21 Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About: Complete Guide

weird girl products that guys don't know about

Have you ever wondered what in the world that weird stuff your girlfriend puts on her face is? Or why she uses a roller-like contraption to massage the area under her eyes? If you have, then you’re not alone! There are, in fact, plenty of weird girl products that guys don’t know about.

What’s more, many a man has tried to figure out how some of those strange contraptions and products work, but to no avail. Luckily, this article can help shed some light on what they are, how they work, and why your girlfriend spends so much money on them!

The Ultimate Guide to Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About

Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About: Foot Products

#1. Heel Guard

Heel Guard

Image source: Pinterest

A heel guard (also called a heel condom) covers the heel area and protects it from blisters and scrapes. Women will use them when they’re wearing heels or other uncomfortable shoes. Overall, this first product may be one of the least weird girl products that guys don’t know about.

#2. Nail Separators

Nail Separators

Image source: Pinterest

Yet another useful tool meant to help with nails, these separators are made from foam, and can help your girlfriend paint her nails faster, and more accurately. Not only that, but it will also keep the nail polish intact.

#3. Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

Image source: Pinterest

To be fair, some men will use pumice stones as well. Hover, if you’re not familiar with what a pumice stone is, basically, it’s a stone that’s meant to help get rid of rough, dry skin on your heels. Women will typically use them while they’re showering, or when they’re giving themselves a pedicure.

Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About: Facial Products

#4. Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

Image source: Pinterest

What in the world is that egg-shaped thing your girlfriend rubs on her face? Every guy has wondered what the purpose of a beauty blender is, and why girls keep buying new ones.

A beauty blender has a skin-like texture, and using it keeps product waste to a minimum. Not only that, but using one helps your girlfriend keep her hands clean while she’s applying her foundation.

Although beauty blenders are reusable, after a while they lose their lustre which is why women tend to buy new ones every now and then.

#5. Facial Toner

Facial Toner

Image source: Pinterest

Facial toners such as the NuFace are meant to give women a homemade mini face-lift. It does so with the help of electric micro-currents. So, if you see your girlfriend rubbing a weird-looking contraption on her face, she’s using it to smooth out her skin and reduce wrinkles.

#6. Jade Roller

Jade Roller

Image source: Pinterest

Jade rollers are beauty tools made of jade or other stones. If a jade roller is a part of your girlfriend’s skin-care routine, you’ve likely seen her use it to massage her face.

Ultimately, the cold stone restricts the blood flow to a specific area, and the applied pressure pushes the fluid to the lymph nodes. Jade rollers can help reduce puffiness and leave the skin looking soft and smooth.

#7. Eyeliner Stencil

Eyeliner Stencil

Image source: Pinterest

Applying makeup perfectly is no easy feat. Some girls have trouble matching their foundation to their skin, while others can’t seem to get their eyeliner on straight. That’s where an eyeliner stencil comes in handy.

All she needs to do is place it against her eye, and use an eyeliner to create the perfect cat-eye.

#8. Brow Stamp

Brow Stamp

Image source: Pinterest

If your girlfriend has a busy schedule, she likely has trouble scheduling an appointment to get her eyebrows done. So, in order to keep her brows in check, she may decide to shave them and apply a brow stamp.

Weird, but undeniably useful!

#9. Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler

Image source: Pinterest

An eyelash curler isn’t a weird product per se, however, it can look strange if you have no idea what it’s used for. All this tool does is curl your girlfriend’s eyelashes without adding any product to them. So it’s basically like mascara, but without the tint.

#10. Jelly Lips

Jelly Lips

Image source: Pinterest

Does your girlfriend own large jelly lips? If you’ve seen them laying around, but you’re wondering why she would ever need them, all you need to know is that they’re meant to soothe and moisturize her lips.

#11. Face Masks

Face Masks

Image source: Pinterest

You’re just getting home, and you step through the door only to be greeted by a terrifying creature lounging in a robe on your couch. You resist the urge to scream, but after taking a good hard look at it you come to the realization that this is your girlfriend!

Only, she’s wearing some kind of weird green mask on her face. To be honest, some masks really can be terrifying, so why do girls wear them?

Ultimately, clay masks and mask sheets are great skincare products since they’re easy to apply, and more importantly, they give great results if used regularly.

