When Do Puppies Stop Teething? A Basic Timeline

when do puppies stop teething

Brought home a new puppy and are worried about them chewing on anything and everything they can get their paws on? Don’t worry! Much like human babies, as your puppy grows, it will go through different teething stages. They will experience some soreness and discomfort as newer and permanent teeth will replace their milk teeth.

Throughout this journey, it is important for pet owners to learn how they can help their puppy. Here’s a quick look at the puppy teething timeline and what you should expect.

Puppies Teething Symptoms

Teething Symptoms

#1. Whining in Distress

Puppies are prone to whining when they are young, but they will usually grow out of it. However, if the whining starts up again after they had stopped, it is probably a sign that your puppy might be teething. They will also whine while eating or chewing on toys as their gums are sensitive. Watch out for any sign that they are in pain, but this is usually typical puppy teething behavior.

#2. Constant Chewing

Has your puppy been going out of its way to chew on things around the house? If so, that’s a definite sign that your puppy is starting to grow teeth. This time is vital for training so that your puppy learns what it can and cannot chew on.

#3. Drooling

Teething comes with pain. So your puppy will start drooling a lot more when it is teething. The drooling and slobbering will also increase when they are eating.

#4. Bleeding and Swollen Gums

Redness, swelling, and bleeding of the gums are normal when your puppy is teething. There’s no cause for alarm. However, if you think that the bleeding is excessive, it is probably safer to consult with your veterinarian.

#5. Slow Eating

The swelling and soreness might cause your puppy to eat slowly, specifically in the first and middle stages of teething. Some puppies may even experience so much pain that they may stop eating, which is when taking them to the veterinarian becomes necessary.

#6. Loss of Teeth

The primary indication of teething is loss of teeth. You may come across your puppy’s milk teeth on their chew toys. Don’t worry, it’s only making way for adult teeth to grow.

Puppy Teething Timeline


Like human babies, puppies shed their baby teeth for adult ones as they grow into adolescence. The only difference is dogs go through teething much early in their life. Here is a timeline of what to expect when your puppy starts teething.

  • 2 To 4 Weeks

Puppies at this age are still attached to their mother’s hip. They are typically still with the breeder and nursing, so you won’t have to worry about teething then.

  • 5 To 6 Weeks

At this age, your puppy will most probably have 28 tiny baby teeth in total. Your puppy is probably in the process of being weaned and is being introduced by the breeder to soft foods.

  • 12 To 16 Weeks

By now, you have your puppy home and will be seeing your puppy’s little baby teeth around your house. You will also start seeing many of the symptoms listed above.

At this point, it is important that you make your puppy feel as comfortable as possible. Use chew toys and consult with a veterinarian about what your dogs would be most comfortable eating, especially if they’re displaying any signs of extreme discomfort.

This is also a good time to socialize your pup by making them used to you touching their mouth area, both inside and out. This will ensure that your puppy grows up to be comfortable getting its teeth brushed.

  • 6 Months And Above

At this age, your puppy’s baby teeth have all fallen out and newer adult chompers are starting to show. A complete set of teeth for a dog is 42 teeth, 10 teeth more than humans.

Do a quick check of your dog’s teeth and if young any baby teeth, talk to your vet about getting them manually extracted.

What Age Is Teething The Worst For Puppies?


The most painful teething stage for your puppy is around 12 to 16 weeks old.

This is when their baby teeth are beginning to fall out and adult teeth are pushing in. Your puppy will be in pain, so make sure you provide enough chew toys so it can soothe itself.

At What Age Do Puppies Stop Teething?

Around 6 months of age is when your puppy should have shed all its baby teeth. All 42 permanent teeth should have grown in by now.

Puppy Teeth And Adult Dog Teeth

Dogs will have two clusters of teeth throughout their life — the primary or the milk teeth and the secondary or adult set of teeth.

They have 28 milk teeth and later get 42 permanent teeth. Ideally, all milk teeth should fall out when your pup is around 6 months of age. If you see any crowding or multiple rows of teeth, it is better to take your pet to the vet.

Helping Your Puppy’s Teething Stage

Teething Stage

When your puppy is teething, it is experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. There may be swelling and bleeding of gums and in some cases extreme pain.

You need to be patient and take a lot of care to make your pup comfortable. Make sure to provide soft foods and safe chew toys so your puppy can soothe itself and relieve some of the discomforts.

Choosing Appropriate Toys For Your Puppy

Choosing suitable toys for your puppy is important. Chew toys can help distract your pup from the constant discomfort while also helping ease the pain by stimulating the gums.

Some toys also offer a minty, cooling sensation that might help with the swelling. Make sure the toys you pick don’t have shard edges that can harm your puppy’s baby teeth and gums.

When To Call The Vet

Some discomfort while teething is normal for every puppy. But if you notice excessive bleeding or any milk teeth that have not fallen off, consult a veterinarian.

The stubborn milk teeth that won’t budge off can cause problems for the permanent teeth, so manually extracting them becomes necessary to avoid any future dental issues.

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