What Jewelry Can You Wear in The Shower? A Complete Guide

what jewelry can you wear in the shower

Confused about whether or not to take off your favorite ring before going for a dip in the pool or quick shower? It’s a natural question to have because water can react with all kinds of substances, in some cases causing physical damage. Metals, in particular, are subject to deterioration over time due to humidity.

But at the same time, you want to keep your jewelry close. There are certain materials present in jewelry that can sustain damage or spoil from prolonged contact with hot water or running water. Here’s a complete guide on what jewelry you can wear in the shower.

4 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Wear in The Shower

Here is a list of 4 types of jewelry you can safely keep on while in the shower if you’re worried about losing it.

1. Solid Gold Jewelry


Whether it’s white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, showering with solid gold jewelry is perfectly safe. Aside from its luster, what makes gold so valuable is that it’s the most non-reactive metal in the world. This means it doesn’t rust or tarnish no matter how many natural elements you expose it to.

The only thing you may need to worry about if you’re showering with gold is the shine. Running gold through water for prolonged periods can diminish its shine. However, you can always take it to a professional for repolishing. So, it’s your choice if you want to shower with gold. It won’t sustain any irreparable damage.

2. Sterling Silver Jewelry


Showering with sterling silver jewelry won’t cause any significant damage but can reduce the shine. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause silver to develop rust. If the water you expose it to contains salts, chlorine, or any other harsh chemicals, that will also alter the appearance of your sterling silver jewelry.

It’s advisable to take off sterling silver jewelry if you’re going for a long swim. You can keep it on if you’re only taking a quick shower. Just remember to give the jewelry a good wipe down at the end. Don’t let the moisture sit on it for too long.

3. Stainless Steel Jewelry


Steel is one of the most durable metal alloys on the planet. And you know it’s 100% safe from water since most of the world’s submarines are made from steel. If you’re wearing stainless steel jewelry, you can keep it on in the shower without having to worry.

Surgical steel is the best quality steel you can purchase for jewelry. If you own jewelry made from surgical steel, you can rest assured it won’t go bad in the shower, pool, or even the ocean.

4. Platinum Jewelry


Like gold, platinum is also famous for its shine, durability, and non-reactivity to air and water. Just like gold, platinum will also not develop rust, but it may lose its luster with prolonged exposure. But again, you can always take your platinum to get repolished and look good as new.

If you notice your platinum jewelry getting darker after a couple of showers, it may be because you’re not wiping it dry after the shower. Drying the jewelry thoroughly can significantly decrease how long before the platinum loses its shine. It’s a useful tip if you wear your jewelry to stand out.

6 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Not Wear in The Shower

1. Diamond Studs or A Diamond Ring


Diamond studded jewelry and diamond rings are a big no for any water body. However, in this case, it’s not because the water would damage the contents. It’s because diamonds and rings are prone to coming off and getting lost or falling down the drain all the time. You never know when one of the diamonds may be loose. It’s better to be prudent and take off small articles of jewelry before entering the water.

2. Silver-Plated Jewelry


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Never take silver-plated jewelry with you in the shower. The silver can react with water and rust over time. And since it’s only a small film plated onto a lower-grade metal, rusting would cause a ghastly discoloration.

3. Gold-Plated Jewelry


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While gold itself is resistant to water, showering with gold–plated jewelry is a hard no. This is because the base of gold-plated jewelry is likely made from copper or steel and is only covered with a thin layer of gold.

Prolonged exposure to water could tarnish the plating and cause uneven coloring, which is a nightmare to fix when it comes to jewelry.

4. Pearl Jewelry


Pearls are born underwater at extremely high pressures, but ironically, they’re pretty sensitive to water. In fact, pearls are sensitive to almost everything, including your shampoo, soap, oils, chemicals, and other alkaline or acidic products.

The best way to maintain pearls is to keep them away from everything.

5. Cubic Zirconia Jewelry


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Cubic zirconias look like real diamonds, but they’re not. They lack the toughness and resistance of diamonds. It’s strongly recommended that you take off your cubic zirconia jewelry before you step in the shower.

Repeated exposure to water has been known to damage the surface of this stone, affecting its shape and luster. It’s okay to get cubic zirconia jewelry wet for a very brief period though, as long as you’re only cleaning it.

6. Pandora Jewelry


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It is advisable to take off any jewelry you own by Pandora off before you take a shower or go for a swim. Pandora jewelry is long-lasting but needs to be cared for properly. Exposure to moisture, air, and even human skin over time may cause the jewelry to lose its color and develop a black film. Taking it into the shower regularly will only hasten this process.

If you ever notice your Pandora jewelry looking dull, using tepid water and mild soap to clean it can help bring back the color. If that doesn’t help, you can take your jewelry to a Pandora store for professional cleaning.

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