Get Creative: 10 Senior Parking Spot Ideas

senior parking spot ideas

The senior year is often considered the best year of high school. Not only because it means that you are almost off to college, but also because there are many rituals only seniors can participate in. They are a privilege that makes every other grade envious. One of the advantages of this age is that you can finally rent a car available for under-21-year-old drivers on Rental24h.com and go on a dream trip.

One of those rituals is decorating your parking spot. It is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself creatively in a very prominent place. So, if the school year is about to start and you don’t feel very creative, we have gathered several senior parking spot ideas to help inspire you.

1. Various Designs


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Why not make your parking spot your piece of canvas? You can start by painting the spot a solid color, then gradually add shapes in different colors and sizes. Patterns and mosaics are also vibrant ideas. To make your lines and shapes perfect, section them off using painter’s tape. You can even look at your favorite artists for inspiration, but remember that your spot should reflect you and your style.

2. Pop Culture References


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We all know how often seniors discuss movies, TV shows, and celebrities in general. If there is a quote, scene, or fictional character that you relate to, you can use it to make your parking space stand out.

Another suggestion is to write your name using the font of your favorite TV show or movie, like Friends or Harry Potter.

3. Motivational Quotes


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High school can be challenging. But now that you are a senior, you can look back on past years and remember the quotes that helped you overcome those tough times. Honor that quote by writing it on your parking spot, and you might also give a little extra motivation to the younger students.

4. Cartoon Characters


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Are cartoons for children only? Seniors would strongly disagree since cartoon characters are very common in their parking spots. But, why cartoon characters? Well, they are often very relatable and can express some emotions better than actors.

In addition, they are easier to draw than movie characters. For example, various characters from The Simpsons or SpongeBob SquarePants are fairly easy to draw and can make your spot memorable.

5. Collaboration


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If you have one or more friends who are also struggling with their parking spot designs, you can collaborate and make a design over multiple spots. It is an opportunity to think outside the box, quite literally. In this way, you will have much more space to express your creativity and your friendship, too!

6. Scenery


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If the patterns and shapes are too abstract for your taste, you can try painting scenery. It is another way to make your parking spot flamboyant because choosing a scene like a sunset, for example, demands a great use of colors. You can also choose some specific location dear to you or any place you dream of visiting.

7. Sports


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Sports can be a big part of a high school student’s life. No matter if you are a player or an observer, you can show your support by painting your spot your favorite team’s colors. In addition, if you are a player, you can also confidently write the number of your jersey. Another idea is to draw the ball, or some parts of equipment for the sport you’re playing.

8. Jokes


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Make people laugh by decorating your parking spot with a funny joke or aphorism. Try describing or drawing a funny moment that you experienced at school. Memes are also acceptable, but make sure everything is relevant and appropriate.

9. Lyrics


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If music is the type of art you prefer, then lyrics could be perfect for your spot. They can be from a popular song that marked your high school days or any song that makes you reminisce. Of course, it doesn’t have to be anything new or popular. You can also use any poem you learned at school.

10. Keep It Personal


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This is only your parking spot, and you have to make sure everybody knows it. So, make it mirror your personality. You can include your name, favorite color, animal, flower, basically anything! Your personal parking spot is an honor you receive as a senior, and you should proudly present it to the whole world.

Painting Materials

The materials you can use depend on your school’s policy, but, usually, you can choose between chalk and paint. If your school allows paint, it is probably water-based exterior paint. This kind of paint usually lasts for a long time, but the supplies are quite costly.

On the other hand, chalk is much cheaper but not that durable. Your design will most likely disappear when the rain comes. You are also going to need a lot of chalk to cover a regular parking spot, which is approximately 8.5 to 9 feet wide by about 18 feet long.

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