What Does Essay Mean to You?

What Does Essay Mean to You

Rather than completing an assignment or homework on time, do you ever consider the paper type before writing? Ideally, most students handle classwork and quizzes without in-depth deliberation of the required structure or format. In the end, it is better to understand the mechanics of completing a perfect research paper, assignment, and essay. What is an extremely popular piece of writing in most higher-learning institutions? Ideally, most colleges and universities in the world require their students, including those in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs, to write an essay. For that reason, it is the most popular task in schools. Writing an essay is important since it enables students to develop innovative and creative minds, analytical thinking, and research skills. Considering the contribution of this piece of writing to the student’s final grade, this article expounds on its meaning and structure.

What Is an Essay in College?

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the meaning of an essay? Most students write about a topic or issue without understanding the type of paper. Ideally, anyone, including artists, legislators, and learners, can develop an essay to popularize their ideas, offer arguments, and represent ideas. This definition makes it possible to write an essay from different perspectives as illustrated in this section.


It provides a detailed account of an issue or topic from a personal point of view. In most cases, the subject of discussion might be a person or place. So what makes this type of essay unique? While academic writing obligates students to rely on scholarly sources, descriptive essays require creativity.

The writer should be able to use literary devices such as dialogue, imagery, analogies, and metaphors. The purpose of these tools includes hinting at the meaning, ideas, and themes communicated in a story. Although each serves a different purpose in a sentence or piece of writing, a student might use literary devices to evoke the audience’s emotions. In other words, the reader should feel the same as the author after going through the story.

Generally speaking, it would be best to learn using figurative language when you want to be an expert in crafting a perfect descriptive essay.


Have you ever come across an essay requiring you to write a story? What was the topic? Almost every student has written an essay about an exciting journey or his or her first day in college or high school. If you have encountered one of them, your professor wants you to complete a narrative write-up. Does it mean you must have real-world experience to complete this assignment?

Ideally, it tends to test your imaginative exploration of life. However, it would be best if you were cautious against writing an essay about an event that went according to the plans. Most professors would consider such a story less interesting. In this case, the chances of you scoring fewer marks are high. For that reason, it would be best to incorporate an unexpected event or something when writing a narrative essay.


Have you ever noticed that some professors caution students against writing rumors in their essays? Yes, it happens a lot of times. In particular, an instructor would never accept the incorporation of personal opinion in expository essays. It would be best if you wrote only facts. For instance, it is unacceptable to include your own experience in a scientific protocol or standard operating procedures (SOPs).

So what does this type of essay test? It aims to determine the student’s understanding of a particular topic, besides his or her capability to convey information and organize ideas. Most exam questions at all academic levels require learners to write expository essays.

Are there other subsections of this piece of writing? Yes, here are examples:

  • Contrast and compare essays
  • Analytical essays
  • Process essays
  • Cause and effect essays

Ideally, by completing these types of write-ups, you must learn how to cite sources and make comparisons of authors’ opinions.

Essay Mean to You


This piece of writing tends to be challenging for both novice and experienced writers. What does this mean? Undergraduates and postgraduates hardly like writing an argumentative essay since it requires two sides of a story. For instance, a topic on “pros and cons of studying abroad” might be straightforward but requires experience and critical thinking to develop a topic sentence. Rather than spending your time understanding this type of essay, you should consider buying original essays from CustomWritings and its professional academic writers.

With this original essay writing service, a quality expert would assist you in developing a unique argumentative essay from scratch. What is more, the experts are willing to help you revise, edit, or proofread your document to meet distinguished criteria in the rubric. Does the company protect their customers from receiving substandard work? Yes, you can activate a money-back policy if a writer fails to deliver a custom argumentative essay. Instead of wasting time requesting a refund, you can order numerous revisions or even inform the support team of the availability of other experts to help. To learn or pass exams on argumentative essays, it would be best to consider this website.

What is Essay Writing in General?

Even after understanding the essay definition, your write-up should reflect the meaning. So what would you consider? This section highlights the standard structure of an essay.


This section comprises various parts. The introduction should begin with a general statement or question that attracts the reader’s attention. In most cases, consider starting with a little-known or debatable fact. To perfect this art, you must be a critical thinker. The next step would be highlighting the background information on the topic. It would be best to be cautious about answering the question. Some facts you should incorporate are statistics and a little history about the issue. Complete your introduction with a thesis statement. For instance, what would you write about a topic on “causes of obesity”? However, you should never write a purpose statement. Take a look at the following examples:

  • Even though genetic predisposition is a risk factor for obesity, you are more likely to be obese with a high intake of food with high calories and practicing sedentary lifestyle – thesis statement
  • This paper aims to explain the causes of obesity – purpose statement

The first answers the questions, whereas the second only restates the topic.

Body paragraphs

In this section, you should start answering the question. However, every paragraph should contain only one idea. This section begins with a topic sentence followed by a piece of evidence. Afterwards, challenge the scholarly evidence to unveil novel ideas. In other words, you will be answering the question. Wrap the paragraph with the concluding sentence.


Based on the essay’s meaning, this section reflects on the main points. Avoid repeating the information in the body of the paper. Also, it would be best if you offered future possibilities and afterthoughts.

Instead of going into the trouble of understanding the essay meaning and structure, you might be a pro and excel in your exams if you consider using online assistance.

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