by a sherry enema: In 2004, a man died after his spouse gave him a lethal sherry enema, causing his blood alcohol levels to soar sharply.

15. Eat yourself to death: King Adolf Frederick of Sweden ate himself to death. Reports claim that his death resulted from a large meal consisting of lobsters, caviars, sauerkrauts, kippers, champagne, pastries, and hot milk.

16. Killed by champagne corks: Studies show that more people are killed by flying Champagne corks every year than bites from poisonous spiders.

17. Strangled by a necktie: Research shows that neckties and scarves can be lethal.

18. Killed by cattle: Barry Pilgrim, a 65-year old from Derbyshire, was trampled to death by a cow as his wife watched.

19. Trampled by a camel: Peggye McNair and Mark Mere were trampled to death by camels on their farm.

20. Eaten by pigs: Alexandru Pop, 46, was eaten by pigs after he fell over in their pen and struggled to stand when the animals pounced on him.

21. Killed by your favorite sport: Many spectators have died while watching their favorite sports. For instance, you can be hit by a golf ball, a cricket ball, a racing/rally car, or a motorcycle.

22. Killed by your remote-controlled plane: Roger Wallace was killed by his own radio-controlled plane.

23. Falling off a cliff while taking a photo: Many people have died after accidentally stepping off the cliff while helping their photographer get them in the frame.

24. Dropping from an inflatable artwork: Two women died recently when an inflatable art installation they were on was tossed by the wind 30 feet into the air, tipping them out.

25. Drowning in a barrel of alcohol: George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, supposedly died after being drowned in a barrel of wine.

26. Drinking yourself to death: In most cases, you’ll only hear stories about people who died of alcohol intoxication. But did you know that drinking too much water can kill you? Water intoxication can result in a fatal disturbance in your brain function.

27. Blown up by industrial firework: In 2015, a young man died after attempting to launch a firework off the top of his head during the 4th of July celebrations in Maine.

28. Killed by carrots: Eating too many carrots causes skin discoloration, leaving your skin looking yellow or orange, which can be fatal.

29. Plunging from a theatre balcony: In 2016, an 18-year-old died after dropping from the balcony of a theatre during an evening show in the UK.

30. Killed by a falling scaffolding: In 2021, a Brisbane father of four died after a scaffolding buckled and dropped on him at a football game.

31. Killed by a bale of hay: In 2010, a veteran British rock star, Mike Edwards, died when a huge bale of hay crushed his van.

32. Hit by celebratory bullets: Reports indicate that at least 27 people were killed by celebratory gunfire in Lebanon between 2017 and 2019.

33. Falling from a tree: in 2015, a 14-year-old boy died on a public green in Leeds after falling from a tree.

34. Death by a glass door: In 2020, a mother-of-two died after accidentally running into a glass door in a bank in India. The glass shattered and a shard pierced her stomach.

35. Drowning in your bath: Research shows that at least one American drowns in a bathtub, hot tub, or spa every day.

36. Death by wine glass: Singer Charmayne Maxwell died in 2015 after falling and cutting her neck on a wine glass.

37. Death by BBQ: In 2012, a 48-year-old man died in an explosion in Oxford after he accidentally ignited gas residue while trying to convert an abandoned oil drum into a barbecue.

38. Death in the gym: In 2017, a 15-year-old Australian rugby player, Ben Shaw, died after he was crushed under a bench press while lifting weights.

39. Death by your own beard: Hans Steininger, who had the longest beard in the world, tripped over it and broke his neck in 1567.

40. Shooting yourself in court: In 1871, an American attorney, Clement Vallandigham, shot himself in the courtroom while trying to show the jury how an alleged murder victim had shot himself.

41. Killed by beer: In 1814, 8 people were drowned by a beer flood in London after 135,000 gallons of ale burst out of the Meux and Company Brewery.

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