What Are Some Safe and Legal Anime Websites to Watch Other than Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll in UK?

What Are Some Safe and Legal Anime Websites

You aren’t, though, alone. Diehard anime lovers outside of Japan frequently find it difficult to discover the animated series they want to enjoy simply because it is not accessible in their location.

If you’re even vaguely aware of the devoted fan following that manga has amassed over the decades, you can imagine how terrible it is to be unable to stream anime online.

This is right here. The one list that will rule them all. We took the effort to research the web and compile a comprehensive list of the most recent 100% legal anime streaming sites.

You might be able to watch the best anime movies on Netflix, but it doesn’t have that wide variety and has very few anime in the UK.

Many consumers are concerned about copyright litigation and other problems when using a free anime streaming website. However, most well-known free anime websites, like 9Anime, are generally safe to use and do not host any content themselves; instead, they index links from outside sources.

So, we’ve mentioned in which countries the streaming platforms in our list are available, their cost, and the number of titles they provide on average. We’ll try to keep this list updated and add/remove sites as necessary. But before moving to stream sites like this, go through what anime is and why it is so popular.

What Exactly is Anime and Why is It Top Trending?

Anime is a general term for any cartoon product produced by the Japanese film industry.

The anime differs from its American equivalent by emphasizing vivid, energetic characters and generally darker, violent, and sophisticated tales.

Animation, for example, is not just for children and has a far larger fan base among young male adults than children. It is so popular that it can be seen in numerous big-budget Hollywood movies, like Pacific Rim and The Matrix.

What Are Some Safe and Legal Anime Websites to Watch Other than Hulu

List of the Popular Streaming Servers to Watch Anime

Amazon Video

Price: £91 annually (£7.60/mo)

Countries where it is available: Japan, Canada, The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Belgium, and soon India

Description: On Prime Video, you may watch hundreds of titles, including several award-winning films, original programming, and critically acclaimed TV shows.


Price: It is a free streaming service.

In countries where it is available: worldwide availability. The content library may vary region-to-region.

Description: Anime-Planet is a volunteer-driven anime streaming service maintained by creators, programmers, and content editors. It has grown to encompass information databases about animation, comics, light romances, webtoons, and personalities.

FAKKU! (Hentai)

Price: £11.93/mo

Countries where it is available: worldwide availability. The content library may vary region-to-region.

Description: FAKKU is the nation’s biggest English hentai producer. There are dozens of uncut English hentai manga, doujinshi, and comics to choose from.

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