What Conditions Are Eligible for VA Disability Benefits?

Eligible for VA Disability Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs exists to support and care for those who have served in the United States military. There are many programs and initiatives run by the VA that are designed to help veterans who have returned to civilian life. In many cases, these resources can make the transition a little easier, and even though the system is imperfect and there are plenty of gaps, it can be a valuable tool to rely on as you re-acclimate to society.

One of the primary programs available to veterans is the disability benefits program. This initiative provides tax-free monthly payments to veterans with a service-related illness or injury. If the condition started because of military service, was exacerbated by it, or showed up soon after and was directly caused by your service, then you may be eligible for these benefits.

Evidence of your condition is the most important component when filing for a VA disability claim. You will need documentation such as X-rays, doctor’s records, MRIs, proof of treatment, medical bills, and more to demonstrate the nature of your condition. You might be wondering what conditions qualify you for VA disability benefits. Let’s break down some of the most common.What Conditions Are Eligible for VA Disability Benefits


Conditions related to hearing loss are common in veterans. Often, they are caused by the natural process of aging, but they can also be the result of a head or ear injury that occurred during a military career, Exposure to very loud sounds can also cause long-term tinnitus. Hearing loss can significantly impact daily life, especially life in the workplace. The inability to work in many environments may force you to apply for VA disability benefits to secure income.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most impactful mental health conditions associated with military service. Many veterans have gone through incredibly trying and emotional challenges during their military careers, especially those who have experienced combat situations. The trauma of this time, and the loss of fellow service members, can result in immense mental health challenges because of PTSD.


In general, many circumstances can lead to various forms of cancer. In the military, many service members are exposed to dangerous environmental factors that can cause cancer. Burn pits used to be a common waste disposal method that often exposed those nearby to cancer-causing chemicals. If you spent time at Camp LeJeune in the 20th century, the water in the area was contaminated for years and has led to hundreds if not thousands of cases of cancer in former marines and their families. Dealing with this type of service-connected condition could severely impact your lifestyle, which might make it worth using the best VA disability rating calculator to estimate the potential benefits.Conditions Are Eligible for VA Disability Benefits

Loss of Range of Motion

Physical traumas can often reduce your mobility, especially as you get older. Perhaps your time in the military left you with the inability to raise your arms above a certain level, making it hard to lift things. Perhaps you have a hard time flexing your knee, so walking is very painful or difficult. In either case, this loss of motion has a big influence on your lifestyle, so you might be eligible for benefits if you can prove the injury is service-connected.


Migraines are intense headaches that can often include vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to light/sound, and excruciating pain. Migraines could be the result of significant levels of stress or mental strain, which are common in veterans who have difficult military experiences or a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Migraines can be debilitating enough that they affect your overall lifestyle.


The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body and is located in the lower back. A back injury suffered in the military can easily cause paralysis of the sciatic nerve, also known as sciatica. This condition is commonly connected to VA claims. Symptoms can include numbness in the legs and excruciating back pain. In the worst cases, sciatica can completely immobilize you, which could mean you would receive a very high disability rating on your VA claim.

File a Claim to Relieve Your Financial Burden

Disability benefits are not a healthcare-related program. Instead, they are designed to help you financially when an illness or injury limits your ability to pay bills because of a lack of employment. Veterans who receive these benefits could receive anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over four thousand dollars each month. This is a significant help when you are facing high medical bills or personal expenses. Research the program and start gathering evidence if you believe you have a service-connected disability.

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