Trendy 2 Beds In One Room Ideas For Adults to Consider

2 beds in one room ideas for adults

Whether you’re redecorating your guest room, having two new flatmates moving in, or you and your partner have decided to ensure you both get adequate rest at night, moving two beds in one room opens up a lot of room for experimenting with decor. It also opens your space up to a variety of design options and ideas possible.

Choose a new theme, add modern furniture, or decide on neutral color palettes, here are some 2 beds in one room ideas for adults to take inspiration from.

How Can I Decorate My Twin Bedroom?


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#1. Having two beds in a room allows for more flexibility in decorating the room compared to having one large bed; the key to making everything look proportionate is to ensure that everything is symmetrical.

#2. The heart of the room will be the two beds, so make sure the furniture including wardrobes and side tables is kept as understated as possible. It will also help maximize a small space.

#3. If there are existing fixtures or unique architectural quirks in the room such as beams, work with them. You can also ensure that the two-bed spaces are symmetrical to add some character.

#4. The attic is a wonderful space to repurpose for your 2 beds in one room idea for adults. It will give you a lot of room to experiment with the layout and provide a cozy space for adults and kids alike.

#5. Be bold with your decor. You can pick any theme or color palette you like, such as monochrome, muted neutrals, or vibrant pops of color.

Is It Common To Decorate One Room With 2 Beds?


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Having two beds in a room is quite common, especially if you have a smaller room to work with.

One might think that the room would look cramped in a small space with two beds, but with a few design tricks, this problem can easily be solved.

Two beds are usually a fixture of a children’s room often in smaller homes or apartments. However, adults can also utilize the space and have two beds in guest rooms or the main bedrooms if they want their own sleeping spaces.If you want a small space, check out this Apartments for rent in Chattanooga.

Twin Bed Decor Ideas

Ready to take the plunge to move in 2 beds in a bedroom? Here are some ideas to get you started on brainstorming for decor and room layout.

Space: Medium And Large Areas


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Larger bedrooms, attics, and basements can be converted into bedrooms with two beds in them. Whether it’s for your guests or your own sleeping, a bigger room is obviously a better option since it can hold more furniture.

You can push the bed to the two ends of the room or to just one end of the room against the wall and leave enough space in the middle and the other end of the room to do what you pleased. Add two wardrobes or even a screen to provide more privacy.

The best thing about a larger space is that it allows you to explore more ideas with the room layout. You can certainly put two beds on both ends of the room essentially making two rooms or you can utilize a floating bed solution as a space cutter.

This latter option will give you the freedom to do whatever you want with the large open space or even opt to have a small seating area on one side.

Height: Low And High Ceiling


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Whether you have a high or a low ceiling in your home, a few design tips and tricks can help you make two beds work for a bedroom. When designing the layout, you need to take proportion and symmetry into consideration.

For bedrooms with lower ceilings, opt for wallpaper of vertical stripes to draw the gaze upward and give the illusion of height. Another trick is opting for taller window treatments. Mount your curtain rods higher and make sure that only an inch of space separates the ends of your curtains from the floor.

For a higher ceiling, there are infinite possibilities. The easiest option is to have a taller headboard to complement the large wall space. Higher ceilings also allow you to consider bunk beds. Another trick is using art and other wall decorations to avoid the walls looking too empty.

Room Shape: Odd and Geometric Shapes, Break-In Spaces


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Whether you are looking to use two beds in an attic with sloping eaves or in an L-shaped room, you can still make sure that the room looks balanced and inviting.

For L-shaped spaces, for example, it is wise to keep your bed away from the walls and instead center them to create softer edges in the room.

However, if you’re converting your attic into a bedroom with two beds and the attic has a sloping eave, it creates dead space. So, you can use sheer curtain panels or bed canopies to mellow out the angles and make the room look more comfortable.

With the two single beds on each side of the eaves, it will make for a dreamy sleeping space.

You may even have trapezoidal or triangular rooms that cut to an angle, often seen in an upstairs room, and can sometimes be a bedroom fixture. To combat the harsh lines created by such a space, opt for headboards and wardrobes with softer angle-less edges to complement the room shape.

Color Scheme Inspired: Single, Two, and Multi-Colored


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Color is one decision where you have an array of options to consider.

You can keep the room cottagecore chic by opting for browns and muted colors and sticking to linens and wicker elements. Or you can go for a monochromatic look with intentional pops of color to create a more vibrant space.

Another option is having two distinct color themes for the two-bed areas to create unique spaces.

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