Namely, skin masks can help rejuvenate the skin, and bring back some elasticity to it, as well as leave the person wearing it quite refreshed. It’s no wonder girls love them so much!

#12. Face Brush

Face Brush

Image source: Pinterest

Why does your girlfriend need a face brush? Can’t she just wash her face with her hands like the rest of the world? To be fair, this tool is far more useful than you can imagine. Furthermore, men could also benefit from using it from time to time.

Ultimately, a face brush can get rid of all that hidden dirt on your face, and leave it feeling silky smooth. Your hands, unfortunately, cannot reach that deep within your skin.

Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About: Random Products

#13. Lipstick Mask

Lipstick Mask

Image source: Pinterest

Not all women use lipstick masks, but if you’ve seen a Hannibal Lecter mask on your girlfriend’s vanity table, you likely have a few questions.

Basically, this mask serves as a stencil making it easier to apply the lipstick directly onto the lips without smudging or transferring it onto the skin.

#14. DevaFuser


Image source: Pinterest

To be fair, girls with straight hair may also find this product weird at first glance. The DevaFuser is a blowdryer attachment that helps preserve the moisture in the hair, reduces frizz, and creates fluffy and shiny curls.

This contraption is shaped like a hand for a reason – it cups the curls perfectly, giving curls just the right shape.

#15. Nail Polish Holder

Nail Polish Holder

Image source: Pinterest

Unless your girlfriend regularly goes to the salon for a mani-pedi, you may have seen this weird push-pop contraption lying around somewhere. Ultimately, a nail polish holder is meant to (obviously) hold your girlfriend’s nail polish while she paints her nails.

All she has to do is pop it onto one of her fingers like a push pop, and she can paint her nails without worrying about the nail polish spilling.

#16. Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins

Image source: Pinterest

If you have a girlfriend, then there’s no way you haven’t come across a loose bobby pin. Namely, girls will buy these pins in bulk since they tend to get lost so easily. But, what are they used for?

All you need to know is that bobby pins can turn a messy hairdo into a sleek, sophisticated one in a matter of minutes!

#17. Cuticle Stick

Cuticle Stick

Image source: Pinterest

It looks like something you would find in the doctor’s office, but it’s actually something that all girls have in their makeup bags. Ultimately, a cuticle stick pushes the dead skin on nails, so girls tend to use them before applying nail polish.

#18. Boob Glue

Boob Glue

Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you read that right; boob glue. Obviously, this product has its specific purpose, but when a guy sees a product that says boob glue, he probably has no idea what it’s used for.

Namely, girls use this product to keep their “girls” in place. So, when they decide to wear a deep-cut shirt or dress, they need something to keep their boobs in place. That way they can ditch their bra, and not have to worry about accidentally exposing themselves.

Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About: Clothing Items

#19. Cuchini


Image source: Amazon.com

The name doesn’t really give much away, so it’s no wonder you have no idea what this contraption is. The cuchini is a small adhesive triangular pad that girls stick to their underwear in order to hide their camel toe.

This pad is reusable and is especially useful when it comes to wearing leggings, or even swimsuits.

#20. Ta-ta Towel

Ta-ta Towel

Image source: Pinterest

Yet another boob-related contraption, the ta-ta towel is incredibly useful in the summertime. Most (if not all) women hate wearing bras, as they’re incredibly uncomfortable. That’s why they like to go braless every chance they get. However, even this has its disadvantages.

That’s why the ta-ta towel, although simple, is surprisingly helpful when it comes to protecting and keeping their boobs in place. Not only that, but they also significantly reduce sweating.

With that in mind, if you’re in need of a good gift suggestion, get your girlfriend a ta-ta towel ㅡ you won’t regret it!

#21. Spanx


Image source: Pinterest

No list of weird girl products that guys don’t know about would be complete without Spanx. What are they, and why do women wear them?

This uncomfortable piece of clothing can make all the lumps and bumps on your girlfriend’s body disappear like magic! So, if she has a clingy dress she wants to wear, she’ll probably add a pair of Spanx underneath just to smooth out any “imperfections”.

Keep in mind that Spanx are really tight, so she’ll likely only wear them for special occasions.

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